57、China’s Socialism Is the Improvement and Progress of Marxism

The reason why Western countries are hostile to socialist countries is that the theories Marx created has brought so much mental and material damage to mankind that they shrink away for fear.

As the Bible puts it, the original sin human possesses will make us pay with blood for every progress we make.

In a general way, a uniformly administrated social system is superior to fragmented administrated social system. How could human realise uniform administration? How could a well-ordered society be built? To address these questions, public ownership system can be a rational choice.

But the realisation of public ownership system and well-ordered system cannot do without the cost of blood.

Now with bloodshed all over, we might as well calm down and contemplate some issues.

Everyone has learnt about Marx’s profile. Without any significant setbacks in his life, he received college education and married his wife, a beautiful and cultured woman. He had never served as a capitalist nor did he have to work as a labourer because he was subsidised by a helpful person, Engels.

As Mao Zedong put it, he who makes no investigation and study has no right to speak.

Due to the fact that Marx had never been a capitalist, he had no idea how much risk a capitalist and painstaking effort a capitalist must take to make profit, nor did he served as a labourer even for one day, thus he could not imagine how impoverished an unemployed labourer would be and how suffering it was without any money. Neither did he know why some capitalists made suicidal jump from buildings, nor would he learn about why some poor people stole, robbed, swindled, and jumped into river compelled by life. In spite of every cruelty outside, he was living like a parasite with a beautiful wife and children accompanying. In such a case, he seldom experienced what bitterness and misery that common people suffered.

In order to graduate, every student had to attend internship and accomplish graduation thesis, and it would even take years for medical college students to finish interning. All of these weren’t Marx’s concern as he did not intern for even one day, make even one penny by capital operation, or work for a capitalist to make a living. No one will doubt such a man like him can make a writer of science fiction, but unfortunately, he represented himself as a capital expert and wrote Das Kapital. How confusing it would be since the publication produced by such a man should convince some people and was taken as the only foundation for massacre—violent revolution. What a tragedy for mankind! Maybe it is inexorable doom of God work. Humans step on their own blood to progress, and they won’t ponder or advance without bloodshed.

The most ridiculous saying Marx made was, ‘Labour is man’s primary need’ and ‘Capitalists don’t work, they make profits by exploiting workers for surplus value’.

The author holds that the only correct saying made by Marx was, ‘Public ownership system is superior to private ownership system.’ The reset of his viewpoints apart from this one are all nonsense. But at least this is human’s orientation of efforts.

To realise the objective of public ownership system, the Communist Party used to apply wrong directions, even the name ‘Communist Party’ itself is also a misnomer.

The author believes that the only way to realising public ownership system is as follows:

Universally-owned assets – the whole people jointly possess national assets, and preserve or increase the value of national assets with rational operation to provide material insurance for the realisation of fairness and justice.

Not universally-owned means of production – previous communists all believed that communism meant the whole people jointly owned means of production and worked together.

Universally-owned assets refer to state capitalism, which is also the policy and direction China is applying currently.

But we shall not realise a complete state capitalism, for state-owned capital doesn’t generate profit with voluntary labour; therefore, it won’t work without the combination of private capitalism.

Current communism China is applying does not differ from Western capitalism in nature; in contrast, China’s state-owned capital takes a little more proportion than that in capitalist countries.

In addition, we are developing state-owned capital with certain targets, reasonable methods, and scientific concepts. In a communist country, state-owned capital development is certainly taken as priority.

To sum up, the author holds that China’s model is the progress of Marxism as well as the scientific socialism.

It is absolutely feasible that Western developed countries and other less-developed countries develop some state capitalism based on their own conditions. The author believes that these countries will do even better than China, so that all countries develop and make profits jointly.