56、The Biggest Problem for the Poor in the World Is That They Don’t Know What Their Most Fundamental Interests Are

5 April 2015

What are the most fundamental interests for the poor? And how can they be maintained? Human beings have not recognised the question yet.

The most fundamental interests are not only for the poor, but also for the rich, which is for all the people. While human beings have never realised it, this is the biggest problem for human beings.

This issue is the top-level design of the most fundamental interests and the most basic fairness and justice for mankind.

There are some essential requirements for this top-level design.

1. Safe environment

No matter what race, what nationality, what faith, and no matter where we are at any time, the citizens should enjoy the government’s security assurance not to be slaughtered, not to be murdered, not to be discriminated against, and not to be abused. Meanwhile, property rights and personal safety should be fully protected. And everyone is equal, and everyone should get the same and fair protection.

2. Material environment of living

No matter what race, what nationality, what faith, and no matter where we are at any time, the citizens should equally enjoy social public products offered by the state. No matter how much this protection is, it may be less in underdeveloped countries, while more in developed countries. However, in a country, such security is essential, and everyone is equal, which is the basic material insurance.

3. Development environment

No matter what race, what nationality, what faith, and no matter where we are, we are supposed to have the opportunity to equally get the social resources, make a contribution to the society, create wealth for ourselves and for society, moreover, we can show talents realise our value as well as the ideal fairness.

If human beings can really practice the above things, then we are able to live in a country that we want to reside. But actually, an overwhelming majority of countries cannot achieve this, especially the poor and poor countries, just because the whole world and human beings never realise the concept of top-level design. Perhaps the development of human society has not yet developed to such an advanced degree. But I think this is the idea and concept that should be owned from the beginning of civilisation, which is a fundamental concept. What’s more, from ancient to modern times, many ideologists and philosophers have been struggling for such favourable world.

What I am talking about is that what is a politician?

The purpose of politicians is to reconcile and balance the interest between various factions and groups by social management.

Politicians may have to reach a certain social management goal, but they determine the policy mainly based on acceptance level of people’s existing ideology. And when most people’s ideology cannot reach a certain level of cognition, a lot of things cannot be done, even cannot be said for fear that there would be political unrest.

And the ideologists and philosophers should lead the society to engage in the social top-level design.

Some of the specific issues include:

1. Security assurance

It contains personal safety and property safety.

2. Equality and justice

Without being discriminated against, being abused, being intimated, being threatened, being oppressed, and being persecuted, violation of justice or those who did things that against others must be punished, without any escaping from the crime, as well as no evasion, compromising and exception.

3. Education

Free compulsory education.

4. Employment

The government should provide free vocational training and entrepreneurial environment, as well as supporting and occupational guidance.

5. Social security

To provide the lowest health care and aging social security as much as possible for all the people, social security.

6. National defence security

7. Infrastructure construction

8. Fundamental scientific and technological research

9. And other projects

As a normal state and society, the above are the most fundamental matters that should be provided by it. In fact, every country has and practices them, but restricted by the social system, not every country can achieve the idealised level and demands.

Every country has some of the above fundamental social public products and basically has legislated. But it is two aspects between what is legal and what the real is. For example, Mexico prohibits the drug, but the drug dealers dare to fight against government troops. Moreover, each country voice against corruption in a legal level, but corruption is rampant in almost every country. The above requirements that I said is not a verbal promise. The fundamental security that I required is that the ordinary people can see and get and should be better and better, which can be achieved perfectly.

For instance, in the Western society, some of the above things can be satisfied with, such as education and social security. But as for security assurance as well as fairness and justice, employment supporting and other aspects is far from enough.

When talking about security and assurance, the lowest requirement is that one would not be robbed, raped, killed by shooting, or abducted and traffic at any road regardless of day and night. There are a few cities that can achieve such requirement in the whole world, whether in developed countries or in underdeveloped countries. That is to say, Western countries are far from the requirements in terms of security.

To my point of view, if a country can try it best to achieve some of the above requirements, it can be seen as a society with a normal development, otherwise it is a society with problems.

I think that the satisfaction degree of above conditions determines the state and society serving for whom.

If the above conditions can meet with the lowest limit, which means meeting the minimum operational requirements, providing minimum security assurance, the compulsory fairness and justice, and the minimum educational level, and so on. Bluntly, I think it is like a country where people are treated as beasts, and it is enough to meet the minimum survival requirements or people can work. And if the society is in order, just don’t trouble me. If it is in trouble, the authorities can also find the reason to make an excuse.

If only relying on taxes to raise money, and then practice the above matters, it will be regarded as a burden. The more you do, the more you spend. And the more you do, the less money you have as well as the more you get tired.

While if you have the money firstly, then considering how to spend them, it will not be the burden, but a benefaction.

Therefore, the key of the problem is that we should get the money at first.

With the money, serving the people will not be disliked and avoided as beasts, or be regarded as a burden and debt.

And the people are the real masters who have the dignity.

After the public ownership of land, the government collected not only the taxes, but also the land occupancy charge and rent. Moreover, with the appreciation of land, there are much more money. Therefore, whether it is owned by the state is the best interest for people, which is the fundamental difference is what you do want: to be a beast or a master.

What’s more, the products from the land, such as oil, gold, diamond, mineral products, and so on, belong to the best interest of the people, which is also the fundamental difference on whether to be a beast or a master for people.

This is God’s wealth, which should be shared by the people. However, it was robbed by the capitalists, landlords, and the kings. Therefore, people should take them back. Once being not regarded as a beast, you will be the master.

It is a simple truth, but people do not know what their best interest is and how to safeguard them, as well as how to use the love and wealth from God and how to increase the value of wealth. Marx’s most basic theory is not wrong, only because they don’t know how to use the state-owned assets and the state-owned wealth. It can be only said that human beings are ignorant, ridiculous, barbaric, and not civilised.

What are the beasts? It is that spending the least money to maintain minimum survival requirement and can work. This is the beast.

What is the master? It is that I give you money, you should cope with the matters. If you do not do a good job, I will criticise you. This is the master.

Just think about it: does your country offer public products to meet the minimum requirements or to help people to deal with the matters?

This is the fundamental difference, as well as the key of the question.

Man is very stupid.

The fundamental logical error why the socialism failed is that state-owned capital is not used to consume for the people, but to create a basic environment for people to work harder, more convenient, and with more ability, as well as earn more money.

They tend to think that the money that can be put in their own pocket is their benefit, vice versa. That’s what everyone thinks about, which is the reason and basic logic of the problems.

As for the poor, the most fundamental interest is not the limited money, which can be in their own pocket, but the social and living environment. It is the perfect social system that brings living environment to people. Just like a fish, if it lives in a polluted environment, it will be of no use no matter how hard it is, and it is a tragedy. However, if living in a perfect environment, you also can get whatever you want and be satisfied with everything even if you are going with the stream.

Why the poor are poor, that is because you are insufficient in all aspects, being unable to compete with those elites, and get something with your capability. Therefore, it is necessary for us to gather the strength to create and share something together. This is the living environment where we live in, of course, the rich need such environment. Thus, such perfect environment is the greatest wealth of mankind.

The fundamental reason why the poor are poor is that there is no top-level design. From your birth, some people are supposed to be poor, because you live in a poor country, or you cannot be educated for your poor family, or because you don’t have the capital to compete with others. The social environment and law are not for you, so you are poor. No matter how hard you are, it is of no use.

Decades ago, with billions of population, China was the poorest country. But now it’s not. Those Chinese who have a very low quality also go shopping around the world, while others should be polite. While these Chinese are so-called the poor decades ago, who were looked down upon by others, they go abroad to go shopping maybe because they just want to make up the heart. People are the people, but after a few decades, they become rich now.

If your country can also do a good job in the top-level design, it also can become rich quickly. Creating wealth is not complicated, so do living a happy life. As long as there is a right way, all people can live a better life.

Like those countries in the Middle East, the oil and wealth from God has been plundered by the king, chief of tribe, landlord, minister, and nobility. So how can you, the poor, have money? And who will take charge of you? Thus, you must be poor. This is the top-level design.