52、Lying and Subconscious

People can communicate using languages, but the main purpose of language is not expressing feelings, but to lie.

Why do I say it? There are some implications.

It is the subconsciousness not consciousness that control human behaviour and mind, and the consciousness is just a disguised form of the subconsciousness.

Some subconscious don’t contradict with rationality, and it can directly entered into the consciousness, but a lot of subconscious conflict with rationality, after processing and disguising, entering into the consciousness to provide impetus for human behaviour.

It’s something Freud called libido, which can directly control the human endocrine systems, and it’s subject to subconsciousness rather than consciousness.

When people want to do something under consciousness but against subconsciousness, the latter will hinder the supply of energy to undermine the thing.

There is a Chinese saying ‘Lazy donkeys piss or shit frequently when driving the millstone’. (The same meaning as ‘Idle folks lack no excuses’.) Donkeys do not want to work, but they are forced to do so. Under the control of the subconscious, the nervous system will make trouble for work, that is, to piss or shit. And this feeling really exists, no fake.

Freud used subconscious to explain a slip of the tongue or pen and dreaming; in fact, all human behaviour can be explained by the subconscious. It’s just like sort one thing out and you’ll sort out all the rest, not complicated at all.

Knowing the relations of interaction among human subconscious, control system, consciousness, nervous system, as well as the control system of humans, we can easily explain human behaviour and fully understand human behaviour and consciousness and subconsciousness from the inside to the outside.

Through observing people’s outward manifestations, such as facial expression, tone of voice, behaviour or demeanour, mental outlook, and all kind of emotions, we can make an actual and accurate speculation of people’s inner world and true intentions and have an insight into human lives.

Language is just an expression of human consciousness, or is just a misleading tool full of lie.

It can be no representative of the subconscious. And human’s true nature and real purpose lie in the subconscious.

Only when the language is consistent with the subconscious, and other presentations on behalf of the subconscious are in line with each other can we believe that language is no lie for the time being.

Otherwise, there will be something that we don’t know about but have a significant impact on the event. What we don’t understand or grasp may blind us and we are likely to misjudge others’ real intentions.

The polygraph training for agents, in fact, is a process of changing their subconscious by psychological suggestion.

Hitler had a famous saying, ‘A lie repeated ten thousand times can be truth’, which is consistent with the theory of psychoanalysis—because constantly repeating something to someone equals to psychological suggestion.