51、Further Comment on Ensuring People to Know What Beauty Is to Stop the Hideous

If all people of the world know the reasons, methods, principles, and sources for beautiful things to be beautiful, the hideous will be stopped.

If all people of the world know the reasons, excuses, methods, paths, and principles for kind things to be kind, unkind things of the world will be stopped.

The existence of the hideous and unkind things in the world is just attributed to the problem that people do not how to achieve kindness or beauty in the true sense.

The things for people to achieve supreme kindness and beauty are known as ‘Tao’.

It means to find true and mutually beneficial best method for co-existence and co-development of things after comprehensively understanding human nature and all things of human occurrence.

In fact, all contradictions of human society are concerned about distribution of interests.

Contradictions of any form, scale, and level are caused by conflicts of interests, from world war to quarrel of a couple. If we analyse surface phenomena of things with psycho-analysis method, the thing left will be conflicts of interests.

The so-called kindness and beauty mean mutually beneficial and win-win effects and a pattern to maintain and admit interests of each aspect.

What is beauty? I thought ‘beauty’ and ‘kindness’ in true meaning are existent based on the following conditions:

1. When personal rights and property rights of the two parties are fully respected and protected.

2. When the freedom of the two parties of contradictions are fully carried forward and satisfied, but not to be forced absolutely, and such freedom should be the one at inner heart of people, without any unwilling or compromising parts in any meaning.

3. When the two parties can achieve mutual benefits and win-win effects and the things that can be obtained by each other are known as beauty, including spiritual and material satisfaction.

4. When one party does not obtain specific interests, but to create conditions for the other party to get interests. Such situation is known as ‘kindness’.

The things that can meet all above conditions are known as true kindness and beauty at the inner heart of people.

However, in actual life, kindness and beauty are instruments and measures taken for covering their own benefits under most circumstances and such things are false kindness, social engagement, and the ones trying to satisfy one’s vanity when one cannot really afford to do so.

Essentially, they are real transactions and unclad business relations.

In addition, kindness and beauty also have a meaning of another level: the ones which take various measures to prevent occurrence of the hideous are also known as ‘beauty’, and removal and punishment of the hideous are known as ‘kindness’.

In actual life, if we give certain special power and high status for one person, but not to effectively supervise or prevent power, a lot of things are caused in China like scandals, escapes of corrupt officials outside, gambling abroad, and crash of BMW to people, etc.

Systemically speaking, it means the failure of system control or the system fails to effectively control its components.

Of course, the mentality of Chinese people to resist against monitoring and prevention originates from tradition of Chinese feudal society: ‘a man being used cannot be suspended while a suspected man cannot be used’, a typical thought of rule by man.