49、More and More People Are Engaged in the Study of Knowledge, According to Tao, The Things Need To Be Done Is Less and Less

Tao Te Ching: Chapter 48


More and more people are engaged in learning. According to Tao, daily things will be reduced day after day. Finally, there’s nothing to do. It seems like there is nothing to do; however, it reaches the point that nothing can’t be done. The one supported by the whole world is the one who never forced others to do something. If one forces the world to do something for him, he will not get the support of the world.


In fact, Tao Te Ching repeatedly talks about the truth throughout, which is the characteristics of Tao.

From the very beginning, there must be a very busy time for those rulers with the concept of Tao who need to make a thorough analysis and study of the social problems and finally determine the direction of social development and the best social structure and mode. Then by changing the political relations and economic relations between people, the society will achieve a state of expectation, which is a long-term stability, from the internal, that is so-called a harmonious state. Under this state, everyone is able to enjoy his greatest enthusiasm for production, to maximise the labour productivity, and all aspects of the interests can be fully protected.

In the future, after this state was fully achieved, there is no need for government to force people to do or not to do the certain things. Instead, all people know is what they can do, what they can’t do, and how to do it to achieve their own ideals.

Everything was done in a natural situation. The police do what the police should do, the judge does what the judge should do, the workers do what the workers should do, and the capitalists make money from the capitalists. In fact, the reason for the contradiction between workers and capitalists, cops and robbers is that they have a different way of moral standards, thinking, views, manners, and lifestyle, and they can’t understand or communicate with each other.

If every worker once had been a capitalist, and then declined, become an impoverished worker, he would never hate the exploitation from capitalists and no longer believe in the concept of exploitation, that is because the theory of exploitation is the biggest lie that Marx put forward to arouse the workers to seize political power. Just as I have said, most politicians have to lie to survive and Marx is no exception.

In accordance with the view of Lao-Tzu, the society with Tao is a harmonious society. Today, our country tries to build a harmonious society, in fact, that is to practice the concept of Tao. The harmonious society is indeed to be constructed, rather than rely on democracy, freedom, obscurantism to form spontaneously. Additionally, a harmonious society must be an autocratic society, because each person, each ignorant people, and every mortal are trying to fight the maximum interests for their own so that no one will have a leisure time to care about other people’s business. Therefore, democracy is impossible to build a harmonious society. The harmonious society is the patent product of the autocratic society.

Harmonious society is maintained by the power, also is in the power of deterrence. People have to sacrifice some of their own personal interests, making their behaviours not in conflict with the interests of other people and keeping it harmonious. Without the power of deterrence and in a lawless society, each person isn’t a person, instead, each person is an animal.

If we can achieve the goal of a harmonious society under the premise of Tao, the autocratic society maintained by the power is what Lao-Tzu said the inaction society.

The harmonious society is a social system that is customised for the autocratic society. Also, since the ugly side of human nature cannot be restrained without tyranny, it is the social state that can only be realised in the autocratic society.

However, human nature is the cradle of social creativity, which means when the society suppresses the ugly side of the human nature, it cannot dampen the productivity.

So treating the ugly side of human nature should like treating farms, not only to grow fast, but also cannot blindly run and bite.

Capitalist society is the relations of animal in nature. Each American has a gun, and they protect their own interests and safety.

Feudal society of Confucius and Mencius is like a prison. Everyone is restrained by political and family relations layer upon layer, no one is able to move, which completely obliterates humanity. Now the relationship between men and women in a family still relies entirely on a feudal ideology and relations of Confucius and Mencius to maintain, and turns humanity into restriction, constraint, distortion with the help of government.

Family relationship in feudal society of Confucius and Mencius is completely based on male dominance and ‘the father is the father, the son is the son’. Women are accessories of men, so women in feudal society have rights to manage family property, and housekeeping, safeguarding heritage for women in feudal society is completely under the control of men, so it is perfectly reasonable.

But nowadays in society, men and women are equal and they have no subordinate relationship, so the women are not eligible for housekeeping. The woman is just a pretext today, which is a means of sex extortion to men for women and a social psychology and phenomenon of complete distortion.

Since the equality of the sexes, the subordinate relationship does not exist, and the property should go Dutch. The law should be explicitly supported that the default property of husband and wife is independent. Property relations during the marriage, rather than the default common property, should be consulted by couples.

At this point, the Western civilisation completely eliminates disputes and completely independent. It is the truth, but also the root cause of the development of productive forces.

A harmonious society should fundamentally eliminate the root that causes social contradictions first. Anything that can bring about social contradictions should be extinct before it happens. By elimination, rather than man-made contradictions, the government earns a profit without working for it. Charging lawyer fee and lawsuit fee is shameless.

A harmonious society is to create an authoritative environment, like a fence with a pasture and an artificial fish pond. In this environment, the relationship between the government and the people should be harmonious and smooth, so is the relationship between people. Law, morality, rule, and system are disharmonious relations, which make the society in conflict.

The default independence of marital property is a harmonious moral and legal relationship.

Today, marital default property is the morality and law that cause trouble.

Abandoning a child with congenital disability is a harmonious moral and law relationship.

Treating them is the moral and law relationship, which makes evil and trouble.

Unified management of state-owned assets by the state council is a harmonious moral and law relationship.

Giving the ownership of state-owned assets to the local people’s congress and even the factory director is a relationship of moral and law to make evil and trouble. It is the source of great disorder.

Of course, if the ownership of state-owned capital can really play the most efficiency role, used by the government standing for the most fundamental interests of the people, namely, for the people, then Chinese society is a real harmonious society.

The basic principle of the Marx doctrine is to benefit the people with the state capital.

In view of the fact that Marx and Chairman Mao has never been a capitalist, and they do not understand the operation of the capital, they think it is the state-owned enterprise that benefits the people, or that it is the work of the people that benefits the people. This is the greatest tragedy of communism, also, is the reason of the biggest failure.