37、Harmonious Society and Capital Equality

Every individual in this world needs his own living space. This is the purpose of the harmonious society that every individual could has his own freedom to the largest extent and does not have conflict of interest to the largest extent.

How do we realise this? It needs an invisible hand to adjust and control people’s demands, desires, and behaviours all the time. What is this hand? That is the absolute and uttermost equality and integrity. How do we realise this?

My personal view: the largest inequality is the inequality of capital rather than inequality of human rights.

But it is incurable because of the selfishness of humans.

People only know two things; one is money and the other is gun.

Maybe it is profitable, or has no choice, or human beings will do anything under the lawless situation. People are born to consider their own pretty profits instead of others. This is human nature, and humans are all ugly.

How do we make society consisting of ugly people meet the needs of the majority? How do we make the majority live happily but not affect other people’s interests?

The society should try its best to provide an equal, reasonable, and good living space for the people who can’t make money. There shall be a strong power to restrict the people who are evil, brutal, and powerful. Uproot them when necessary.

Let the world achieve true fairness and justice.

Under the situation of capital inequality, putting forward the equality of human rights is totally a flicker and defraud.

The capitalist and the poor are absolutely unequal.

The so-called equality of human rights between the capitalist and the poor is like a spiritual heroin and anaesthetic.

How do socialist countries realise the equality of capital?

Here is the simplest example: There are two enterprises, one is private and the other is state-owned, the capitalist and leaders of state-owned enterprises do the same work, and so do the workers, provided that the two enterprises have the same turnover and profits. The boss of a private enterprise pays 80 million a year for himself, and so does the boss of a state-owned enterprise. This yearly salary is a legitimate income for the boss of a private enterprise, which is protected by law. This yearly salary is a corruption for the boss of a state-owned enterprise, which will be punished by law. But there is no difference in nature; they make money from their enterprises.

The corruption of socialist countries is illicit, but it is legal in a capitalist country. Hence, from this perspective, socialist countries are incorruptible thousands of times than capitalist countries. The capitalist countries guarantee the inequality of capital by law and strong power. The state capitalism system of socialist countries guarantees the inequality of capital by law and strong power.

State capitalism belongs to the state, not the private boss in state capitalist. The bosses of state-owned enterprises are appointed by the state. The income of the boss is state-certified and paid by the state. The bosses of state do not have the ownership of state-owned assets; they only are advanced wage earners who seem to do the same work as the bosses of private enterprises. However, the most essential things of enterprises are totally different. One has ownership and one does not, one is a boss and one is a worker, one could get the salary he wants and one’s salary is paid by the state.

Theoretically, under the state capitalist system, the surplus value of the state-owned enterprises is divided to the state to the largest extent and the state will divide the money to people in another way, while the bosses of the private enterprises possess the surplus value to the largest extent. This is the most basic theory of Marx.

Marx’s so-called exploitation theory is valid under the theory of state capitalism. But it is not invalid in the field the state could not be involved in.

Do the capitalist countries make money in some fields and absolutely not make money in other fields? What fields? This needs asking economists.

Here is a simple example: government capital could win benefits in the state-monopoly field and industry-monopoly field, such as steel, oil, energy, telecommunication, and so on.

It will be defective to use state capital to run a barbershop. Why? This is my theory: active labour and passive labour.

It will be profitable for the active labour of state capital, and it will be defective for the passive labour of state capital.

Therefore, the private enterprises do active labour, and the state-owned enterprises do the passive labour in my theory.

Harmonious society is a social system with scientific management in which all devils, heresies, evils, uncultivated behaviours, dirtiness, oppression, absurdity, and integrity of human nature and producing by social operation militarily, politically, economically, essentially, and at source.

State capitalism, that is, the capital equality of communism, is the basic material insurance for harmonious society. The harmonious society has to be built upon the state capitalism.