30、What are Chinese doing?

In recent years, economic development in China is rapidly improved. Besides, apart from building substance civilisation, the objective to build harmonious society and spiritual civilisation is announced recently. Chinese culture and logic are quite different from that of foreign countries so that it’s always hard for foreigners to understand what we are doing now and expect what we will do in the future. Chinese seems to be different from foreigners forever. Some people are even scared about fast development of China. After reading this thesis, you will get an absolutely clear idea of Chinese, Chinese culture and society development direction. Maybe we can see China and its development from a different angle.

In the past, I often publish some critical writings on the internet to make analysis and comment on something happening in China. Government seems to pick up mind from civilians published on the internet. In other words, civilians influence development of China by means of internet.

As same as Soviet Union did, China failed to take effective method on management of state-owned enterprises. Like that in Soviet Union, Chinese state enterprises, once they get into hard condition. However, this situation seems to be turned after government make separation of ownership and management right. State enterprises are released from heavy load and achieve stable profit, giving support to stabilise Chinese government in turn. With substance civilisation achieved, new goal is to build spiritual civilisation. They think building spiritual civilisation is the unique way to solve deeply rooted social contradiction problems and build a harmonious society so as to achieve a maximum fairness and justice.

To achieve maximum fairness and justice is still a goal far away, before which there are many things to do and many difficulty waiting for us to conquer. How this goal will proceed need our witness together.

It’s believed that if other countries refer to Chinese development model, learn from our experience and make some modification according to their current situation, they will do better than China. Western countries should know better how to make profit, manage, keep to rules and keep to principle.