26、Contradictions in Human Society Are Caused by People’s Different Perspectives in Viewing Things

Certainly, this viewpoint is not a sermon, but instead, it is the supreme wisdom and perfect enlightenment as it is mentioned in Buddhist sutras. It refers to the most objective, essential, and accurate understanding of things. He will not blindly worship something because of sage’s words, and he will also not abandon his understanding of the truth of things because it is not accepted by the common people. The reason is that there is only one truth, and different conclusions can be drawn from different perspectives towards the same thing, just as blind men and an elephant in ancient fable. In fact, the reason why we have different opinions towards the same thing is that we are in different positions and points of view. The ordinary people can only look on things with their own angles and positions, which is all they can do. They are not capable of seeing things from different perspectives. People with more wisdom and intelligence are more likely to see things from diverse perspectives. Seeing things from different perspectives means looking on the same issue by assuming oneself is someone else in different positions and environments in different times, as conclusions of the same thing may be completely different in different conditions.

As for a leader and a powerful man, he who can understand more are likely to be able to make use of the power of more people so as to reach his purpose and avoid the damages and obstacles from others. This is a basic condition for success.

This measures the cognitive value of the world merely from the perspective of whether an individual is successful or not.

My purpose of studying the philosophy of life is not just limited to the individual success, because an individual’s success is not just the success in career. The ability of making more money can be called a success, but it is only a small one. A person also needs the comprehensive success and the world’s success.

In my opinion, an individual’s comprehensive success not just refers to the achievements in one’s career, and an individual also needs a comprehensive satisfaction healthy body, happy family, good living environment, and unthreatened security. The comprehensive development and satisfaction is the individual’s real comprehensive success.

The world’s success means different countries and districts of the world live in peace with each other and respectively achieve their own development and satisfaction.

Maybe many people will doubt it and refute me, and they may think this is only a fantasy or illusion. But actually I think this is not as far as what people have imagined. In our present life, it is full of sufferings, pressures, competitions, slaughters, and various kinds of contradictions everywhere, which is true indeed. However, according to my understanding towards the society and the world, sufferings and contradictions in human society are all caused by our incapability of comprehensively and objectively understanding the society and the world. Different countries, nations, districts, and individuals have their own views of the world, and a lot of these views are contradictory and conflicting with each other.

Actually, we may have different colours, languages, and financial situations from different districts, but we are basically the same when we initially come to the world. We have basically the same animal instinct. We have the same emotions, pleasures, and the same instinctive impulse. Regardless of the white race, the yellow race, or the black race, when we accept the same environment and live under the same conditions, our basic viewpoints are basically the same.

To my point of view, the same objective thing in the world has only one truth, though different conclusions may be drawn from different perspectives. But what I want to say is what the truth of a thing is, the sum of different conclusions drawn from different perspectives. This is the real truth of things. Just like CT in medical science, only with an all-around check from different levels and angles can we find out the truth and essence of things.

All contradictions in the world derive from the contradictory parties different perspectives in looking at the same thing, which leads to their contradictory conclusions. Meanwhile, the two parties both persistently think they are absolutely right, thus leading to drastic contradictions, conflicts, and even slaughters and wars.

Almost everyone believes they are right and righteous, and no one will initiatively admit he is Satan, even including Hitler himself, the recognised Satan of the world. During the Second World War, most Germans and Japanese believed they are saving the world instead of destroying it.

Thus, if we can let all people understand the integrated essence and truth of all things in the world, I believe people will draw coincident conclusions and results. The reason is that at the moment of our birth, the subconsciousness of all people is basically coincident. People’s purpose in the world is actually the same. In fact, everyone has the desire pattern expounded by Maslow. The demand pattern of everyone is gradually satisfied from the primary demand at the bottom to the self-actualisation demand at the top without end.

It is true especially for the common people. People need security, enough food and clothing, sex and love, and the realisation of the self-value.

People hate wars because wars threat their demand at the bottom security demand. Security is the demand of human at the bottom. However, the world we were living in is not peaceful and tranquil. We need a good living environment and investment environment, so our first concern is security, and the insecure environment is absolutely not the place we were willing to live in. Of course, there are also many adventurers, conspirators, and war maniacs in the world, but their emergence is caused by another social factor rather than completely by their inherent bellicose and bloodthirsty nature.

In psychoanalysis, anyone who loves or hates something has the reason. All things that happen in the world are causal.

Hatred is not the normal reaction of all normal people towards irrelevant things in the outside world. It emerges because some behaviours of some people seriously affect others life, happiness, and benefits, and there are no other proper normal ways to deal with it. As a result, such an instinctive impulse of destroying others emerges.

In this sense, hatred is a kind of desire and instinctive reaction out of the pursuit of protection for its own security.

So the contradictions in human society are caused by the different views on the same thing. We need to unify people’s perception of all things, as there is only one truth.

We need to tell the truth, rejecting the lies, cheat, and deception.

Right is right, wrong is wrong, black is black, white is white, and fact is fact. Never compromise, fear, or give in.

Only the truth can really solve the contradictions in human society.