25、The Reasons Why Communism Could Be Successful in China Is Due to Chinese Traditional Culture Is Cohesive with Communism

Communism suffers defeat all over the world, but in China it could last till now, which is not coincidence, but due to the cohesiveness between Chinese traditional culture and Communism.

Both of them are the systematic culture with global outlook, while the Western culture totally belongs to individual culture.

What is systematic culture? It refers to the culture with global outlook to make the country and world as a whole to research and modify.

The Chinese traditional culture is to take the responsibility of the whole world, which is cohesive with Communism.

Nowadays, when we mention these words, it seems far from us. But in the bottom of our hearts, the emotion is buried, which is the culture in our lives.

Currently, almost all the people no matter illiterate or those with doctoral degree, no matter the vendor or the high official, they are always busy every day. All the people are with pursuing the profit. This is nature of human beings.

We always hold the view that the world is vast, and the world is strong, but for us the power of individual is rather small, which is like sand in the yellow river. We could do nothing, if the stupid think like that, there is nothing wrong; but if the talented people are also with the same idea, it would be the tragedy of the society.

In our life, we always meet many unreasonable and unpleasant issues, generally we always try our best to change it within our ability to make it go with our mind, while we always try to avoid those we couldn’t touch, unless under force, we have no choice, thus we will search for the solution to change it, for example, to appeal to the higher authorities for help or make a lawsuit.

Actually all the things involved with people all over the world could be changed only if with proper methods, which is Taoism.

As there is always a balance in the bottom of everyone’s heart, so everyone knows which is favourable and which is unfavourable. No one is fool, and the lie could cheat others for a short period, but not for a long time.

So those could really benefit the people will finally be accepted by people. And lies and fatuous will finally be abandoned.

The world with lies and fatuous will bring pain and trouble for us. Those with high IQ will always find solutions if they want to change the lies and fatuous. No matter how strong the lies and fatuous is, justice will always defeat evil. And wisdom will always defeat fatuous and lies.

The key is not to change the world, but whether if they want to change the world.

In Buddhism, there is a saying called express one’s desire or hope.

But the desire or hope could not be expressed by all people. Those with common wisdom had better with the heart to earn money. It is useless for them to express the desire or hope. All they can do is change themselves, let alone change others.

Premier Wen Jiabao said in China it is not the lack of one who looks up to the sky, which refers to taking the responsibility of the world. In China, we don’t lack it.

That who with high IQ should express their heart, which is the heart to change the world, also refers to look up to the sky.

Chinese classic culture, moral culture, and the Confucian culture are all with the faith of looking up to the sky. The only difference is that some is deep and some is shallow. Self-cultivation, regulating the family, country, and world is the faith of Confucius, but it is the faith that could be reached by the ordinary people.

The moral culture of Lao-Tzu is the looking up in the sky of a gentleman, which is also the faith of high IQ.

No matter which kind of looking up to the sky, they refer to the overall view and systematic view of country and world which is to change all the unreasonable element of the world, to eliminate the evil and fatuous from the source. Make the society, country, and world operate in order and sound development. The ancient people could make the wild boar as the dishes, which are indispensable in daily life nowadays. So what could not be changed in daily life? The only problem is whether you want to do it or not, whether you dare to do it or not, and how you do it, but not whether it can be done or not.

I don’t encourage those with ordinary IQ to regulate the world. More often they are failed before they begin. I admire the spirit of those people, but not agree with their behaviour. People with ordinary IQ will always review questions with one-sided view. Let them regulate the world will only bring problems and with no good result. No matter if they are right droppings or left droppings, they are only droppings.

Communism is a systematic theory. The whole country is a whole part to modify, regulate, feedback, and control, all those are systematic ideas.

Communism truly changes the country into a machine, and everyone is the part of the machine. Just like the relations of emperor and officials, fathers and sons. But they are with different types.

How does the national machine work? How to modify it to benefit the largest profit of the people, country, and nations, which is the question those who look up to the sky should consider and research. And it is also related with the profits of each of us.

We are living in this environment like the fishes in the lake. The quality of lake water is like the living environment of us. And the political and economic relationships are our living environment. If those relationships are with severe contradiction, like the fish lives in the water which is severe polluted, even if they are not dead, they could not live for long, which is intolerant that those with low IQ will suffer the largest damage.

How to modify the political and economic relationships of the country is the question researched by those who look up to the sky.

Moral philosophy and Confucius ideas are the unique culture of China, which is the typical integral and systematic social management theory. It is the totally the same as the communism ideas. That’s why communism could be developed in China but suffer defeat in other places.

The ancient China was famous with its systematic culture. And in the future, it could also with the systematic culture to lead the world. The key is how to modify the system and how to realise the largest profit of the nations and country.

1. The kingdom is owned by the emperor in Chinese feudal system, as is indicated in the saying ‘all the lands under heaven belong to the emperor with all the people on the land being his servants’. The emperor is also known ‘son of God’, representing God and empowered by God with the divine right. So the emperor rules the country on behalf of god. The system is public ownership in this sense, except that the interest distribution mode is different.

2. The feudal emperor has the kingly way, taking the world as his responsibility and considering whole world as a system for unified coordination and management. Communism shall take advantage of public ownership, managing the world in a coordinated and consolidated way.

3. A lot of cultural ideas are interlinked due to the similarity in material and management system. People can adapt to the new social change just with a little improvement, naturally accepting communism and the Communist Party.