23、Chinese like Spheres and Westerners like Cubes

Chinese are under a situation, only the situation changes do they adjust themselves to a favourable direction.

However, facing the same situation, foreigners are block-headed and content to remain where they are. Why?

China has a long history. All historical things educate modern people to win by wits and strategies, for example, there are many strategies in ‘Thirty-Six Stratagems’, various wars, novels, biographies, and many Chinese legends and every war uses strategies.

All these tell Chinese that it is not wrong to get something by strategies. In contrast, if one person could get something but not give a try or other people could do but he can’t, he will fall behind.

Chines culture and traditional ideology is the culture that wins from existing regulations and restrictions.

What are regulations and restrictions? It is the culture that the emperor is the emperor, the minister is the minister, the father is the father, and the son is the son, the husband is the husband, and the wife is the wife. Chinese not only maintain the system, but also reach their purpose, this exactly is Chinese’s intelligence or wisdom.

Under this kind of systematic culture, system is above rules, that is to say power is above law. Building your own system means you can defy rules or make rules serve you.

Under this kind of systematic culture, China unconsciously builds its own connection network and system. And it continuously makes efforts to maintain this kind of system for the purpose of excluding other people, possessing privilege, and building sense of security.

Actually, emperor and minister, father and son, husband and wife is a basic system framework built for this nation by Confucius, and as national policy, ethics, and laws, it could not be amended. Moreover, power and interests form and dominate the system. Power could change the distribution of power and interest in the system, this is a function of this system, which exists from the feudal society.

The originators of ancient Chinese culture, that is, Tao Te Ching and Book of Changes, are about philosophy of change. This is a gift god gives to ancient Chinese.

Foreigners’ IQ probably is lower so that they could not accept profound culture, only accept the simple one.

There is fundamentalism in Islam religion and Christianity.

The fundamentalism of Islam religion is Wahhabi, which is the ideology of IS and terrorism.

When facing new situation and environment, they could not change themselves to adapt to the new environment. Contrarily, they insist on ancient rules and deal with things according to the thousands of years’ pedagogic.

This is fatuity, also an evil, and it is necessary to amend and renew the system of culture and ideology.