16、Ancient Thinkers Share the Same Theme and Philosophy

As the Buddhist texts go, we should have superior enlightenment and wisdom to face all things around us. What is superior enlightenment? To see the nature through the surface of the things. What is the nature? Motives and purposes, thinking mode, and basic principles.

We are in the bustling street. We see all the flowing people who come and go. We see this fantastic world. The busy people are actually doing the same thing—living, or more specifically, live a better live. That is the nature of things, or it is the nature of the ordinary people, the nature of common people. It is what they are living for.

Actually thinkers and philosophers have its true purposes and thoughts. Maybe we read several days and nights for books that they write, but if we conclude it, it will be left a sentence or an idea, which may be the final purpose. And many his words and ideas and speaking are centring on this purpose and are the concrete solutions and methods.

And his thinking mode or the main logic will be only one, or he will have only one basic structure, that is to take people to that place.

We know that there are endless routes from A to B, that is to say thinkers and philosophers have an endless way to get to the ideal purpose.

As time goes by and the development of the productivity, the continuous development of human society, conditions change. What people need most is to take different routes and take different methods. Although we may have taken a different route from the ancient thinkers, that does not mean that we abandon them at all. Roads are many that if we still go for that goal, we can say that we are still sticking to the same truth and the same road.

Ancient thinkers or ancient civilisations of China are different from the Westerns.

Compared with that, there are huge or natural distinction between China and the West. It can be traced to time immemorial to say the distinctive and natural difference between Chinese culture and Western culture.

According to my opinion and understanding ability, the Book of Changes and Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, these two books and the other ancient philosophies Tao Te Ching, the philosophy of Yin and Yang, Confucianism, and the later Diamond Sutra that comes into China shall have fundamental influence to the thoughts of Chinese scholars.

But my opinion is that these books and the philosophy of Yin and Yang are not only belonging to the author, an ordinary person who can write such a classic book and form these ideas and concepts.

I even believe that it belongs to prehistoric civilisation; it is the intention of God. In the circumstance that has low productivity like before, people still make their living by hunting and fishing, how could they form the idea that we modern people cannot even understand? I think that unscientific and illogical.

Tao Te Ching, Confucianism, Diamond Sutra, I think they can understand after meditation.

Not just understand it from the words that can be translated into understanding slang, but understand the purpose of the writer and the purpose of the writing.

To them, their ideas and concepts are not very complicated, and we can even say that to some extent, there are some similarities.

An old Chinese saying goes, everything is the same. It is what I am trying to tell you. Each philosophy has a different form, but they have the same goal.

Actually the final purpose is simplest, and the noblest, and the most vulgar. It is like turning a circle and get back to the original dot.

It looks like going to the original dot, but it is not that simple. It has higher level, and it is like the spiral stair.

Each philosophy has the same ultimate goal that is to liberate human beings and the world. But to liberate human beings and the world will start to liberate the country.

So Chinese ancient philosophers and thinkers are talking the whole set of concepts of governing a state.