14、The Book of Changes and Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor Are Books That Specify the Philosophy of Yin and Yang

The Book of Changes is an embodiment of the philosophy of Yin and Yang, and it seemed to be telling Yin-Yang change of matters and general development rule of representative matters. However, according to the present technology and knowledge, it is hard to match the change process of all things to Yin and Yang.

But many persons with special talent can predict future change of matters by the Book of Changes, and what they do is also called fortune telling or forecasting.

However, judging from the text form of the Book of Changes, this book determines current and future status of matters according to Yin-Yang change of the matters. Therefore, it can be considered as a book studying on system. Although Chinese cannot fully understand information of this book, but the idea regarding Yin and Yang and systematic change in this book has deep influence on Chinese culture.

In the opinion of the author of this paper, this is a book studying on systematic change.

Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor is a medical book, origination, and theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a book completely related to system research. This book takes the human body as a full size system to explain various internal organs, between which are part of mutual relation and mutual function in the system.

Same as the Book of Changes, it fully applies the philosophy of Yin and Yang as a method and thinking way to study on human body system, and it is a book discussing human body system. In addition, its theories are still in use today and help the Chinese to keep in good health and treat illness for thousands of years.

To be perfectly honest, till today, Chinese are unable to fully understand or agree with the description in the book. Therefore, to the thinking of the author of this paper, according to living and cultural conditions and intellectual development level at that time, the book cannot be an achievement that is developed by the ancient people individually. It is hard to believe that the ancient people and current technology is capable to study out such profound theories and culture that is applied by thousands of years and is not fully understood even today.

In the meantime, as a successful application of the philosophy of Yin and Yang on human body system, it influences China in some way and makes Chinese culture to systematic culture.

The Book of Changes and Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor are specific applications of the philosophy of Yin and Yang on prediction, fortune telling, and medicine.

They should be words from God to ancient Chinese.