12、The Culture of the Feudal Society of China

China feudal society was depending on political power, moral religion, and economic feudal lord owning the land, which was the biggest means of production in the feudal society. The cultural feudalism forcedly repressed the human nature to force to maintain the feudal society.

Three aspects of polities, economy, and thought forcedly adjusted the social order.

Everyone in society cycles is stable running according to certain rules, to make the social steady, to minimise social contradictions.

It was this pattern that made China’s feudal society extremely stable and highly developed in China’s feudal society.

Social development needs social stability. Everyone has their own orbit, like moon and stars travelling in orbit. Even if there would be change, it also should have certain laws and rules.

It seems that the monarch and his subjects, father and son, husband and wife, were in shackles; in fact, it also represented the responsibilities, which were the shackle and also were the umbrella. It also can be said that the monarchy protected the official in feudal times and that the monarchy was the umbrella of the official in feudal times, and the official in feudal times was governed by the monarchy. It can be said that the official’s survival in feudal times depended on the monarch.

The wife must submit to her husband. The husband to his wife was an administrator, also can be said to be the ruler or the protector. The husband was the organiser of the family, the wife was oppressed by husband in a certain sense, and the wife was also protected by the husband. The rights and obligations difference was in pairs presenting. It cannot be just talk about oppression without talking about protection and obligation and responsibility.

The son must submit to his father in the same way. The father to his son was an administrator, oppressing person, also the protector of the son, the depended person.

The husband and wife in China’s feudal consciousness and the concept was the way of running the state integrating extreme Yin and softest of Lao-Tzu.

Lao-Tzu had deep-rooted influence on China. But after the Eight-Power Allied Forces broke the gateway of China, it was a shackle, the shackles to restrain Chinese people. So the cultural revolution had to break it. But after this kind of social culture was disillusioned, it must be filled out by another more rational culture. Otherwise, people still use the most practical traditional theory.

According to the cultural revolution after the liberation, the new ideas are on the equality between men and women, men and women each having half the sky. So how are they truly equal? How does each account for half the sky? Real and complete equality is the concept of relationship between men and women in Western counties. Men and women first are economic independent, and they should control their own money, and with political independence, men and women are self-safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests, including the right to privacy, human rights, the discretion of the property, the right to education, action liberty right, and so on. This power must be mutually respected and so on, with zero tolerance for infringement of rights.

With independent thought, men and women, both parties have their own beliefs, must have mutual respect, mutual non-aggression.

All the content about human rights must observe it and should strictly observe it. Infringing each other means provoking and insulting each other.

However, the Communist Party in opposition to feudal ideas at the same time, who was also against the capitalist ideology, praised highly the so-called co-production of communing pot thought and the average thought, which now is considered obsolete ideas. Then, communing pot was proved wrong; Chinese people became a group of no thought and no faith.

In the aspects of marriage and family relations, the feudal family values were overthrown. The West human rights cannot be accepted by the Chinese people at all at one time. Communism did not propose any new family values.

Whatever the thought of men in the family is wrong, which either is a feudal decadent ideas or is the Western corruption, the reactionary thought, anyway, all the thought of men in the family is wrong, but it is only that the fear of the wife is right, which causes the unique hen-pecked culture with Chinese characteristics. Through culture, art, film, and television works, it was passed down through generations; it is stunning and amazing.

The Chinese feudal culture is reasonable, and the Western liberal human rights culture is also reasonable, but only it is not that the culture of fear of the wife is unreasonable, it belongs to the cultural freak.