10、Psychoanalysis Is a Tool to Study Humanity and Human Soul

Through psychoanalysis, humans can learn what humanity is or what true humanity is.

The contradictory understanding of humanity by Oriental and Western philosophers suggests that one side or possibly both sides are deceiving the public.

Why is it necessary to learn humanity?

The reason is that social systems serve humans and are also implemented and maintained by the latter. If the essence of humans is left unknown, all social systems, ideas, and cultures are just built on palaces in the desert. They are castles in the air, illusions and lies.

Humanity is a theoretical simulation and nature determination of humans by theorists. In this way, the ethereal humanity can be studied and simulated according to certain logic and be derived theoretically. In other words, something invisible finds a concrete model for itself.

The reason for the failure of Marxist theories worldwide and huge losses of humans caused by it is that Marx was a pure theorist or a dreamer without any practical experiences. He did not serve as a worker or a capitalist, so he did not know the worker or the capitalist and capitalists. It was apt to say that he did not have a thorough understanding of humans and humanity. Without extensive contacts and in-depth understanding, the failure of Marxist theories was the failure of Marx’s understanding of humans. His understanding of the relationship between humans and the attribute of humans and his simulation of humanity were totally wrong.

Psychoanalysis is a full simulation of consciousness generation, structure, and layer by Freud based on his psychotherapy of mental patients all his life.

Contributions of Freud towards humans were based on numerous practices, forming a sharp contrast to Marx, a sheer theorist and dreamer.

Only understanding and research findings of Freud were fully in line with dialectical materialism methodology.

If a human is likened to a computer, psychoanalysis is the tool to analyse the fixed programs of the computer.

How consciousness of humans come into being is the research object of psychoanalysis.

Freud is a psychiatrist. Through research and analysis of a series of mental disorders, he summarised the generation process and operation model of human consciousness. Thanks to his efforts, human consciousness—something invisible, impalpable, immeasurable, and unquantifiable—has a scientific research method and a reasonable operation model.

Scientific research of human consciousness and soul can help quantize and position all issues related to the human society. Only in this way all these issues can be correctly understood and judged.

Only in this way can humans see the essence of the bizarre, complex, and ridiculous phenomena in the human world, correctly judge them, and cope with them.

For example, we can conduct psychoanalysis of Islam so as to root it out. We can conduct psychoanalysis of Democrats so as to reveal secrets deep in their heart. We can conduct psychoanalysis of people both accepting ad refusing to accept refugees and refugees themselves so as to point out the essence of refugee phenomena in Europe.

We need truth and facts. Let’s say no to deception. We are masters of our destiny. To the end, psychoanalysis is indispensable.