7、Use Appropriate Method to Eliminate the Evil in Human Nature

In fact, evil and good is neither in heaven nor earth, but in people’s heart.

It is in everyone’s heart and subconscious; there is desire of good and power of evil in our subconscious since we have consciousness. And there is no boundary between the good and evil; human is good, but also human is evil. Good man conversion with the devil is the doctrine; the demon may turn into an angel with the doctrine, but without the doctrine, the angel may turn into a demon.

Doctrine refers to the way which is correct, comprehensive, and tolerant of all people, in line with human nature; it is a perfect way to make humans co-exist with common prosperity.

This approach is changing with technology changing, which is mastered by people. That is, it is changing with people’s productivity changing.

Therefore, the first sentence of Tao Te Ching explains the method to get rid of all suffering, and contradictory to human co-existence, common prosperity is changing and transforming. It is conversion with conditions conversion, and nothing can be following decades of teaching of words and deeds. Those specific wisdom method is gradually established combined with present situation.

Frankly, in my experience, almost everything tells me human nature is ugly, ignorant, and hopeless. So when I want to change the people around me, I found that I can change nothing. In the secular world, only money and power can change others.

But there are some things that change my ideas and views, and also see the goodness of human nature. I really feel the power of rational good from humans. The senior leaders and academics who are the elites of society can struggle in the right direction, trying to change the fate of the country and the world. This is the charitable thought and good desire of humans in this world.

The performance of charitable thought and good desire of humans is not necessarily to have lower people, for surface phenomena and posturing do good deeds. But for determining national interests, as well as human destiny, which is really good deeds.

In fact, as common people, the range of consciousness is narrow. It is not easy for them to manage their affairs. Only the elite and people with superior ability can understand doctrines, follow doctrines, comprehend doctrines, and then improve the doctrines, developing and extending doctrines.

Common people have their own doctrines; they will be lucky if they can follow their own doctrine. This book is for the people who are obeying a big doctrine and those in high positions as well as the social elites, instead of the common people. I would like to explore the future of human society and the country’s direction with the elite through this book. It is purely academic papers, if someone feels too far away from the point of view in this book and cannot accept it, please make sure your knowledge is profound than me, and then comment to this book, or it does not make sense.

Of course, I have known a little knowledge about all aspects; with the development of technology, people will have more explicit and clear understanding of the human world, meanwhile the doctrine will continue to evolve and improve.

Human life is limited, the knowledge mastered is limited, but the development of science and technology and history are unlimited.

I wish that people in this world truly understand others’ human nature and understand the foundation of variety of people happening in the world, therefore find a more suitable way for human development.

Do not be driven by the devil in your heart; do not be confused by the barbarism and ignorance. We should be real masters of our own destiny, to grasp our own happiness and future meanwhile control the future of humanity.

However, only from the perspective of good and evil to understand human nature is not enough and superficial. We need more scientific and rational perspectives to analyse humanity.