5、Kindness of Humanity

Is there kindness of humanity? I consider it exists. What are people’s demand and impulsion for? Being satisfied both sexually and mentally. Actually, all impulsions aim for that simple and also complex thing.

People will live and die by instinct.

To satisfy spiritual and material demands is for the sake of living, while the instinct of death is to eradicate all the factors and units that impede living. Thus, the instinct of death is to live.

Human fights with the nature for living or living better, i.e., immortality. However, kindness of humanity is the combination of life instinct and proper methods, i.e., the principles. Then, it generates the desire of being kind.

Such rational thinking is unique to humans. Interpersonal relationship in human society evolves continuously. There have been kinds of social relations from slave society to feudal society, capitalist society to socialist society. Every time the human society evolves, its main material factor is the increase of productivity and another immaterial factor is kindness, which refers to anti-oppression and seeks the idea of liberty, equality, and human rights. That’s it, kindness of humans. It is not only the nature of humans, but also the instinctive integration of rationality and nature. If one fails the subsidence of human rationality and civilisation, that one will be an idiot or psychotic, or an absolute animal. He does not have the concept of kindness, just like the goat or the lion who doesn’t know the boundary of kindness and wickedness.

Human’s rationality, mentality, and trade-off are exactly the source of kindness.

What is kindness? It is the pursuit of liberty, safety, and the wish of living in rich and of being pleasant. It also means that all the demands can be satisfied in society and being recognised truly and permanently but not temporarily and hypocritically.

The ideas above about kindness, I swear, is a condition expected by all human beings no matter what nation or colour they are. It is the instinct of living, and it is the fundamental desire and ideal state created by the instinct. People will strive for that ideal condition, without hesitation, even if they have to risk and pay for it, which also includes approaches, efforts, and behaviours obtained through brain analysing and experience summarising. That is the kindness of humanity.