2、Human Nature

Human nature is the root of social system. Social system serves for human nature as well as humans.

There goes an old Chinese saying that men at their birth are naturally good. Their natures are much the same; their habits become widely different. This word is nearly known by all Chinese people, drawing the greatest influence on them. The concepts of return good for evil, treat others as you want to be treated, do things for the good of others, and one good turn deserves another implicate the ancient wise men understanding of human nature and the influence that Buddhist doctrines have on the Chinese people’s nature. The Western concept about human nature advocates that men at their birth are naturally bad; men are born to do bad things. Children who do not listen to the adults’ words and eat forbidden fruits furtively are bad kids and should be punished. The words in the Bible are all about punishment, kill, and God’s punishment toward the heretics for his adoptionists. Therefore, the human nature of the Western people is evil.

The human nature includes fear for death and pursuit of safety. The common primitive instinct in human’s ego does not differ with the colours of skin. The reasonable super-ego is formed by the accumulation in the postnatal life and aggregation of experience.

Due to the different environment and cultures, super-ego varies quite a lot from Western people and Eastern people and between different races. Super-ego refers to human’s experience of society and the world, including their understanding of social system and the whole universe.

When it comes to human nature, the common characteristics are shared by all mankind. These distinct characteristics are ideas, desires, and impulses born with humans rather than postnatally accumulated. This is human nature, i.e., the ego.

What is a human’s ego? Need for safety, fear for death and danger, various desires including eating, dressing, reacting to external stimulation, sexual intercourse, instinct of death in Floyd theory, impulse and instinct to eradicate people who threaten your life and destroy your interests are all human natures. Humans are good when you think they are good; humans are evil when you think they are evil.