1、What Is human?

We come into contact with a lot of people every day, we are human, but do you know what is human? Do humans themselves know?

I am someone who believes in science and research science. I am an electronic technician and try to study all equipment and electrical appliances I have touched. And basically I can repair all of them. I am not a theologian.

I think humans themselves do not know exactly what they are. The knowledge about humans that people have mastered is just some superficial knowledge. If the total amount of knowledge about humans is expressed as 100, I think the most advanced technology now cannot reach 1%.

A lot of people may be unconvinced to what I say.

You can go ask the top scientists, no matter in the field of biology, nuclear power, physics, or chemistry. Humans need how many years, how much of scientific knowledge to use sunshine, air, water, stone, and these natural inorganic substances as raw materials to create a true, complete, living, and conscious people? Don’t say people, a pig, a frog, a caterpillar, even the most primitive life, protozoa and virus, can they create?

We still need how many years, how much knowledge to use inorganic substances to create the simplest life like God?

Don’t believe Darwin’s biological theory of evolution. It is true that biology is an evolutionary phenomenon, but it is just a basic function of organisms. Like a bird will preen its feather, no one to teach, nothing strange, it is just an inborn function of a bird.

Not to mention humans, who have a lot of amazing powers, they just don’t know, let alone using them, such as Qigong, etc. This can’t be explained by natural science theory.

In my estimation, if humans want to reach the level of using natural inorganic substance to create people, they still need at least five hundred years, even thousands of years of scientific knowledge and development of the science and technology, then they can achieve this level.

Maybe many people don’t believe—human scientists have created cattle and sheep with asexual reproduction. Humans are very great.

In my opinion, this is a joke. Cloning is to use one living organism or several organisms to create organisms. It is to use one living material to create another living material. Cloning is like a car assembly, or assembled is more appropriate.

But one point must be cleared, assembled car is completely different concept from using iron ore iron-making and steelmaking, then design, process, and produce parts, finally fall in shape with assembly. To assemble a car needs a few workers and a small amount of technology to complete. But to design and produce a car needs almost all of the science and technology and industries in the whole society. Require a series of science and technology knowledge, if compared with the amount of knowledge, it will be different at myriad of times, and they are completely two concepts.

Now the most top science and the most advanced technology still need five hundred to a thousand years, even tens of thousands of years to create the simplest life. So in ancient times, with wind, sunlight, water, and soil buried in natural conditions to create life more complex than computer is not logical and not scientific.

The change of things is from quantitative to qualitative, all have cause and effect. It is the same as the origin of life, the earth can’t be in the case of natural force to naturally complete a work that needs of a senior intelligence—life development from nothing.

Even the simplest life is more complex than the computer used now. Life development from nothing is not that simple as 0 to 1, but the sudden change from 0 to 10,000 even 1 million. This sudden change is absolutely not completed by the natural force as wind, sunlight, rain, soil buried.

I remember my biology teacher told me, ‘Nature thunder and lightning may produce proteins, and some scientists have made similar experiments. The natural combination of protein can create life.’ I think this is nonsense.

If they exist, the materials can constitute life such as proteins or amino acid in nature, and these materials cannot become life by the simple stack.

But in the case of natural force, assuming there are bicycle parts everywhere in nature, if we just rely on the wind, sunlight, rain, soil buried, these parts will always be parts (if not rot). They will absolutely be impossible to become a bicycle under the condition of natural force.

Because life is not a simple stack by various elements, the ingenious combination with super advanced knowledge and strength, even the same to the simplest life.

Natural force can only simply stack, but without wise combination function, it is absolutely impossible to create a life.

So I think life on earth is created by foreign intelligent life, rather than natural force. Natural force is not intelligent and without the ability to create wisdom creature.

As for what the purpose of intelligent life create the universe and human life? Where are they now? I don’t know. But they have created all things is the most scientific explanation. Our ancient legend also proves this point. All sorts of different cultures are the support of creationism. God is intelligent life, and science and technology and knowledge is at least ten thousand years more advanced than the modern top technology.

Even I think some of the human knowledge and cultures are from intelligent life. Because human knowledge and intelligence is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, but I think there are a lot of civilisation that are not to be created in the society at that kind of civilised degree. Because of many ancient cultures, humans can’t be able to fully absorb now. In today’s science and technology and knowledge, it can’t fully explain. So where did the human knowledge come from at that time?

Such knowledge and culture as China’s Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the Book of Changes can never be formed in ancient times and spread on Oracle and bamboo slips. Just to record this knowledge will need to spend a lot of time and effort, not to mention study, think, and form such profound ideas and cultures. This is not the kind of knowledge that can be obtained on hunting and fishing. And the modern human cannot fully understand this kind of knowledge, but there are many phenomena that show they are right. One of the explanations is that they obtain help and hints from intelligent life.

Human society is scientific and material; God in ancient legend is the intelligent life. So there is no need to debate idealism and materialism. God gives all things in life, but also the intelligent life gives humans life. Intelligent life has strong ability, limitless wisdom, and indeed omnipotent to everything. Humans compared with them are tiny and funny; self-righteousness is arrogance.

But there is also another kind of people on earth, too frightened by God’s power, who even do not believe their own eyes and hands and completely do not have the self-awareness.

From these two kinds of people, the human is really pathetic and ridiculous.

From all indications, the human society has always obtained help and hints from a supernatural power. And this power always guides people towards the light and wisdom.

So the human essence is the intelligent machine and creation made up of cells.

Creatures, even the simplest organisms, viruses, are also countless times more complicated and advanced than our computer.

So far, and for a long period in the future, humans cannot use stones, water, air, and other inorganic substances to create a simple life.

It is precisely because life is so complex, so the life creation of Darwinian theory is purely nonsense. Evolution is just a function of life, just like your computer to automatically update the system. But it does not mean that nature can naturally produce computer.

So creationism is the most reasonable theory to explain the origin of life.

God created man. God loves everyone.

If even the human themselves are not sure what they are, how can they change the destiny? How can they dominate the destiny?

Life, including humans, is the machine created by intelligent life.

Consciousness, emotion, reproduction, politics, economics, philosophy, war, killing, torture, extermination, survival, lechery, greed, lazy, and intelligence are all functions of the machine.

For these functions, humans should not fear, not escape, not hate, and not complain, to not be proud and not be arrogant.

In a sense, each of us is in the show. We are all actors, chess pieces, soldiers, and slaves.