Eighteen years ago, I saved the CCP from privatization and collapse.

Because I need to prove to all mankind that public ownership can quickly accumulate social wealth, and public ownership does not mean poverty. Public ownership is an advanced productive force.

The evil of CCP is the evil of human nature, not the evil of public ownership.

By reading my book, human beings will understand what public ownership is, what public ownership can do, how to use the advantages of public ownership and benefit mankind, and how to overcome the evil human nature. How to prevent the people from being persecuted by the ruler

Only by admitting that human nature is evil, ugly and dirty can we overcome the evil, ugly and dirty human nature from the social system. Anyone who claims that human nature is beautiful, kind, positive and politically correct is the spokesman of schemer and devil.

My solution is simple: use the Internet and information technology to disclose all information and you can put the devil in a bottle.