14. I work as a food delivery man in "ele.me" company.

I worked as a food delivery man from the summer of 2019 until I left China.

I am a pleased and confident person, but since I went to look for a job, I felt very hurt.

Many employers refused me because of my old age.

Before I decided to work in food delivery, I went to a company to learn about it for a while, and I found that if I wanted to do an excellent job in food delivery, I had to modify my electric car.

I use my expertise to increase the continuous driving time of my electric motorcycle to more than 12 hours. Spent RMB5000.

I usually take advantage of my perfect electric motorcycle to complete some long-distance orders that others don't want to deliver. This way, I have a foothold in our company.

But at the end of 2019, Ele Company was acquired by the CCP. In the pursuit of profit, the CCP uses a despicable method to increase the fines on food delivery staff.

After the CCP took over, they often fined us under all kinds of strange excuses. Although I worked very hard to cooperate with their management, I was fined several hundred yuan every month.

And my boss is even more pitiful. He has been fined more items and amounts. Sometimes he would borrow money from me.

My boss is a very good person, a handsome guy, and was persecuted miserably by the CCP. I hope I can go back and rescue him someday.