12. In 2015, I Sold My House and Published Century Sentence

In the second half of 2015, I sold the house that my grandma left me. When I got the money, I first paid a large sum of money that I owed to my friend, including interests.

Then I began to prepare the publication of Century Sentence. I started to contact the publishing houses in 2016. The publishers said that my book was politically sensitive, and this kind of books was not allowed to be published in China. It could only be   published overseas.

I found an overseas agent and asked him to help me publish this book abroad. So I started to translate all my articles into English and proofread the articles. I spent a lot of money on translating articles and publishing the book, and a long time proofreading my articles. Finally, Century Sentence was published in November 2016.

I asked my agent to help me advertise and promote the book, but he said that he was very busy and refused my request.

When I published Century Sentence the first time, I saw my book on Amazon. I was very happy. I thought that others would buy my book, but after a long time no one made a purchase.

In June 2017, I decided to personally contact the publishers, advertise myself, and republish my book. And a lot of new articles had been added to the new version. 

Foreign publishing houses are really an industry full of pitfalls, especially for someone like me who doesn't understand the market at all and at the same time has many dreams. It's a nightmare to me.

I don't even know what traditional publishing and self-publishing are. To put it simply, self-publishing is a publishing method in which all costs are borne by the author.

I am a very rational person, but from 2015 to 2019, I was severely disturbed, which made my judgments of things irrational.

I know that the promises of the salesmen in the publishing house are beautiful lies. Under normal circumstances, no one can lie to me. Although I know that what they say is unlikely to be realized, I continue to spend money on advertising.

Because a very smart salesman told me that God asked him to help me. Although I doubt everything he said, I must believe in God.

I have been in contact with him for 3 years and spent RMB 500,000 on advertising, but I haven't sold any books, and I was blackmailed by the underworld. Very dangerous, I don't want to say more.

The only thing I have gained in these 3 years is that my English has greatly improved. And I have gained a lot of experience living abroad.