11、 Islamic States Madly Killed People, and I Stood up for Justice

On August 20, 2014, when I learned about the atrocities of Islamic States on television, I was furious. I wrote an article yelling at Islamic States, calling them cult organizations and the devil Satan. I requested God to punish Islamic States.


The next day I saw Obama saying on TV: "God does not support Islamic States and their ideology has gone bankrupt." For the first time, I clearly felt God's response to me. And that was so fast and so determined. I felt that God was so close to me.

As you can see the later developments, the United States-led countries had established an alliance against Islamic States and began to bomb them. From this, Islamic States have embarked on the road of destruction. They have basically disappeared now.

From this point on, I began to write intensively against Islamic extremism and criticized the allies of Islamic extremist forces in Western countries.

From that, my articles were mainly about the comments on Islam and what happened in Western countries.

I not only uploaded the articles I wrote on my website, but when something critical happened in the world, I would translate my articles into English and Arabic to spread them actively and widely on the network.

I found that whenever I spread these articles, the relevant countries would change and respond accordingly. The political situation in the world would change in turn and positive changes would take place in the direction I want.

The purpose of my spreading articles is to let people stop supporting the devil and not to do the wrong things. I hope to correct people's wrong thinking and practices. We should concentrate on fighting against the devil to save the world.

In fact, I did it. God helped me. God supported me.

The articles I wrote are edited in Century Sentence, and each article is labeled its writing time. You can prove everything I have said and how God supported my points of view according to my writing time, my ideas and the dramatic changes in the world’s political situation. 

1. The comments were mainly on Islam and Western countries after August 2014.

2. I mainly commented and paid attention to the wars in Syria. I supported Syrian government forces when they began to retreat and were about to perish. Now they have regained control of the situation.

3. I proposed that Yemen need war to fight against extreme Islam. It had a war immediately.

4. I proposed that China help Syria. As a result, Russia immediately sent troops to Syria.

5. I proposed that Trump should be elected president of the United States.

6. I proposed that Iran and North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, then Iran signed a nuclear agreement.

7. I criticized North Korea and asked China to draw a line with North Korea. I wrote several articles about North Korea.

8. I criticized Turkey for helping extreme Islam

9. I proposed to help Kurds against extreme Islam.

10. I saw Saudi Arabia proposed to return to moderate Islam.