10. I Built My Personal Website and Promoted it all over the World in 2013.

I worked as a manager of the insurance company in 2012, and 2012 was a special year. It was allegedly the end of the world. That year was very strange, for I felt that someone was supervising me that period.

However, I was very busy every day to lead the team to sell insurance products. I didn't do anything weird, so there was nothing about me to be monitored.

In July 2013, I opened my own personal website, organized all my articles and uploaded them, and promoted the website to the world.

Although I didn't know who had viewed my website, I felt that it began to have an international influence. What I wrote on the website would be known to important people around the world.

I kept writing diary on my website. I also wrote my thoughts and comments on some important events in the world on the website. Tell God about these, and people from all over the world would get positive responses.