9. Iron-willed through Repeated Rough Experiences in Insurance Company   

In the second half of 2007, I was employed by a state-owned insurance company.
At that time, insurance companies offered the darkest and most terrible job: There was no basic salary, pension, medical insurance and social security for the salesmen, but they only had marketing tasks to complete.

Of course, there are also high-income people in insurance companies. As long as the right methods are applied, one can earn some money. My teacher was a very good sales person. I followed my teacher to start working as a salesman. It took me 6 years to be appointed as a sales manager. I had led a team of 70 people at most.

We had a variety of trainings every week, every month and every year, mainly on negotiation skills, product learning and team management.

I joined the insurance company mainly because it offers a most challenging profession that allows me to contact the greatest number of people. I needed to reach out to a wide variety of people to understand this society. I needed to negotiate with a wide variety of people to develop my own negotiating skills and the ability to communicate with others. Meanwhile, I also exercised my ability to public speaking.

This was all I wanted to learn. I deliberately chose to exercise my abilities in an extremely challenging environment that was both rough and complex.

Looking back, I could not make ends meet previously. It was only when I worked in the insurance company that I made a little money. I was very grateful to my teacher in the company.

I had learned the importance of respecting the teacher in the insurance company. Although I had some little friction with my teacher, I did everything to stay face for her. Du Yuesheng, Shanghai’s former No.1 gangster in modern China once said that life’s three elements are “respectful feelings”, “respect in public” and “face-saving”. I gave them all to my teacher.

So I kept the best private relationship with my teacher, who had helped me out of many difficulties.

Within the two years when I served as a manager, I gave 40,000 yuan back to my aunt, and also paid off the debts I owed to several friends.

God told me that I would not owe anyone money in this life. Only others owe me.