7、My Grandma Passed Away in 2005 

Shortly after I divorced my ex-wife, my grandma returned to Shanghai because of illness. Accompanying my grandma are my two aunts.

They said that Grandma had inflammation and needed to be operated. They asked me to sell my house so that grandma can afford to get medical treatment.

My business failed at the time. I didn't have a job then, and my body condition was not good. Moreover, I had given all the money we earned in our marriage time to my ex-wife.   

When I divorced my ex-wife, we split our property. After calculation, it became clear that she helped me pay some debts and buy a house. Moreover, in the past few years her parents had been helping us do business wholeheartedly. So it was reasonable to give them some of the money left in our bank card.

I was penniless at the time, and could only rely on the house, the property under my name. If I sold the house, I would have nothing.

So I was unwilling to sell the house.

After a few weeks, we learned that grandma’s inflammation turned out to be advanced cancer. The doctor suggested that my grandmother should not have any operation since she was already 97 years old.

Then, all my grandmother's children came to Shanghai to say goodbye to my grandma. My relatives were very dissatisfied that I got the house. But I did not agree to sell the house and they could not do anything.

My grandma is the person who loves me the most in the world. When all of the family members disapproved of me, she still stood by my side, even at the cost of her life. This is what a relative of mine told me later.

I was penniless when my grandma was dying. I couldn't do anything, but only watch her declining day by day.

Those who are nearest to me and love me the most are hurt by me the deepest.

The only thing I could do is to lie next to my grandma for a while. This was a little comfort I could offer.

In a few days, my grandma passed away.
When I rushed back to see her body, I found that her eyes remained open, and no one could make her eyes closed. I looked at her and felt that she had not left. So I said to the people in the room, "You all go out. I have something to say to my grandma alone."

Holding my grandmother's hand, I said to her, "Grandma, God sent me to have a mission. Everything I’ve done is not for myself. I am for all. If you see God, he will tell you all this. Just go well."

I felt that my grandmother listened to what I had said and really left. I covered her eyes gently and the eyes closed.