5、My Tearful Farewell to Ex-wife

At that time, I had no other choice and solely thought how to get rid of the dilemma. Then, I came up with a good idea - marriage.

Since I was a 30-year-old handsome boy then, I decided to post a marriage-seeking and recruitment advertisement.

The advertisement was rather attracting - “a 30-year-old employer in a private company with house property recruits an assistant and seeks a marriageable mate now”. 

Many people came for me for a time, but I did not like anyone of them. Till one morning, when we had a meeting in the company, a girl pushed the door to go inside and asked us whether the company recruited assistant now. The girl later became my ex-wife.

She smiled at me. I asked her to sit down and drove others out of the door. Later on, I talked with this girl.

In the conservation, I knew that her family also did business and she herself was a young lady from a noble family in the imperial lineage of former Qing Dynasty. In the past, she should be called a “princess”. In addition, she was still a virgin.

I thought that probably she was the right one for me. Now that she used to be an employer, she could help me better organize the company. By virtue of the power of her family, I could more easily get along with people inside the company. Actually, she also had supreme conditions in many other aspects. I liked her very much and I also felt her love for me from her eyes.

We had the love affair at the highest speed and got a lightening marriage. As said by my apprentices, “we all know that you are about to get married, but we still feel surprised at this. We originally thought that you may get married after several months”.

We indeed astonished everyone.

My ex-wife loved me very much. When I got acquaintance with my ex-wife for three days, I asked her to help me manage corporate finance and gave all my money to her - 1200 RMB. She was rather surprised how a company merely had such a small amount of fund, but she did not look down upon me.

When I run across a woman who really loves me, she could not refuse me. Therefore, we quickly fell in love with each other. We dined together, walked in the garden together and chatted with each other. However, few days later, we had a sexual relationship and announced to get married.

Do not think that I am telling a pornographic story. Actually, this is a very cruel tragedy.

I run across a woman who most loves me, and we get married and love each other. But three years later, in order to write this book and finish the mission of God give me, I abandoned my ex-wife. We eventually bid a farewell to each other with tears.

When I got married with my ex-wife, our business took a turn for the better and achieved substantial profits.

However, three months after our marriage, I was suddenly arrested by the police in Shanghai some day.

Except as the debt of 170000 RMB, I also owed 200 RMB phone bill to the telephone company then. The telephone company demanded me to repay 900 RMB, Which includes expensive overdue fine one year later. I thought it rather irrational and more importantly, I did not have 900 RMB available. Consequently, the telephone company lodged a lawsuit against me and the court ordered me to repay the charge. But I refused the sentence all the time.

Therefore, the court dispatched two policemen to arrest me on that day and took me to the detention house. I could not forget my day in the detention house.

When I stepped to the room, the head immediately asked me why I was arrested. I smiled at him and explained that I owed 200 RMB to the Telecommunications Bureau and refused to pay 900 RMB.

He questioned me why I was so handsome and still owed to others and why I smiled here. Afterwards, he said “I dislike you. Fellows, beat him, beat him hard!”

At once, more than 20 prisoners in the room started to beat me. I felt that my waist was nearly broken. After that, they poured cold water to me. I could hardly tolerate such humiliation and knelt down to beg him to set me free.  

The head threatened me “Do not smile again, or otherwise, I will beat you one more time. Make a face for us now...”
I could only follow his order.


At that moment, I swore that “If I walk out of here some day, I will definitely accuse all of the world to the God”.

The thing I do today is to practise my promise in the jail - to accuse all of the world. I name my book Century Sentence and add the subtitle “A diary written to God, accusing all of the world”.

My ex-wife saved me from the jail on the second day. I really feel grateful to my ex-wife and I love her very much. She marries me when I come down in the world and saves me from the jail in emergency.

Such emotion could not be measured by money. My ex-wife is the person who treats me best and loves me the most in the world like my grandmother.

In 2004, I and my ex-wife bought out our public rental house and turned it to be our private property. My grandmother lived in Anhui at that time. After learning the news, she asked me to return to Anhui and disagreed to add the name of my ex-wife to the property ownership certificate. My grandmother insisted on adding my name and her name on the certificate instead. Therefore, she requested me to go back home for house property notary. The notary declared that the house was my personal property irrelevant to my ex-wife.

When I returned to Shanghai, I discussed this matter with my ex-wife. Although she was very unhappy, she complied. We went to the notary office to apply for the property notary.

The notary later played a decisive and crucial role in the publication of the book the Century Sentence..

The house is not available to my ex-wife, and our copier repair business is getting worse as the market changes. We can no longer make money. We have to find a new business to do. We have done several businesses, but all of them have failed.

These two reasons led to the intensification of my conflict with my ex-wife, and finally I had to divorce under the pressure of their family.

Although we divorced, my personal relationship with my ex-wife is still good. We continue to live together, and my ex-wife suggest that we should have a baby.

When my ex-wife thought about having children since we got married. I refused for various reasons.

Because there's always a voice telling me that if I had a baby I wouldn't be able to do what god told me to do. And I can't finish the Century Sentence. If I had children, I would have no time or energy to write or study. Time and energy should be spent on the child. And what I hate most is the sound of a baby crying.

Once I heard the cry of the child, my head would explode. Nothing can be done. Children are demons to me. So I'm most afraid of having a baby.

So during the half year I lived with my ex-wife, I did not have a child due to some minor problems. We eventually bid a farewell to each other with tears.

All I had to do was ask my ex-wife to stay and say that my house would be half to her and she would stay.

But God told me that this house could not be given to my ex-wife and that it would be needed to finish the Century Sentence . So I didn't ask my ex-wife to stay, so to speak, I turned her away.

Another reason I left my ex-wife was energy.

When I get close to a certain distance with people, especially women, I will get some bad effect.
I have lived with my ex-wife for three years and have been together every day. We hold hands when we go out, and we hug when we go to bed. We had a great relationship and physically I liked my ex-wife very much.

But I never told anyone. Mentally, I am like a steak in a pan every day. I've been cooking this steak for three years since I met my ex-wife.

Not just my ex-wife, but all people, especially women. As soon as you get close to me, I will be greatly disturbed. I'm going to lose energy and I'm going to be very uncomfortable.

I like beautiful women very much, but I am also very afraid of them. Their bad influence on me will make me very angry.

So if you have anything to tell me, you can tell me it. If you have finished what you want to say, please leave now. Don't try to get close to me.

Leaving my ex-wife is a relief to me, so I will never go back to my ex-wife. But I am so grateful to my ex-wife. I love my ex-wife very much.

Sometimes, when I think of my ex-wife, I cry.

Why did God let me do such a difficult thing? My ex-wife loves me so much, why should I abandon my ex-wife?

God told me that if I didn't do it, if I didn't write the Century Sentence, the world would die many, many, many people. This is not a person's happiness and gain can be measured. So I had no choice.

I told my ex-wife when we were leaving. I said, "god sent you to help me through this difficult time. Now that your mission is complete, you can go." She was very unhappy, though. But understanding.

I promised my ex-wife that if I ever got rich, I would repay her.

So if any of you ever meet my ex-wife. Please help her and her family. I promised her. I love her and I appreciate her.