4. 0.17 million yuan of debt after graduation owing to business failure

I graduated in 1995. i wanted practice and contact with society, so I found some jobs relating to promotion. I worked as cemetery salesman, food salesman, office equipment salesman, office equipment repairman, boss of public telephone, trainee of artware, boss of printing shop and leafleteer. 

I worked hardest when I was a promotion worker. I once took 12 hours to bike in promotion every day. Afterward, I learned how to repair copier and other office equipment and worked as a repairman of copier, which is a popular industry at that time.

Afterwards, I founded an office equipment company with others. One year later, I registered one company and became a boss. That was the beginning of a nightmare.

Because I always required myself to be a good person, I treated my workers very well, provided them with food and rooms and taught them techniques and promotion skills. Then, I trained them every day.

But after mastering techniques, they quit their jobs and founded their own companies. And They grabbed my clients.

Then, I recruited workers again. I taught them techniques and promotion skills and trained them every day. After mastering techniques and sales skills, all of them founded their own businesses.

Soon,I run out of my money. Then I borrowed 20,000 RMB from my grandma, 20,000 RMB  from my aunt and more than 100,000 RMB from my friends.

At that time, I was called the president of the Huangpu Military Academy in printer industry in Shanghai. After learning techniques and sales skills and Learning how to get customers, my students left me, bought house and cars, got married and bore babies. But I had the debt of 170,000 RMB. 15 years later, I sold the house that my grandma gave me, then I paid off my debt .

Time went fast. I only had 2000 RMB in my pocket and the debt of 170,000 RMB.