14. A draft plan for building a new China after the CCP is overthrown

——The State Capitalist People's Democratic China, establish the State Capitalist People's Democratic Party

Since the Communist Party came to power in China, they have made contributions and made apparent mistakes, causing big trouble for the Chinese people and the world.

China's current communist system and economical operational mode were designed based on my suggestions adopted by the Communist Party in 2004 and implemented since then.

I know that China is facing some big issues that cause severe damage to people in China and the world. As a Chinese citizen, I am genuinely sorry about that. Unfortunately, however, Chinese people also suffer from this disaster.

Since I took part in the design of the current system of China, I know China more than anyone else. Therefore, I am aware that the Communist Party causes all the issues confronting China today, while other aspects of the system are faultless.

According to my redesign, we need to make a slight adjustment by replacing the Chinese Communist Party. After that, all those problems will be sorted out, and China and the world will enter into a brand new, highly civilized era.

Let's discuss my opinions:

The biggest problem confronting China, the US, and other countries is no difference that lies and conspiracies control everything. The dark powers forbid the communication of opinions to maintain and achieve their lousy governance and purposes.

Concerning the scheme for the new China and the new world, I plan to utilize the more and more advanced internet and technology to disclose all key information of the government to allow people to have rational arguments and jointly determine the development of mankind based on mutual understanding, communication, collaboration and respect for interests after fully knowing the truth.

All dark powers, including conspiracies, bullying, threats, persecution, hatred, evil, oppression, abuse of power, thuggery, and heinous crimes, can be destroyed by bringing everything to light.

With our inherent good faith given by God and current technology and the internet, the only thing we have to do is disclose everything and let good faith lead our souls and the world.

The foregoing is the concept of the new China and the new world.

I provide the following suggestions for China:

A. People judge all legal cases via live stream.

1) Establish a trial website in the form of a forum to live stream all trials for all citizens. If a case is reported with a real name, the relevant information will not be deleted before closing the case.

2) Since criminals may flee or destroy the evidence once they hear about the news, certain cases should be disclosed after the investigation.

However, the rule does not apply to economic dispute cases, most commonly intervened by the evil powers. Therefore, we have to live stream the report processes, registration, investigation, evidence collection, and trial for economic dispute cases.

3) As long as the Plaintiff and Defendants are alive, the trial website should accept the re-trial of all cases after 1949, the establishment of China, such as financial fraud, organ transplantation, raid of private companies, murder, the assassination of protesters, and thuggery.

4) Redress all unjust, framed-up, and wrong cases judged by the Communist Party and provide appropriate state compensation.

5) People supervise and serve as a jury online on the trial of all cases in a real-time manner. Accordingly, the penalty may be measured based on online public opinion to a certain extent.

6) Through the live stream and re-trial of all cases, the crimes of the CCP are disclosed and judged, and people will understand that "Experience is the best teacher." In this way, crimes and hostility can be eliminated, and we can once again treat each other with trust, kindness, sympathy, and friendliness.

B. Open an account in the state treasury that keeps all state-owned property.

The democratically elected prime minister should appropriate funds agreed by the congress and report the usage with an online live stream.

1) We oppose the CCP because the Party has implemented crony capitalism, the capitalism for red nobles, under the communist banner.

 We have to rectify this situation by expelling the red nobles from the country and achieving the goal of All the People Collectively Own All State-owned Assets to return the red nobles' interests and national wealth stolen to the people.

2) How to achieve the goal of All People-owned Property in practice? How do you manage the people-owned property and state-owned capital?

Communists from antiquity to the present day and the so-called Marxists have provided the wrong answer to the question. The management of the state-owned property favored powerful capitalists and focused on plundering state-owned assets for red nobles.

I suggest opening a treasury account managed by the army. Then, implement a method of completely separating income and expenditure: The military is responsible for collecting and keeping all national funds in the treasury account. The democratically elected State Council may only use the money in the state treasury with the congress's authorization.

The said system can be easily implemented through the network, scientific and automatic management.

For example, all taxes from taxpayers, land revenues, fines, property confiscated by courts, property seized from corrupt officials, etc. should be kept in the treasury account and announced on the treasury website immediately for payers to check; otherwise, it will be deemed to steal the money in the state treasury illegally, and the payer has right refused the payment and report to the police for registration and investigation.

Regardless of the amount, either a traffic fine of $20 or confiscated assets worth $2 billion should be possible to be searched on the treasury website within the shortest possible time.

China has entered the era of digital payment for several years. As a result, people in China can pay for any transaction without cash. Instead, both parties can check transaction details with applications on their phones within seconds. If the payment is successful, a transaction code is generated right away.

 Through the payment code, people can check the payment's whereabouts, so people can also check whether the payment enters into the state treasury at any time.

If this is realized, people are the owner of the country, which is the core of state capitalism.

3) The new Chinese government should confiscate all property, except for wages, of all the current officials of the Communist Party, their families, and relevant personnel and keep them in the state treasury.

4) The people and the State Council should maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets appropriately.

5) The treasury account should be settled and calculated at the end of every year. Then, if there are any earnings, the earnings should be distributed to all people according to specific rules and proportions.

6) All the money entered into the state treasury should be ensured through the treasury account, digital technology, and technological means. People supervise and review the income and expenses with the highest level of strictness at any time via an online live stream.

7) The money in the state treasury may be used to provide appropriate state compensation for unjust, framed-up, and wrong cases, personal injuries, and property damages resulting from the Communist Party, Whether it happened in the past or may happen in the future.

C. The new China should establish a Commonly owned capitalism or state capitalism party. The Communist Party of China shall be banned to thoroughly wipe out China's red noble capitalism and realize the democratic election system that supports the referendum and democratic administration of China

D. In addition to establishing the Commonly Owned Capitalism Party, China should have a democratically elected parameter, Senate, premier, and president.

The democratically elected president is responsible for the administration of the army and police. they should collect all the accounts receivable and taxes and put them in the state treasury

The House of Representatives and Senate should be established with the USA's election model as a reference. They should be responsible for legislation and reviewing and approving the appropriation of funds from the state treasury.

The democratically elected premier is responsible for dealing with the economic and civil affairs both domestically and overseas using the allotment of funds approved by the parliament

E. The role of the military

1) In principle, the military should not be involved in political affairs.

2) The military should protect the people's homes and defend the country as its traditional missions.

3) The army should administrate the affairs of the police instead of the State Council.

4) The military regulates the online public trial and ensures it proceeds smoothly.

The military is responsible for investigating, hearing, and uploading cases and exposing them to the public. The transparency, fairness, and justice of the cases are absolutely ensured through the real-time supervision conducted by all the people on the internet. No cases are unfair if all the matters relevant to the cases are open to the public. Everyone has a balance in mind and understands fairness and justice, but they are usually hoodwinked, concealed, and bullied by an evil power.

5) The military protects the state treasury, ensures funds are collected in it, administrates it securely, maintains the openness and transparency of the funds in the state treasury, conducts live streams, and provides supervision conducted by all the people.

The military is responsible for ensuring that all funds belonging to the state enter the state treasury, including tax revenue, dividends of state-owned capital, fines, confiscation, donations, assignment of land, and disposition of state-owned capital. At the same time, they are responsible for safeguarding the state treasury and appropriation of funds to the premier under the parliament's authorization.

6) In short, the military is responsible for collecting money and putting it into the state treasury. The State Council's responsibility is to perform its duties and disburse within the budget, while the parliament is responsible for reviewing and approving the budget.

The State Council is responsible for disbursement, and the military is responsible for collecting money. That can eliminate corruption because such conduct is inevitable if the collection and disbursement of funds are the same person or department's responsibility.

F. The parliament is also responsible for legislation. The court is responsible for trial and judgment.

The court's role is not crucial in complete live broadcasts of the transparently open cases to the public. It only needs to judge based on the facts and applicable laws.

G. Either a one-party or multi-party system can be adopted. However, regardless of the system established, they should protect the state-owned capital and the commonly owned capital of the people to maximize the benefits ultimately.

H. The members of the Chinese Communist Party may join the Chinese Commonly Owned Capitalism Party of the new government, but they should make public the assets of themselves and their relatives. Only the members who have a clean record and did not cause trouble may join the Chinese Commonly Owned Capitalism Party.

I. All the officials of the Chinese Communist Party and the people who have ever had misconduct will be absolved from sin if they donate all of their assets, other than their wages and legal income, to the state treasury.

J. All of them involved in any cases related to murder and violence of malice shall take responsibility accordingly.

K. All who were not involved in any murder cases but brought about injury to others shall take responsibility for compensation. Re-hearing and compensation are needed no matter whether these cases have been heard. However, the crime can be remitted if the victim does not hold them accountable.

L. The operation of the state treasury will be assessed every year. If everything goes smoothly, bonuses will be granted to all the people scientifically according to the given rules. In addition, a year-end state dividend will be granted to each person.

These are my ideas of the new country to be established in China. Many of these apply to other countries.

The interpersonal relationship and the relation between the capitalist and labor in an enterprise are changed with the Internet and robots' development. These change the distribution ratio of wealth in the society, and thus, many ideas and practices of the countries adhering to capitalism must be updated.

As the approaches above are applied, everything is transparent and open to the public through the internet and technologies. When having complete information, people can smartly and coordinately solve the problems of social wealth distribution and establish a relationship of trust, equity, cooperation, fairness, and justice between both people and countries.

That is precisely the new and ideal order of the world.

M. state Capitalism People's Democratic China

The above is my vision for the future of New China.

It is just a draft design, and many details need to be discussed with others.

Because our actions require a slogan and banner, I temporarily determined our country and party names based on our action plan.

1) The army is loyal to our nation

According to the above plan, people should see what state capitalism is. The state capitalism that I meanes is the existing economic operation rules, which also is the Chinese model. But politically, the military is not loyal to the Chinese Communist Party or other parties but our nation.

China's current system does not mean communism is terrible. Still, the CCP has stolen the state power and the entire country, making the army not serve our country or our people, but has become the watchdog and thug of the red nobility.

Just like the nationalization of the military proposed by some people, the state capitalism I proposed also means the nationalization of the military, the military loyalty to the country and the people, without loyalty to any political party, any individual.

2) China's future economic operation model will follow the existing Chinese model that combines communism and capitalism.

Facts have proved that the Chinese model is successful and advantageous in economic operation and national construction. We need to continue.

3) People's Democracy

China will implement universal suffrage for people's democracy in the future. The CCP has always called itself a democratic system. Everyone knows it is just a joke and a big lie. The CCP stole China's democracy. There is the only dictatorship in China without democracy in any sense.

No democracy in China does not mean that there is no democracy in communism. The so-called democracy in the United States and many countries globally is also false. It can be seen in the 2020 US elections.

The key is whether the people have the absolute right to know information and freedom of speech.

It can be seen from my suggestions that the most basic way to manage the country and guarantee people's democracy is to ensure the people's right to know and participate and the right to freedom of speech through science and technology, law, ideology, and procedures. It is the foundation of genuine people's democracy.

The suggestion I put forward is only the essential condition of democracy. Any regime, ideology, and system are all liars if they can not achieve the people's right to know and participate in all information.

The difference between them is only the outer packaging, but the essence is enslaving the people and deceiving them. Whether the United States, China, or the rest of the world.

N. Establish the state Capitalist People's Democratic Party

I think that a political party should be established in accordance with my plan and basic ideas.

Unite the Chinese in the world and the people of the world who are persecuted by the CCP, and overthrow the CCP or reorganize and reform the CCP. Build an ideal new China and a new world

First of all, in any revolutionary practice, we must consider feasibility, social costs, people's cognition, and ideology.

1) The current situation in China is that the people support the existing system, so we need to reform the Communist Party instead of completely denying the Communist Party

The status quo in China is that the people support the CCP and are willing to be deceived and enslaved by the CCP.

The only reason is that people think that the CCP can make the people rich. Only when the people follow the CCP can they get money.

It is the most basic and most realistic status quo.

Any revolutionist who wants to call on the people to follow him must ensure that after the revolution, everyone will step up to a higher level on the existing economic foundation so that the people's lives will be better than they are now.

I can say that for any domestic and foreign organizations, no one can propose any plan to make all Chinese people believe that you can make their lives better.

Many people are anti-communists just because they don't like the CCP and for no other reason, which is uncultured and rude behavior.

Can your current practices and ideas win the support of the people across the country?

If your idea is not feasible, and cannot give the people a convincing reason, then this kind of idea is utopian.

And the plan I put forward can unite the most people and achieve our goals. Overthrow the CCP and build a new China that will enable the people to live better than they are now.

2) From an ideological point of view, what are the similarities and differences between the State Capitalist Party and the Communist Party?

a) The State Capitalist Party is a reform of the Communist Party

From an ideological point of view, state capitalism is communism. Therefore, the state Capitalist Party can unite, absorb, incorporate, and transform the CCP.

If someone tells my suggestions to the leftist CCP, what I say is what they want.

The difference between the State Capitalist Party and the Communist Party is that the State Capitalist Party serves the country and all the people. In contrast, the Communist Party serves the powerful red families.

The army established by the state Capitalist Party is loyal to the country and the people and will never be loyal to any political party or individual.

Facts have proved that the Communist Party is now anti-humanity and anti-people. Suppose the army is still loyal to the CCP and a particular oligarch of the CCP. So now, the People's Liberation Army is also anti-human and anti-people.

The Chinese Communist Party creates and releases the virus without the consent of any people to realize personal ambitions.

CCP's' actions have caused people worldwide to unanimously oppose China and demand compensation from China for the losses caused by the virus. It has seriously damaged the interests of the Chinese people and the interests of the Chinese state.

If the Chinese army still has conscience and humanity, you should overthrow the CCP and stand on the side of the people and stand on the side of the people all over the world.

We Chinese are, first of all, human beings. So therefore, we must safeguard the interests of humanity, and then we can discuss protecting the interests of the country, the interests of the people, and our interests.

Overthrowing the rule of the CCP, safeguarding national interests, and safeguarding the interests of the people are what modern Chinese soldiers should do. It is justice and conscience, and humanity.

It makes the Chinese people qualified to survive and multiply on the earth.

 Therefore, the military's allegiance to the people and the country is the truth and righteous way.

The State Capitalist Party is loyal to the country and the people, while the CCP is loyal to the powerful red families. There is a fundamental difference between them.

b) The State Capitalist Party and the Communist Party are the same in their initial goals of party building, and both are to achieve the fair distribution of social wealth.

Therefore, the pure-thinking existing Communist Party members are consistent with the goal of State capitalism that I put forward.

We propose a way for communism to do the right things so that we can unite and absorb those communists with pure ideas to join the State capitalist party.

Together we serve the interests of the country and the people. And no longer serve the powerful red families.

That is truly in line with China's national interests and the interests of the Chinese people. That is the lowest social cost and the most feasible.

It can save upright and excellent Communists and put China on the right way.