13. China should use high technology to build a modern new country

video: We should build China into a democratic country that combines communism and capitalism

A. The theory of capitalism cannot be applied to the era of the Internet and robots

First of all, we need to clarify an important concept that everyone has ignored: "The theory of capitalism cannot be applied to the era of the Internet and robots."

Recently, I heard some news about the U.S. general election. American society is now severely divided. There is a serious disagreement between the American left and the conservatives who support Trump. Some Democrats support Communism. The supporters of the Democratic Party are mainly big technology companies, online media,

Why do some Democrats in the United States support communism? The reason is: "The theory of capitalism cannot be applied to the era of the Internet and robots."

The reason is straightforward, the Internet and robots have drastically changed the distribution ratio of social wealth. Simply put, robots have changed the ratio of the total wages of workers to GDP. As a result, the theoretical basis of capitalism has changed.

Because in the early days of capitalism, it was a production model of "people hiring people," Capitalists hire workers and pay for labor. Therefore, if capitalists want to make more money, they need to hire more workers and pay more wages.

There is an economic problem here: the total wages of all workers as a percentage of GDP. It is said that some countries can reach 50%, which means that half of all the wealth produced in this country will be paid to workers. So people feel pleased.

All the theories, ethics, laws, and ideologies of capitalism are based on "people hiring people." But the large-scale application of the Internet and robots has broken this social relationship.

Nowadays, the breeding industry and industry in some Western countries have been robotized. There is almost no worker insight in a fully automated factory, and robots do all the work. We can hardly see any workers on the livestock farm. The entire livestock farm looks like a giant robot. Only three to five workers can operate a farm of tens of thousands of pigs.

We can calculate in such factories and farms, can there be a 50% ratio between the total wages of workers and the total labor production value of tens of thousands of pigs? Because in such factories, capitalists hire robots, not workers. Therefore, capitalists do not need to pay workers a salary of 50% of the GDP. Capitalists only need to buy robots and maintain robots.

You might say that this is just a particular case. Most of our factories are not so advanced. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the era when robots replace all human jobs will soon come. That is the fundamental reason why major American technology companies support Communism. Because they saw that this day was coming or had already arrived, robots can do almost any labor that humans can do. And it's better and more efficient than human beings.

 Many parents in China now require their children to learn art, such as painting and piano. After learning to paint and play the piano, they thought they would defeat the robot and find a job. I think this is ridiculous.

That is also the problem of Taobao in China. A shopping website is equivalent to a robot opening a store. The sales work was a one-to-one door-to-door service by a salesperson in the past. After the salesperson's introduction, the product was then sold to customers. Now is the era of online shopping, and online shopping is equivalent to semi-automated sales by robots. How many people shop on Taobao is equivalent to how many salespersons have sold products to customers in the past.

Why is Taobao so profitable? Because the Internet has replaced salespersons' jobs, there are many salespersons, salespersons are unemployed, and shops are closed and replaced by robots and the Internet.

We can calculate how many technicians does Taobao employs to operate the network? How much profit does Taobao generate every year? Is there a 50% ratio of workers' wages to profits? I guess there is not 50%, not even 1%. So who took away 99% of the surplus value?

How to evaluate the social impact of salesperson unemployment and store closures caused by Taobao.com?

B. How should we solve this problem?

No matter what the problem is, it would help if you put it on the table first, admit the problem, and then discuss the issue, and then it is possible to solve the problem.

According to the theory of capitalism, unemployed people are social burdens, and they are people who have no use value and need to be eliminated.

 According to communism theory, robots can do all jobs, and we humans go home to retire and receive wages.

 These are the different theories of capitalism and Communism in the era of robots, the different endings, and the different destinies of humanity.

In my opinion, Communism and capitalism are just two tools that can solve different problems for human society. They are like refrigerators and stoves at home, stoves can cook food for humans, and refrigerators can store food for humans. Although one of the two functions is heating, the other is cooling. Therefore, the services provided by the two for humanity are not contradictory.

The doctrine itself has no distinction between good and evil, but the ruler is different between good and evil. Whether the government serves the people or the ruling class is different. Nowadays, both the United States and China have this problem. That is, the government does not serve the people.

The U.S. regime serves the big capitalists, and the Chinese regime serves the red nobles. All people are oppressed.

The above are some theories. Let's talk about some practical issues now: How should we Chinese build our ideal country?

My suggestion is the Chinese Model of democratization with high technology.

C. China's current social management and economic operation model is my design. In other words, the Chinese Model was designed by me.

In 2004, China's former state leaders planned to privatize all state-owned enterprises in the form of a "Management buyout" I sent an e-mail to the government in an open letter and put forward my suggestions. Then, the direction of China's reform was to abandon "Management buyout," and reforms were carried out following the plan I proposed. Has been used until now. Those related articles are cataloged in my book "Century Sentence," and you can download them on my website.

It can also be said that the current social management mode and state-owned enterprise operation mode in China are established following my suggestions and are called the "Chinese model" by foreigners. To put it simply, the Chinese Model I propose is the social management and economic operation model in which state-owned enterprises and private enterprises can play their respective strengths and complement each other.

Seventeen years have passed. Under the leadership of successive national leaders, the Chinese Model has achieved world-renowned achievements. China has become the world's second-largest economy, and pensions for retirees have increased by about 10% every year for decades. It can be said to be very successful.

The successful principle of the Chinese Model is to combine the advantages of Communism and capitalism to realize scientific management of society and promote rapid economic development.

Communism is a tool that can solve some social issues and realize certain social functions. Capitalism is also a tool. It can solve some other problems. Some functions of Communism are not possessed by capitalism, and some functions of capitalism are not possessed by Communism. We want to realize "scientific management of society and promote rapid economic development" We Need to use both tools simultaneously.

The reason for the success of the Chinese Model lies in the fact that state-owned capital enables the government to achieve scientific management, scientific planning, market regulation, leverage, and reasonable distribution of social wealth. These are the main reasons for the rapid development of China's economy. And private enterprises can solve the employment problem of the Chinese people. So the combination of the two, the Chinese Model, will solve all the issues, resulting in today China's economic miracle and success.

As for how the state-owned enterprises and the private sector can give full play to their respective strengths, there is a detailed introduction in my book Century Sentence.

China is now in a dangerous situation. China is now facing severe political problems and global environmental problems.

D. China's problem is not a problem with the "Chinese model" that I designed, but a problem with ugly human nature.

I designed the Chinese social management and economic operation model like the most advanced car. The Chinese Model carries the economic miracle of the Chinese people becoming the second-largest economy in the world. However, the driver of this vehicle has problems. The CCP drove the car I designed into the crowd, crushing the public and causing casualties. That is the evil driver, not the problem with the car I designed.

However, as long as I make a little improvement according to my suggestions, the corruption and evil problems of the CCP can be completely solved.

What did the CCP red noble families do?

1) Many influential families in China converted many state-owned properties into private property and transferred them abroad.

 It is said that the Jiang Zeming family has transferred several trillion U.S. dollars to foreign countries. There are dozens of other families. They all did the same thing, just the amount of money is different.

2) The Xi Jinping government has carried out many systematic financial frauds in China, invested in the One Belt One Road project, with 300 million people times victims. The amount of fraud amounted to tens of trillions of trillions yuan.

3) China has an antidote to the coronavirus, and it does not share it with other countries, causing dissatisfaction and sanctions in the international community.

4) Xinjiang cotton issue, Falun Gong issue, and Hong Kong issue have many problems and disputes.

When I was a child, the CCP told me that the core theory of Communism was: "The interests of the people are above everything else, the people are the masters of the country, and all power in China belongs to the people."

I think that as long as the Communist Party of China fulfills its promise to the people, all problems in today's society can be solved.

E. My suggestion is to use high technology and the Internet to build China into the most advanced, scientific, democratic, transparent referendum, Communism, and capitalism combined, a democratic country of the Chinese Model.

My plan is:

1) Set up a treasury account, and all the country-owned money in China must be credited to this account.

2) The use of money from the treasury requires a reasonable process

3) The income and expenditure of the treasury account must be completely separated.

 Those who collect money cannot spend money, and those who spend money cannot collect money.

4) The revenue and expenditure of the treasury account are broadcast live on the whole network. Anyone can check it and accept the supervision of the National People at any time.

5) From the report to the end of the economic case, the whole network is broadcast live, open and transparent, and accepts supervision and jury by the entire people.

6) We need to set up a national reporting forum website and make it public to the whole country. Anyone can report a case.

 If someone reports a case in real name, this information is not allowed to be deleted before the judicial process is completed.

7) I suggest that following the operation of state-owned assets, the government must distribute dividends to all Chinese people in a particular proportion every year.

If China can make the above points according to my requirements, we can build China into the most democratic, fair, just, and ideal country globally. The Chinese nation can become a model for the world. The above method can solve the corruption problem of the red noble families or anyone and make the people's wealth fully serve the people.

China's red noble families can embezzle state-owned assets unscrupulously. That's because there are misunderstandings in human thinking. They believe that the money they can control is their money, and the money they cannot maintain has nothing to do with him. Almost everyone in the world thinks so.

Therefore, the Chinese believed that the red nobles could dispose of state-owned assets at will, and whoever was in power could occupy them. That is where human beings are ignorant, especially the Chinese.

My solution is straightforward. It is to use high-tech and network technology to establish systems and procedures to prevent anyone from encroaching on state-owned property. We only need to completely separate income and expenditure, make finances transparent to the people, and disclose all information on the Internet. If it can be operated following this procedure, it can legally prevent all possibilities of encroaching on the people's wealth.

To put it in Chinese, it means abolishing the red nobility's power. Return power to the people. In fact, in essence, it is not the abolition of anyone's rights but the return of the people's rights.

According to Communism, "public assets" are owned by the whole people rather than the CCP aristocracy. It is not that the people want to abolish the rights of the CCP, but the CCP has deceived the people for 100 years. The people have awakened and need to get their rights back.

Let me talk about what we should do. I suggest:

1) Set up a treasury account, and all the country-owned money in China must be credited to this account.

State-owned wealth refers to wealth owned by the whole people and wealth owned by the country. Except for private wealth, all other wealth is state-owned wealth in China. We need to protect personal wealth, and more need to preserve state-owned wealth. All money in the state's name needs to enter the Treasury account.

For example, taxes paid by taxpayers, land transfer proceeds, police fines, property confiscated by the court, any property of corrupt officials seized, all state-owned capital dividends, disposal of state-owned assets, all fines in the name of the state, all forfeiture in the name of the state, All donations in the name of the country and so on. . . . .

Of course, I know specific rules for central finance and local finance. For example, fines imposed by local police are generally used by the local government. My approach is that any rules can be unchanged, but the accounts must be clear.

The local police can fine the perpetrator, and the money can also be used by the local government. But there must be a process. The money must first enter the Treasury account and then follow the procedure from the Treasury account to the local government account. In addition, all acts of collecting money in the name of the state must be recorded and broadcast live on the Internet, and the people must be able to check the whereabouts and use of the money at any time.

Similarly, for any other act of collecting money in the state's name, whether the local government or the central government, all the funds received must be entered into the only national treasury account in the country. Then it is distributed according to the rules, and all the capital flows are broadcast live online and can be checked at any time.

Because now China is fully digital payment, no matter what you buy, you only need to scan the payment code, the money can be successfully transferred within a few seconds, and the payment voucher is sent to the mobile phones of both parties. So it only takes a few seconds to pay the money to the Treasury account, and the voucher will be sent to the mobile phone.

The Chinese need to realize that any act of collecting money in the name of the state is a crime as long as it does not enter the treasury account. As long as the money is transferred to the treasury account, and anyone can inquire and supervise it, this is complete fairness and justice and eliminates corruption.

If you need to pay the country, any citizen should put the money into the Treasury account. Because that money is the people's money, and the account is the people's account, the country's account, and not the money and accounts of any red nobles.

That is called Communism, fairness, and justice, and this is called the people being the masters of the country.

2) The use of money from the treasury requires a reasonable process

The treasury's money requires standard procedures such as proposing proposals, discussions, voting decisions, and appropriation. I think the process of approval by Congress for the U.S. budget is relatively reasonable, and we should learn from the U.S.

For example, the State Council proposes bills. Some people who can represent enterprises, economists, and representatives elected by all parties form a deliberative body to discuss and vote on these bills and budgets. After the resolution is formed, the State Treasury allocates funds for implementation by the State Council.

China has countless massive unfinished projects, achievements projects, repeated investment projects, and jerry-built projects because they do not have a good discussion, argumentation, and voting for spending money. I don't want to waste people's money in the future. I hope that every penny spent on the people's money will be rewarded, and then dividends will be given to the people.

The use of all state treasury money needs to be broadcast live online, subject to supervision and review by the people at any time.

3) The income and expenditure of the treasury account must be completely separated.

The reason for corruption is that after some people reach a certain level of official position, they can collect money on behalf of the country and then spend money on behalf of the country. They can collect money with their left hand and spend money with their right. The people will never know what they have done with the people's money on behalf of the country.

I suggest that the Chairman of the National Military Commission be responsible for the military, police, justice, prison, trial, and other tasks. His main job is to collect money and put money belonging to the state into the state treasury.

 The prime minister is responsible for spending money. He summarizes various things across the country, lists budgets and plans, and submits them to Congress for discussion, voting, and resolution. Then go to use the money from the treasury.

The Chairman of the Military Commission is only responsible for collecting money and not spending money, and the prime minister is only accountable for spending money and not collecting money. This prevents absolute power from causing complete corruption.

It is more appropriate for the Chairman of the Military Commission to be responsible for the military, police, and justice to do chivalrous things, so they are suitable for collecting money; The matter of state-owned capital spending money is very professional are huge investment risks. Therefore, it is more appropriate for professionals such as the prime minister who understand the financial investment.

Different people do different things. That is, The income and expenditure are completely separated.

4) The revenue and expenditure of the treasury account are broadcast live on the whole network

To collect money into the treasury or spend money from the treasury, the government needs to broadcast live, and every income and expenditure can be checked online at any time.

Because now is the era of the Internet, the period of robots, and the era of digital payment. So any transaction is traceable. There is no difficulty at all from a technical point of view. Therefore, regardless of income and expenditure, both the people's money and the state treasury's money should be broadcast live on the web clearly, which can be checked at any time and be subject to the people's supervision.

That is the money of all the people. Therefore, the people must know where our money came from, where it went, whether it is worth spending and whether there is any problem. That is the true meaning of Communism.

The work done by the army and police should ensure that the revenue and expenditure information of the state treasury is broadcast live on the Internet, open to the whole people, and supervised and censored by the entire people. However, they must not participate in property distribution and investment and must not interfere with the regular operation of the property.

5) From the report to the end of the economic case, the whole network is broadcast live

The first method for corrupt elements in China to commit corruption is to embezzle state-owned assets. The second method is to protect their embezzlement through an unfair judicial system. Therefore, if the people want to become masters, they must be able to supervise and participate in the entire judicial process.

Because some judicial cases involve many controversial matters such as state secrets and privacy rights, the economic case is simple and important. So we can require financial cases to be broadcast live on the whole network and supervised by the entire people from reporting and filing to the completion of execution.

Because criminal cases need to be investigated secretly, we need to prevent criminals from destroying evidence and fleeing because of information leaks. So we need to broadcast the trial process on the whole network after the investigation is over.

The economic case is a straightforward dispute in the process of contract performance. Moreover, it is directly related to the interests of the people of the whole country, so it can be broadcast live on the whole network from the report, the filing to the completion of the execution.

To accept the real-time supervision and participation of the people. The people can express their opinions during the entire reporting, filing, investigation, trial, and execution of the case during the supervision and review of the case. The people can even serve as jurors and participate in voting, affecting the entire process of the case.

In foreign countries, the jury system is a very important form of people being the masters of the country. And through the developed Internet, we can also make all people participate in jury. People have a specific right to speak and vote to decide whether a suspect is guilty or not guilty in certain cases and does the suspect need to be sentenced to death. If this is not called democracy, what else is called democracy?

The people need to participate in the jury. More importantly, the people can improve their self-cultivation and law-abiding spirit by participating in the trial. To be reasonable, never evil. Eventually, realize a good social order. The phenomenon of corrupt officials plundering people's wealth through judicial corruption will completely disappear because the online trial system can expose everything.

If all of China's economic cases can be exposed to human beings worldwide and be tried by the whole people, China will become the country with the best investment environment. No businessmen will be maltreated when investing in China, including domestic and foreign business people. China will become the safest country for investment. Therefore, China can attract many domestic and foreign investments to solve our problems.

The work of the army and the police should be based on online reports and investigations and broadcast the details on the Internet. Both the prosecution and the defense can speak on the Internet to defend their economic behavior and serve as testimony. If the mediation of the army, police, judges, lawyers, and the public through the Internet, the prosecution and defense can settle, and the case can be closed.

Otherwise, certain people can be arrested, interrogated, tried, auctioned, imprisoned, etc. But all the process needs to be broadcast live on the Internet so that the parties and everyone can supervise and provide opinions.

The role played by the police, and the army is to compulsorily figure out the facts and publish the facts on the Internet. After the facts are published on the Internet, the case is tried by judges and the people's jury and supervision. According to the process, compulsory execution after the resolution is formed. To put it simply, the role played by the police and the army is to maintain fairness, justice, and truth and to announce information to all people in real-time. Their job is to make all trials wholly transparent and allow cases to be supervised by the people.

In this case, the trial itself has a powerful role in public opinion and moral supervision. I believe that most economic cases will reach a compromise. And it has a significant effect on educating the people and changing the social atmosphere.

6) We need to set up a national reporting forum website and make it public to the whole country. Anyone can report a case. If someone reports an issue in real name, this information is not allowed to be deleted before the judicial process is completed.

The standard of a good person in China is to be able to confess everything to the world and get praise from the people.

Why are many people in China so afraid of being known by the people for what they have done? No matter what a person has done, right or wrong, if what he has done can be disclosed to the people of the world, and he dares to take responsibility, he will fully meet the standards of an excellent Chinese person.

If an official in China cannot announce what he has done, he must not be a good person, he must not be a good official, it must not be a good thing, there must be shameful things, and there must be unfair and unjust things.

Therefore, I suggest: setting up a national report website, open to the whole country, supervised by the entire people, jury by the whole people, and the real-name report case is not allowed to be deleted before the judicial process is completed.

China needs good people to be officials, and it will never allow those who have done shameful things to run the country. And network and information technology can do this completely. So China can completely let good people who have never done any bad things manage this country. The standard for a good person I suggest is straightforward: if a person can disclose anything that involves public interest to the entire network, accept general supervision, and be judged by the public, then this person can be identified as a good person.

All cases reported by real names must be investigated and published on the Internet, subject to public supervision and public trial by the whole people. If someone is suspected of making a false report, a conclusion and a reason for not continuing the trial need to be made after the investigation.

The army and the police cannot specifically investigate the cases of specific people while ignoring the cases of others. This is not fairness and justice but political persecution. Therefore, the real-name reported case cannot be deleted or closed before the investigation and conclusion are reached.

The work done by the army and police for online prosecution is to investigate the facts clearly and publish them on the Internet so that people can understand everything. Then, after the judge and the people's jurors resolve, they will implement the resolution to eliminate violence and maintain fairness and justice.

7) According to the profitability of state-owned assets, the government needs to distribute dividends to all Chinese people in a certain proportion every year.

In the past few years, some people in the United States accused the Chinese government of being a huge company. The Chinese government supports its enterprises to compete with other countries, resulting in unfair trade. I refuted this.

The government of any country needs to protect its enterprises and maximize the interests of its people. The U.S. government says that the United States is first, the Chinese government says that China is first, and the Australian government says that Australia is first. There is no wrong with this kind of thinking.

I want to say that the Chinese government must protect Chinese companies and broadcast the state-owned assets accounts to the entire Chinese people online and distribute dividends to all the Chinese people at the end of the year. Therefore, my requirements are not very high. If there is a good surplus of state-owned assets in China, I hope that about 5% of the profit will be distributed to all Chinese at the end of the year.

The Chinese people are the masters of the country. Therefore, state-owned capital belongs to all Chinese people, The Chinese people have operated state-owned capital, and it is very reasonable that they need cash dividends.