12、How to overthrow the CCP

A. The reason and purpose of eliminating the CCP

The purpose of Chinese revolutions in each dynasty was to drive away another group of hooligans and continue to be hooligans.

The purpose of we anti-communists cannot be this way. It is like this:

1) To end the virus worldwide, the Chinese Communist Party must be overthrown to save all humanity. The Chinese people should always be friendly with the people of all countries in the world.

People now know that this virus is the CCP's biological weapons and unrestricted warfare. I have provided countless evidence and analysis, so I do not want to be repeated here.

The CCP launched a biological war against the world, but it does not mean that the Chinese people have launched biological warfare against the world.

All the Chinese people must express to the world their desire and determination of the Chinese people to be friendly to the world for generations through the actual actions of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party and the complete break with the Chinese Communist Party.

In the face of cardinal questions of right and wrong, all Chinese at home and abroad must have an apparent attitude: Are you on the side of the world's people or the side of the virus and the CCP.

Under the current circumstances, not supporting the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party means standing on the side of the devil and opposing God.

Under the current circumstances, those who do not support the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party and do not draw a clear line with the Chinese Communist Party should all be cursed and punished by God.

2) The CCP has betrayed the Chinese people.

They have abandoned their original promises to the people and become Opposite to the people's interests. Therefore, to safeguard the people's fundamental interests of all ethnic groups in the Chinese nation, it is necessary to overthrow the CCP and rebuild a new order in China.

in the beginning, The CCP's slogan was: "The interests of the people are above everything else, and the people are the masters of the country."

But now the fact is: "The interests of the CCP's red powerful family are above all else, and the CCP's red powerful family is the master of China." Therefore, all Chinese people are the slaves of the CCP's powerful red family.

The Chinese army and police are thugs, running dogs, accomplices, and servants of the Chinese Red powerful Family.

The people have recognized the true colors of the CCP, and the people have already become intolerable.

3) The CCP faces retribution for a life of crime

a. Harvesting of human organs, and anti-humanity.

The CCP's long-term, large-scale government act of harvesting human organs to make money is an anti-human behavior.

The subjects of live organ harvesting include Falun Gong, Xinjiang Uyghurs, Hong Kong protesters, dissidents, and sudden disappearances and abductees.

b. launched a large-scale P2P financial fraud

The Chinese government has launched a large-scale P2P financial fraud, flagrantly, large-scale, policy-directed, and top-level design to plunder the people. I am the witness and victim myself.

c. The CCP creates, releases, conceals, spreads, passes the buck of viruses, and launches a biological war against the world.

It has made China an enemy of the human race and has severely damaged the Chinese nation's national pride and international image.

It seriously threatens the lives of the Chinese people, both at home and abroad, including injuries and threats caused by viruses and injuries and threats caused by military wars with other countries.

Moreover, these wars are illegal wars that the Chinese people do not authorize.

These three crimes are the most significant crimes of the CCP.

If someone claims to overthrow the CCP and liquidate the CCP but does not mention these three crimes, they are all false and deceptive behaviors.

If any Chinese want to overthrow the CCP and draw a clear line with the CCP, all you need to do is constantly spread the three major sins of the CCP to people worldwide.

As long as people worldwide can figure out the three major crimes of the CCP, the CCP will collapse immediately.

I have seen many people on the Internet shouting to overthrow the CCP. Some are true, and some are false.

However, no matter whether it is overthrowing the CCP or falsely overthrowing the CCP, No one can comprehensively and systematically tell people the three significant crimes of the CCP.

Your way and slogans of overthrowing the CCP are deceptive or incorrect.

My purpose in writing this article is to hope that the people who overthrew the CCP can return to the right way. A real fatal blow to the CCP. Eliminate the CCP. Let them have no strength to fight back.

B. To transform or eliminate the Chinese Communist Party, it is necessary to start propaganda and ideological education among the people in mainland China and the CCP.

1) The CCP has human shields as cover.

The CCP now controls the mainland's 1.4 billion people and 90 million Communist Party members. Therefore, if we want to destroy the CCP, we need these people's cooperation because these people are all human shields or accomplices of the CCP or blind followers who don't know the truth or lost lambs.

The CCP is now very tough because these people are protecting them in front of the CCP.

To defeat these human shields, the ultimate solution is to defeat them from within the Chinese people and the CCP.

2) Anti-Communist people have the wrong ideas.

I have seen a lot of foreign propaganda. There are foreign news organizations and many foreign We Media.

Of course, some We Media are patriotic and have a high level of ideology.

But there is a problem. According to the content of your propaganda, Even if your news can be spread to the people in China, it will not be able to start the people's revolution. It is even more impossible for the Chinese people and CCP members to overthrow the CCP from China's interior.

Not to mention the CCP's information blockade.

You have said the reasons and rhetoric are entirely inadequate to impress the people. Therefore, let the people follow you to launch a revolution to overthrow the CCP.

Those ideologies of yours are entirely unable to communicate with the people in China, let alone communicate with the Communists. Not to mention persuading them.

Because your ideology is entirely different from that of the people and Communists in China, your frequencies are not the same, and you cannot cause resonance.

3The basic logic of the ideological transformation of the CCP and the Chinese people should be like what I said

a) The Chinese model is successful, leading to the rapid development of China's economy and significantly improving the people's living standards. That gives the Chinese people self-confidence and national pride

b) The Chinese model is not the wisdom of the Communist Party but the wisdom of God. It is the wisdom and magic weapon that God send Xu to reveal to the CCP.

c) The Communist Party uses the Chinese model to enslave the Chinese people and engage in nationwide P2P financial fraud to rob the Chinese people.

d) God wants to destroy the Communist Party

According to the latest U.S. investigation results, the CCP accidentally leaked the virus, and then they maliciously let the virus spread worldwide.

That means God wants to eliminate the CCP, making the virus entirely out of control. Let the ugliness of the CCP be completely exposed to the world,

God created a situation in which all countries wanted to destroy the CCP.

e) The CCP's favor for the people disappeared due to the virus

Because both man and God hate the CCP, The whole world opposes China, causing China's economy to collapse completely. The world is condemning China and demanding compensation. That makes the so-called enormous economic contribution of the CCP to China disappear.

So the only thing left for the CCP is the persecution and sins against the people

f) The plan I proposed is a thorough reform of the CCP.

The plan I put forward can make the CCP ultimately return to the track of "the interests of the people are above everything else, and the people are the masters of the country." That was the promise of the Communist Party to the people back then, and it is also Chairman Mao's great Thought.

The state capitalist plan I proposed is also the nationalization of the army. The army is loyal to the country, the military is faithful to the people, and the military is dedicated to fairness and justice. Instead of the existing military being the running dog of the mighty red family, the Chinese army has become the CCP's guards.

That is also the idea of overseas democrats, and I think it is correct.

My design combines the nationalization of the military with the ideals of communism.

At the same time, it was a thorough transformation and purging of the CCP.

Those true patriots, you can continue to realize your ideas on the road of communism. But, first, realize your initial commitment to the people-"The people's interests are above everything else, and the people are the masters of the country."

Only by my method is it possible to disintegrate the Communist Party, remove the rubbish, and retain the essence. Keep the good people within the Communist Party to the maximum. My design can maximize the platform for good people.

Because not all Communists are members of the red power family, Red power families are only a tiny number. Most people are human shields who have been coerced and deceived.

The new China should unite them ultimately. We only oppose the red power family. In this way, our enemies will be very few in China. It is easy for us to deal with them and clear them.

Our enemies are only a few people-the red power family. Therefore, this is the lowest social cost and the most feasible revolutionary plan.

C. Defeat the CCP of China with Information Warfare

To transform or eliminate the Communist Party, we need to use the most appropriate method I proposed. My method is the lowest cost method and the most intelligent method.

The first is information warfare. We spread the truth. The CCP's information warfare is to use lies to achieve the purpose of demons ruling the world. And my information warfare is to use the fact to defeat monsters and lies.

The deep state's fight against Trump is also information warfare, which prevents the truth from being known by the people, and makes lies and scams become the mainstream of society. They changed the result of the presidential election.

The CCP and the deep states are both demons using the same methods. God's way of defeating the devil is to let everyone know the actual color of the devil. Let all scandal done by the devil be known to everyone. Let the people recognize the solid color of the devil. In doing so, the devil can no longer confuse the people so that God can defeat the devil.

Trump can also defeat the deep state. We can also defeat the demon of the CCP

D. The way you talk is wrong.

If I stand out and expose the CCP, they will be finished immediately. As long as you promote my video and website, let me stand in the spotlight and expose the CCP, they will soon collapse.

E. The most feared topic of the CCP is not virus prevention but P2P fraud and live organ harvesting, global sanctions against CCP, and global claims against CCP.

1) The international community believes China is exceptionally evil, but the Chinese people do not think so.

From the perspective of the whole world, the CCP's creation and release of the virus is a heinous crime and anti-humanity. But the Chinese people don't think so.

The Chinese people are deceived by the Communist Party and believe that the United States and other countries are not doing enough to prevent the epidemic. But, on the contrary, it is China's system advantages that have controlled the spread of the virus in China.

What foreign countries said that China made the virus and released the virus is a kind of political propaganda and lacks actual evidence.

Therefore, if the topic of "the CCP creates the virus, releases the virus, and spreads the virus" is used as a topic to convince the Chinese people and make them think that the CCP is heinous, it lacks persuasiveness.

The CCP and those who don't know the truth will say it is an act of deliberate smear.

2) The most persuasive topic for the Chinese people is P2P financial fraud.

Because I know that P2P victims in China hate the CCP very much, but they choke with silent fury. Most of them are older people, and they are timid and overcautious. So if someone stands up for them at this time, seeks justice for them, and defends their rights internationally, they will immediately become anti-communists. And this group is huge in China, with 300 million person-time. There are hundreds of millions of family members and relatives involved.

P2P victims are a disadvantaged group in China, and they are respected elders in the family. Therefore, P2P victims are the most easily awakened.

According to my suggestion, our new Chinese government should confiscate all the CCP's powerful red family assets and compensate all P2P victims and persecuted persons.

This approach is very appealing to the people, and it is the most lethal to the CCP. That is the scandal that the CCP fears most. It's also a scandal that they can't make up for. This topic is more convincing than harvesting human organs from Falun Gong.

3) Live organ harvesting and brain death machines can serve as additional evidence of the CCP's evil in China.

Falun Gong is at fault in the eyes of the Chinese. Falun Gong claimed that Li Hongzhi was the birth of Maitreya Buddha, which shows that it is a cult.

When China was engaged in economic construction, Falun Gong used the lies of the cult and the birth of Maitreya Buddha to confuse the religious people against communism. That is indeed a big crime.

Therefore, it is not valid to use live organ harvesting as an excuse for anti-communism. The people cannot support this.

Falun Gong hinders the Chinese people from making money and engaging in economic construction, so they need to be punished. That is the consensus of the Chinese.

However, exposing the CCP's live organ harvesting internationally can win the general sympathy of the international community. Furthermore, live organ harvesting can prove the evil of the Chinese Communist Party in the international community, thus making them believe in the CCP's motivation for creating and releasing the virus.

For the people in China, live organ harvesting can prove that the CCP has concealed important facts and has done many highly evil things.

Live organ harvesting and brain death machines can serve as additional evidence for the CCP's evil in China.

4) Sanctions against China and wars against China are effective.

Speaking to the devil requires a language they can understand.

For thousands of years, the way God has spoken to humanity has been in the "Bible," "Buddhist Sutra," "Quran," and "Tao De Jing," but unfortunately, humanity is evil and has been with the devil.

Human beings betray God, fairness, and justice, so I think God needs to talk to humanity differently, especially the Chinese.

Chinese people always think they are clever, thinking that they can escape the crime of "launching a virus warfare" by shirking their responsibilities.

But your performance is a joke in front of God. It is an insult to God. Therefore, you will take responsibility for what you have done.

The United States and the world are now sanctioning China because governments worldwide have obtained intelligence that the CCP created a virus and released it in an attempt to dominate the world and launched a biological war against the world. Such sanctions even take military action against the CCP. So it is a tremendous impact on the Chinese people.

Due to the CCP's propaganda, confusion, and coercion, they are still skeptical of Western countries accusing the CCP of creating the virus. But economic sanctions and even military conflicts harm the Chinese people. Moreover, it has a direct bearing on their money and interests.

Such international sanctions and military actions can make Chinese people believe that the virus is biological warfare created and spread by the CCP.

If only the United States had taken action to claim damages caused by the virus from China, the Chinese people would think this was a provocative act by the United States.

And if all countries in the world have unanimously accused the CCP and demanded compensation from the CCP, it makes Chinese people have to believe that this is true.

That makes the Chinese people believe that the CCP has created the virus and released it. But, unfortunately, the fact is also actual.

Therefore, to overthrow the CCP, our effective propaganda to the Chinese people must focus on P2P fraud, with brain death machines, live organ harvesting, the CCP's creation of viruses, and the release of viruses as a supplement.

We need to sanction China severely and even implement military strikes. Because the United States and its allies are justicial, the CCP created the virus, released the virus, spread it, concealed it, and buck-passing the virus is anti-human and anti-God.

No matter what action is taken against the CCP, it is justicial, and God approves it.

F. Suggestions for ending the virus

I suggest that the new Chinese government send all Chinese people related to the virus to Interpol for investigation by the international community.

For example, Xi Jinping, Chi Haotian, Chen Wei, Shi Zhengli, Wang Yanyi, all the personnel of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, all the scientific research personnel related to the virus in China, the military personnel related to the virus,

If the investigation is completed and the international community proves that they are innocent, they can come back and continue to be Chinese.

Otherwise, no matter how the international community handles them, it has nothing to do with the new Chinese government.

The new Chinese government, the Chinese people, must draw a clear line from the virus and must not have anything to do with the virus.

That is what truly safeguards the national interests of the Chinese nation and safeguards the national dignity of the Chinese nation.

The CCP created and released the Wuhan virus without going through any democratic procedures and without the permission of any Chinese people.

The CCP's purpose is to conceal their crimes: live organ harvesting, P2P financial fraud, embezzlement of state-owned assets, vainly attempting to enslave the world's people, etc.

That is a biological war launched by the CCP against the whole world. Therefore, the Chinese people and people worldwide need to liquidate the CCP for fairness and justice.