Question raised by the second reporter

October 2018

1. What Are the Things That You Like About Trump?

Almost all of Trump’s ideas came from my website such as anti-immigrants, against extreme Islamic ways, white supremacy, nationalism, tough to North Korea, and fake news. Although I have never seen Trump, he is like my best student. So I like him. During his campaign, I wrote a lot of articles to support Trump. In my diary, I called for an influence on American voters to help Trump campaign. I just thought it was fun to talk about it casually. But I didn’t expect it to be realized. God completely cooperated with me. Even I feel surprised.

2. Can You Consider the Syrian War as a Mini World War? If Yes, Why? If No, Please Give Us Your Opinion About it.

The point that Syrian war is of course a small world war is not my point of view but the view of Chinese netizens. Since August 2014, I have collected various information on Syria, Iraq, the Middle East, Islam, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, East Turkistan, Hezbollah, Israel, and other countries and organizations on the Internet every day. I know nothing about the Middle East before, but I became an expert a few months later. I gradually figured out the primary causes of the complex situation in the Middle East.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia had asked for constructing an oil pipeline direct access to the Mediterranean in Syria. But they were rejected by the Syrian president. They only allow Iran’s oil pipeline to pass through Syrian territory. So the two richest countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have to rely on ISIS and other terrorist organizations, and the power of Islamic extremist forces to overthrow the Assad regime. They poured money into terrorist organizations and paid the terrorists monthly wages.

Turkey, Syria’s neighboring country, their job is to train terrorists, recruit terrorists, send deliveries to Syria, and deliver large quantities of weapons. East Turkistan terrorists in China are recruited, trained, transported, and replenished by Turkey. There are still active in Id-Lip, Syria. You can interview them with interest if you are not afraid of death.

The Western countries are just the big whore in the Bible Revelation. Taking the money of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the politicians of Western countries completely abandon fairness and justice, providing political protection and military weapons for terrorists. The purpose is to help Saudi Arabia and Qatar overthrow Syrian President, Assad. In the final analysis, it is for the benefit of money and oil.

The West still claims to overthrow Assad now. I asked the Chinese government to send troops to Syria to help the Assad regime. Instead of doing so, the Chinese government bought a lot of oil and gas from Russia and provided a lot of money to Russia. Russia helped Assad. And the Chinese government has supported Syrian government forces at the UN political level.

All the forces in the world have competed in Syria. The United States also directly attacked the Syrian government forces. They used white helmets to create fake news and slander Syrian government forces to use chemical weapons, with which they directly attacked the Syrian government. But it is only a show, and it cannot shake the development direction of the situation in Syria.

The Syrian government forces are retreating one step after another and are about to die when I pay attention to them. After I intervened, Syrian government now have full control of the entire territory of Syria.

I recognize the situation in Syria has been decided basically. I will no longer care about Syria. It can be said that basically all the mainstream countries in the world are involved in the Syrian war. They have directly and indirectly participated in the Syrian war so it is called a small world war.

In order to contain the forces of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Middle East, disperse their strength, attention, and financial resources, I wrote an article in support of the Houthis rebels in Yemen to launch armed war. As a result, within a few days after writing the article, Yemen immediately broke out of the war, and it has not stopped until now. This is another example of God’s support for me.

3. Who Is Behind the Syrian War?

One party is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel. They support ISIS and other terrorist organizations, Islamic extremist groups to overthrow Assad.

The other is Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, China, and me, for Assad, for justice, for secular, for moderate and inclusive Islam. Of course, God is on our side because God trusts me and supports me.

4. Who Do You Think Will Win the Syrian War?


5. What Should We Do to Help the Situation in Syria?

We need to oppose the white helmet to make fake news, not being deceived by Western propaganda machines. Support moderate Islam and oppose extreme Islam. Extreme Islam is a cult and the devil.

6. What Are the Things You Like the Most About Trump?

Obama supports extreme Islam, and the biggest good thing Trump does is to oppose extreme Islam. Because the extreme Islam is the devil, the enemy of God.
That Trump opposes to extreme Islam is to help God fight evil.

This is the best thing Trump has ever done. So I like people who do things for God. Trump was sent by God to help God eradicate extreme Islam and destroy demons. So of course, I like Trump.

7. Can You Consider Trump Is the Best President So Far in USA? If Yes, Why? If No, Who Is the Best President in USA?

There have been many great presidents in the United States who have done different things for the United States at different times and everything is important in the circumstances then. Because of the different conditions and environment, this comparison is irrelevant. And I really don’t know exactly what every US president has done. So I can’t comment.

8. What Can You Say About the People Who Dislikes and Do Not Respect Trump?

I have a bad reputation on the Internet and I often argue with others seriously about something. Sometimes I would even use the most vulgar words. Many netizens can’t bear my behavior and leave, of course, their hearts were badly hurt.

Trump’s words have been gentle enough; he is a good boy comparing with me.

If I curse someone, it will be one hundred times more severe than Trump, of course, one hundred times of people dislike me. But I don’t care.

9. What Are Your Reasons Why You Want to Help the People in This World?

I don’t know why I came to this world, if I could make a choice, I would not come here to do so many things.

However, I have come to this world, I would certainly start well and end well because life is short, maybe I will die after a while. I wish I can make the most meaningful and valuable things for the world during my whole life. And what I do is irreplaceable. Each of us is striving for life every day; no one cares what happens in the world. I just do something that no one ever did. I don’t think how smart or great I am, just because you don’t do it, only me who do. I just do one thing that is the most valuable thing in my life. The value is immeasurable. Because something would never be done if I don’t do, some worlds would never been expressed if I don’t speak them out.

10. You Said That If People Will Read Your Book, They Will Get Rich. Why Would the Readers Get Rich?

China’s national management model is established according to my ideas. I hope to establish a model and make an experiment in China to verify my theory.

Facts have proved that my theory is successful. China is now widely recognized by the whole world for social stability and affluence of the public. I hope you will manage your country in accordance with the Chinese model and the national management system I have established after reading my book, so you can realize the social stability and public affluence as China gradually realize the fairness and justice.

My book has described in details on how to establish the Chinese model and the ideal national management system I imagined. You can read it in my book.

There are some problems in China’s current situation because the Chinese government has partially adopted my suggestions but rejected part of my proposals.
The ruling class accepts what benefits them without hesitation, just as the saying, “An aircraft carrier can turn 180 degrees on a dollar coin.”

But suggestions that are disadvantageous, restraint or punitive to the ruling class are completely ignored. That’s the ugly truth.

Nevertheless, China is still the most successful country in the world to achieve national governance.

I hope you can learn from my national management system and management model, so as to make all the people in the world to get rich.

11. Do You Think Each Country Will Need Your Book? Why?

Without doubt, because all countries in the world have serious problems in their countries, everyone in every country can find solutions and suggestions in my book. Moreover, the solutions and suggestions are effective. So every country, everyone needs my book.

12. You Said That God Gave You This Mission to Spread Your Story. Do You Think You Can Complete This Mission? Up to What Extent Can You Do to Complete Your Mission?

God’s mission is to transmit my ideas to those in trouble, to those needing my help, and to those needing my advice.

Since 2004, I have been providing advice and wisdom to governments and politicians of all countries, so as to help them solve problems, solve crises and save the world, and avoid the world to be destroyed from human actions and reckless.

I write this book and publicize it massively because I have completed the mission, I have helped all countries, all politicians, have given them the most intelligent advice. Most of them have adopted my suggestions, and I have solved the most serious crisis in the world.

I come here today to tell all the people in the world what I have done rather than only a few politicians know what I did.

I hope all the people in the world can follow my idea and I hope to make suggestions to all the people in the world rather than the limited politicians.

I hope to help all the people in the world rather than just a few politicians.

13. Earlier, You Told Me That You Like President Duterte? What Can You Say About the Killings That Is Happening in Philippines?

There would be no shooting in Philippines if there’s no drugs. God hates the drug, and the war against drug dealers is a war between God and the devil.

If the drugs do not disappear, the devil will not disappear, the war will not stop. Of course, the shooting would not stop because some of you are still helping the devil to abandon God.