Question Raised by the Third Reporter

October 2018

1、What Are the Things You Want to See in the World for the next Five Years?

I hope that my book can be promoted and spread all over the world. Since I don’t know how fast the book will be spread, so it’s hard to imagine what will happen in five years.

I hope that this book will be spread all over the world in five years, and people all over the world can understand what I really want to express in this book so that people can accept my suggestions and set up their countries according to the Chinese model.

I hope that everyone in the world can understand how important public ownership of land is, and people can reach a consensus to the greatest limit and extent through spreading my book widely, so that people can reduce conflicts to the greatest degree and complete public ownership of land at the lowest cost so that people all over the world can get benefits. For example, the poor get wealthy and the rich get security.

I hope to establish a perfect social system on the earth, so that everyone can get tangible benefits which is also the will of God.

2、You Have Done So Much Effort in Your Book and Knowing Your Mission in the World Is so Hard and You Still Have Things to Do. Are You Willing to Invest More Time? Where That Strength Coming From?

It seems that this is a mission impossible to complete in the eyes of ordinary people, but in my eyes, I am just completing my mission in a planned and purposeful way. At any time, I know what I am doing and what purpose I want to achieve.

1) Before 2004, I was collecting materials and looking for answers to various questions.

2) In 2004, I wrote five important articles that saved the Communist Party when it was about to collapse, consolidated its position economically and established a framework of state governance with the Chinese model. Moreover, I stopped Taiwan’s military purchase of six hundred billion Taiwan dollars from the United States by writing articles and stopped the Taiwan Strait war.

3) From then on, I have known that I am a person with magic power, because I can change the political trend of the world by transmitting information to people. However, I need China to set an example and make an experiment to verify the validity of my state governance framework theory. So I transmitted information to the Chinese government on the Internet secretly, without anyone’s statement or letting anyone know which was part of my plan.

4) In 2013, I set up my own website to transmit information to the world. Furthermore, I changed the political trend of the world quietly by conveying information to politicians all over the world.

5) After August 2014, I began to write articles about Islam and the West frequently, in the hope of transmitting information and providing my suggestions to politicians around the world. Most of them would accept my advice because I had the magic power and the support of God. Since I was afraid that the terrorists would find me and revenge on me, I had been doing my work secretly, so they only knew that I was writing articles to provide information and advice for them but they didn’t know what my name was and where I was.

6) When North Korea decided to give up its nuclear weapons in 2018, I felt that my secret mission had been completed, I needed people all over the world to know who I was and I needed to transmit information and provide suggestions to all the people in the world, instead of just conveying information and providing advice to a few politicians secretly through the website.

I don’t mind waiting much longer. If I want others to know my existence, I will always find a way because I know that no one can replace me to do what I should do, and the world may be destroyed if I don’t do this. Although this world is created by God, not by me, I do not want it to be destroyed, so I have no choice except trying my best.

At the same time, I also hope that what I have done can maximize the meaning of my life, so I chose this challenge as if I had played a video game.

I know I can do it at my level because no one can surpass my abilities, and I am irreplaceable except the God. But I don’t know when to succeed, only God knows.

3、What Do You Think Is Different of Having Your Book Different from Other Self-help Books?

My book tells a true story without any fiction, and my life experience is better than any Hollywood blockbuster.
Meanwhile, my book has magic power that can change the world and the minds of all the people in the world, which can’t be achieved by anyone.
That’s why many people are afraid of my book. They are afraid of me, afraid to hear my name, and even more afraid to see my book.

4、Now There’s a Lot of Investors from Different Parts of the World Are Outsourcing Their Business Here. Are You Doing the Same Thing? Knowing You Go Here in the Philippines to Promote Your Book, Did You Already Planned It Before?

I don’t think what I am doing is business, but the transmission of God’s message, so I have different ideas from other businessmen.

The people of Philippines first invited me to spread my book, which was unbelievable for me.

I always thought that the Jews would come to me because I supported Israel and opposed Palestinians, and Jews might need my support.

I always thought that Syria might accept me first because I helped them the most. I think that Americans may like me best because I made Trump president. But I never expected that the people of Philippines would accept me first.

5、If You Will Be Given a Chance to Have Your Own Business in the Philippines, Would You Like to Grab the Opportunity? What Business Would You Prefer?

I don’t like doing business, I just like discussing problems with others. And I have a lot of failures in business. It seems that I am able to spend money and unable to make money, but people around me can earn money. Those who have worked with me have made a lot of money and become rich besides me because I really don’t care about money.

6、Since This Book Is for Everybody, Which Country You Want to Make Your Book Successful?

I hope that my book can be spread in every country, and I know that my book will be successful in every country sooner or later.
Those who oppose this book will soon know how small and ridiculous you are, and no one can stop me from spreading it because I can bring great benefits to the people all over the world.