Questions Raised by the Fourth Reporter

December 2018

1Tell your readers a little about yourself—where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school, etc. Let them get to know the personal side of you.


I was born in Xinjiang, a province in the north-west of China, in 1972. Xinjiang is very cold in winter and very hot in summer and is near Russia.
My family returned to Shanghai one after another in accordance with Chinese policies when I was in college.
I went to middle school, high school, and college in Shanghai. I graduated from Shanghai University in 1995. My major was electronic technology.

My now ex-wife and I got married in 2002. After our divorce in 2005, I didn’t want anyone to bother me, so I didn’t live with my parents. I lived far away from my relatives and friends—by myself—so that I could concentrate on writing this book.
I feel like I’ve spent most of my life writingthis book. I went to study, went to work, fell in love, and got married all in order to understand, analyse, and study society and earn money to support myself.
What I’ve been doing with my heart and soul all my life is writing this book.


2What inspired you to write this book?

When I was in junior high school, I found that my ideas were different from others, and I was absolutely right. A voice kept telling me that I was going to write a book to tell people what I thought was right. In this way I would be able to help others.

In 2004, when the Chinese government was on the verge of collapse, I wrote five articles about methods of governance that were adopted by the Chinese government as basic state policy. This helped the Chinese government get through the crisis and put China on the right track. At present, China is enjoying sound development in all areas. Its people are prosperous, its society is stable, and it is recognized by all countries of the world. All this is because I have given the Chinese government a correct guiding ideology. Those in charge have used my wisdom to develop China.


3Your book talks about many things that impact the world, such as terrorism. What other topics do you discuss, and why?

I want to talk about all the problems in the world, but I start with the population problem and public ownership of land. If we can figure out these two problems, we can figure out and solve all the other problems.

  1. Population problem


Now Western countries have the Yellow Maghreb movement, right-wing forces, nationalism, white supremacism, the anti-immigration movement, high unemployment, economic friction with China, and so on, all related to the population problem. The population problem is the cause of all these other problems.

Because the population of Western countries is decreasing rapidly, the aging population is becoming more and more serious. Europe brought in Muslims and blacks to supplement its shortage of labour. On the surface, the aforementioned problems are small problems, but in fact they are very serious problems which will lead to conflict between civilizations.
The decline of the Western population is caused by Western culture. It is the human rights culture that has caused the population decline in Western countries. And any civilization that fails to keep its population growing steadily will soon be destroyed. So there is a serious crisis in Western culture itself.
I have written a lot of articles related to the population problem, and I hope to help Western civilization resolve this crisis. Otherwise, not only will Western civilization remain in danger, but also the interests of white people will be seriously compromised. That’s not what God wants to see happen. I hope to help the West and China solve this problem.
2) Public ownership of land

Public ownership of land is a basic precondition of China’s success. It is also a basic component of the Chinese model. Private ownership of land is the root cause of why people cannot get rich.
Because I am the one who built the Chinese model, I hope to introduce the Chinese model to the world. Let the world learn the basic success of the Chinese model. Let people all over the world know what to do to really generate the greatest results.
Because the Chinese model can solve many social problems, it allows people all over the world to get rich, be safe, and be happy.

4How has your religious upbringing impacted your writing?
In fact, I don’t have a religious belief. I believe in science and materialism. But because I’ve read a lot of religious books, I can understand the intentions of the authors.
These books are indeed written by God and can give guidance to human beings in certain ways.
Because the knowledge of these books is beyond the scope of human knowledge and consciousness at the times when they were written, they couldn’t have been written by humans. They could only have been written by God. It is God who directs humankind.
And I think these books are not contradictory. Buddhist scriptures, the Tao Te Ching, the Bible, the Koran, and other scriptures provide guidance to human beings in different ways.
I think people today need to learn all of God’s scriptures and receive his full guidance. Human beings need to practise the comprehensive teachings of these scriptures, accept God’s guidance, and accept God’s law.
And I think that with all scriptures and religions, we need to learn the spirit of God’s guidance rather than the specific dogma that binds us.


5What were your struggles or the obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?
The biggest difficulty I faced when I wrote this book was how to overcome my fear and pressure.
Almost all the articles in my book are antiestablishment, antitradition, antimainstream, antireligion, antiauthority, antiterrorism, antitriad, and/or anticrime.

I can honestly say that in this book, I offend and criticize everyone in the world. I have hardly ever praise anyone.
When I was writing this book, it seemed that all the people of the world would come after me with knives.
I have no wife, no children, no social security, no pension, and no health insurance. I have nearly nothing. Because of this, I feel like I could die at any moment. I’m ready to die anytime. I don’t want to get a wife or children, or anyone else, involved. And any type of insurance is useless to me.
Those who oppose me are ready to kill me at any moment. I have offended all the people of the world, all the hooligans, all the terrorists, all the drug dealers, all the richest people, all the most powerful people, and all the people holding high positions. And I need to promote this book all around the world so that everyone will know that this I am the author and so that everyone can find me easily, including the people who hate me.
As I write, I think, I’m in danger.
But God told me that if I did not write these articles and publicize my books, many people all over the world would die and the whole world would be destroyed.
I had no choice but to write the book.
So I have felt very conflicted, very tangled up, but I had no choice, I had to go this route. And I had to finish the task because I am the only one can help you. Only I can save you.
No one but me is willing to sacrifice myself to help you out of this crisis.
No one but me has the ability to help you out of this crisis.
I have no choice.


6Tell your readers about your book.

Whenever there is a major crisis, an important event, or a typical case in the world, God needs to express the views that people all over the world have about these events. God gives me inspiration, and then I write some articles about these events quickly. I put these articles on the website and then have them translated them into English and Arabic. I spread them online.
Then the political direction of these big, typical, important things that happen to human beings magically change at once, and world politics move in the direction expressed in my article.
Because God wants me to write these articles and God wants me to spread these articles, these articles represent the will of God, so they have magical power. My article can immediately change the direction of world political developments.
I recommend that my readers verify what I’m saying from this perspective.
Each of my articles is marked with the date I completed it. You can check every article I wrote and then determine what the world was like before I wrote it and what the world was like after I wrote it. After I finished writing the article, what magical changes took place in the world?
You can use this method to verify everything I have said.
My book is a collection of all my articles and my statements about certain things and ideas.
There are nearly four hundred articles in my book. Every article, every event, and every sentence I write can be verified.
I hope my readers do not blindly believe what I say or blindly oppose what I say. I hope you will verify what I say through scientific methods. Thank you.


7What will your readers learn from this book?
Readers can really see the truth of the world through my book.
I always feel like that I am like the little boy who told the truth in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The little boy tells the truth that the emperor has no clothes on. And I tell the truth about the world.
I have revealed that all the superior people in the world, decent people, are actually naked. They are liars. They have been deceiving the people.
My readers, only when you truly understand the truth of the world can you make the right choices and do the right things. Only when you do the right thing can you really change your destiny. You can really find wealth, security, and happiness.
That’s what I want to see happen. I have helped the Chinese people gain wealth and security. I hope to help all people of the world find wealth, security, and happiness. That’s what God wants me to do.

8Who is your target audience, and why?
My book is relevant to everyone on earth because all the people of the world are in trouble. Every country and every person has different troubles. I wrote this book to help all people. Different people will take different things from my book.
My book will allow everyone to see the truth about the world. My book will help all people gain wisdom so that they can improve their souls and their state of mind.
I hope everyone in the world will read my books.


9If you could give only one reason to someone for reading your book, what would it be?

My book can give readers the wisdom to do the right thing and then change people’s fates. In the end, my readers will receive wealth, security, happiness, and the love of God. So they should buy my book.
I recommend that readers read my articlesfirst, which are collected in a very thin and inexpensive book. But it’s the most important book. Readers should have a look at that book before deciding whether to buy other books.

10What do you consider to be your greatest success in life?
I hope my book will be distributed all over the world. I hope that my book will change the world by helping all the countries of the world solve all their problems. And in the end all of us can be rich and secure and happy.
This is my greatest success and my greatest happiness. It is also the ultimate goal of everything God wants me to do.


11Everyone has life lessons to learn. Tell your readers about one or two of yours and how they made you who you are today.

My grandma was the person who loved me the most and treated me with the most strictness. She give me all her property, and she beat me most of the time, but I know that my grandmother only wanted me to be a good person in this life, never a bad person.

I have been following this principle all my life: only be a good person; never be a bad person. But every person and everything I have encountered in my life has hurt me badly. But I can’t hurt others or seek revenge.
What I can do is write articles and accuse all the people of the world in front of God, naming the crimes they have committed.
I want God to answer the question of why people did what they have done to me. Why do they do so many bad things?
I received an answer from God, and I included it in this book.


12How important is this book for you?

I haven’t done anything else in my life. All I did was complete my book, which is God’s view of the human world and which represents God’s new contract with humankind.
This book is also the true story of how I prevented the whole world from being destroyed by writing articles and spreading them on the Internet.
This book represents the value of my life and the meaning of my life as a person.

13How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Whenever I see in the news that a major event or a typical event has happened in China or elsewhere in the world, and whenever the divine world needs to express the views of God, I have an impulse to write an article. This impulse is very strong. If I don’t write the article, I will keep thinking about until I actually write it.

Now when I read articles that I’ve written earlier, I think they are excellent. I am amazed at myself. Why is the article I wrote so excellent?
If I were asked to throw away all my writings and write this bookall over again, I feel I could not do it because I have no inspiration. I don’t know what to write. Even if I were to write something, the result would be plain.
I need inspiration for my writing, and I need God to give me some sort of message.

14Tell your readers anything else you want to share.
I’m sorry if my articles have offended my readers. I am not maliciously attacking people or maliciously seeking to offend people. I just hope to change people’s minds and correct people’s wrong ideas. I just want people to do the right thing.
I hope people will read my articles in a positive light.
Because how I express something is the only way I can say it. And it’s the only way people will change their minds and realize their mistakes.
I could have written my messages to be implicit and gentle, but then they would not change people’s minds at all. In order to save the world, I have used some harsh words.

It’s my job, like a doctor with a scalpel cutting through a sick body. It’s a job. There’s no choice. I do it out of goodwill rather than malice. I am doing a good thing, not an evil thing.


15Are you writing more books?

I have made relatively few comments on what has happened in the world recently because I have already commented on those things and I don’t want to say the same thing over and over again. That is boring.
But I have been doing publicity recently. There are many readers and journalists who have a lot of questions to ask me.
I have written a great many articles to answer questions from readers and reporters.
I clarify my statements and provide more in-depth answers to address people’s concerns, doubts, and questions. Then I collect the answers to these questions and publish them together as a new book.