Question raised by the First Reporter

October 2018

1. What Can You Say About Your Book?

a) My topic of religious faith.

After coming to the Philippines, my friend asked me a very interesting question.
He asked me, “What is your religious faith?”

I said I have no religious faith, or I believe in all religions. But to say it more exact, I believe in all of them; the religions that stated with clear words. I believe in one God.

The principle is simple, as all religions agree that God created the world. And we all know is that, all of us are living on earth, and we are living in this world. We are living in the same space and time, so the space and time above this earth is created by one God.

We are from different nations, different races, and different culture, as well as different religions.

However in reality, all religions believe in the same God.

In my opinion, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism in China, these mainstream and acknowledged religions believe in the same God.

Also, I believe that communism and capitalism is also an enlightenment to human from our God.

It is God’s will that some countries and some people believe in capitalism, and some countries and some people believe in communism.

As what I have mentioned just now, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, communism, and capitalism are very useful; the great truth to the human race.
As I believe that, something that can be called as the great truth can’t be created by any individual but only our God.

Any individual, no matter how clever he is, he can’t create any the great truth to get people all around the world to be convinced, this is impossible. Only God can create the great truth.

This book is talking about the great truth.

I believe everybody knows the story of “2012 is the end of the world.”

Why this story did appear?

As the great truth when taught by our God, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, it has been inherited for 2000–3000 years, all supernatural power from these religions have disappeared.

At the beginning of all religions, it could coordinate the social relations, however it has been thousands of years, the supernatural power has disappeared.
So 2012 is thought to be the end of the world, as the religions created by God could not play with the role any more. That’s why it’s called end of the world.

At present we are standing in the ending time of religions, the time when supernatural power of religions would disappear.

So the world we are standing now is full of confusion and disasters.
Why do these disasters appear as the supernatural power of religions disappeared?

b) God gave me a mission to share to you through my book that I wish everyone on earth can rebuild a new faith, a new consensus, which is written in my book.

If you are asking me, what the hell faith I am trying to get you to accept? I would say that, I have not created any faith, I just have settled all faiths that God has expressed to us.

c) This book here is around one thousand pages. In this book, I have criticized all countries of the world, everything, and every aspect of every religions that I do not think it is good.

I always criticize people, while I rarely praise people.

However, it’s strange that I have praised your president, Mr. Duterte, in my diary. And I had given President Duterte my best comments. I said in my book that he is the Saint Seiya delivered by God to save you.

Who is Saint Seiya? He is the soldier of God, the warrior protecting God, maintain fair and justice.

God delivered President Duterte to help the Philippine people to root out evil.
A few days ago, I stayed in Manila for a few hours, I took a taxi and circle around to view the living conditions of people in Manila. I spent three hours to view Manila; I went to the Governmental Hall of Manila, Chinatown, the largest hotel and the most crowed shopping mall and so on.

When I was on the way, I asked the driver, “Do you think the city you are living safe?”

The driver answered me very fast, “Since Duterte became our president, Manila has become the world’s safest city.” He said he likes President Duterte very much.

The driver doesn’t know who I am. He did not know that I would give a speech on radio today. He thought that I was just an ordinary Chinese tourist, so I believe what he said is the expression of the true will of the people.

d) In my writings, I rarely praise others. I have praised President Duterte and Donald John Trump.

Before Trump was selected as the president I had praised, I wished he could be the president, and I had written a lot of articles.

During the election campaign of Trump and before he was the president, I had written a lot of articles to praise him.

One of my articles was selected and used by Trump’s son. For example, there was this article that is also part of my book, you would read an article related to “toxic apple,” it was altered by Young Trump on the name as “toxic rainbow.” Therefore the rainbow hall even had prosecuted young Trump.

The basic argument and content from Trump’s son are the same as my article. If you are interested with this, please find this article in this book to approve what I have said.

e) I also have praised Assad, president of Syria. In his most difficult time, when everybody thought he would fail, I supported him, praised him, and I believed he would success.

As Assad, the president of Syria represents secular, while the opposition faction of Assad represents the excessive Islamism. I believe the excessive Islamism is evil, so I insisted to support Assad.

f) I think the most outstanding example that I can be supported by God is that I forced North Korea to give up force and stay peaceful with South Korea. Why would Trump be so strong to North Korea? Why the Chinese government would give up protecting North Korea? Why Russia would give up protecting North Korea?

Do not you feel strange about this?

Why everyone of the world is against to North Korea and no any country would or dares to help North Korea? Because I asked them to do this.

On my website and in my book, I wrote a lot of articles about North Korea, in which I was one hundred times stronger than Trump.

I name North Korea as the evil, if North Korea refused to capitulate, the God would destroy North Korea completely.

So all countries of the world were quiet, no any country dared to help North Korea any more. North Korea was lonely without any help, so they capitulated. They were also forced to concede with my pressure.

Of course, if North Korea changes their minds to the right side, God will forgive them. God will also love North Korea and Kim Jong-un.

g) I put my opinion about the world into my diary to report to the God.
As a result, God reads my diary and give me the affirmative answers.

Basically, all written in my diary came true, I think it is so strange, why does God believe in me so much?

For example, I support the Assad regime when it is in low ebb.

The consequence is that the regime is so stable. It’s not effective no matter how many people are against it. Because God supports me, God believes in me, so God will help the Assad regime.

All I wrote in the diary will be approved by God.

Each of my diaries has the writing date, you can look up in my book or website, then you can find what was the world, what was written in the diary, and then the changes of the world after my writing.

How does God support me? You can verify it in my book or website.

h) I think there are too many people who love to talk tall or nonsense. And Western like to make experiment to verify something.

I welcome you to prove them very much, you can verify each of my diaries whether they come true and find what the things were or are before and after the verification to look for the attitude God toward me.

If you think one or two coincidences didn’t prove anything, but if the coincidence comes every time, which should be regarded as the belief and cooperation that are God is with me?

God is definitely and totally believes and cooperates with me.

i) I don’t dare to say, “I’m the envoy of the God,” because someone likes to see the license, they will say, “Show your license God awards to you.” Which I can’t do obviously, I didn’t know whether God gives me the license or not, why does he choose me to do such things?

What I can do is only to suggest to do the experiments to prove my words, the changes of the world after my writing. All are proved and judged by scientific logic, right?

What you get from your science experiments whether God supports me or not is your science conclusion, it’s not my nonsense an doesn’t need God’s license to show you.

2. Why Did You Publish It?

I have no choice, God guides me.

3. When You Are Still Writing the Manuscript, Have You Ever Think Not to Publish the Book?

Since my junior high school, I find my ideas are different from others, in my mind, I hear someone is always talking to me, telling me I need to write a book and spread across the world.

When something happened to me, I will not stop thinking and find the answers. For instance, the Chinese Political Event happened in 1989, which was the most serious political conflict. Why is the conflict between the Chinese Communist Party representing the benefits of ordinaries and students representing democratic revolution compatible?

When I have some thoughts, I will note them down. What I think is not only the political conflict, but also all happened in human, which are studied, thought, and noted down.

I clear them up through my articles in my book.

In other words, I wrote this book my whole life, and the book can be spread. This is my dream in all my lifetime.

4. Why Do You Want to Spread the Word or the Message?

I think God dispatch me to save all of you. I always work for God and save the world, just none of you know it. I just work secretly.

I just want to tell you today that I succeed, what I do today is to announce to the world how I work, how I save the world. I hope you can prove that all I say is true through my book, my website, and my diary. Which is what I do today.

5. Did Someone Help You in Finishing the Book?

Every word in this book is written by me and then translated by translation company. This book has magical power, someone doesn’t dare to read it, not to mention to write it.

This book has over three hundred articles and the translation need about one hundred translators. Someone even refused to translate my article and even someone called the police after reading.

When I was writing this book, I’m praying that no terrorists will find me.
If someone wants to kill me because of this book, just come, I don’t mind.

Because all the people and things let me down, whoever doesn’t like me, I can leave the world at any time, I didn’t mind.

6. Why Are You Concerned with the People?

Why do you care about these people? I think if I don’t do this, nobody will do this. If I don’t say, nobody will say. If I didn’t do these things, the world will be ruined.

Actually, I stopped many wars and saved all lives in the world such as China Attack, Korean War, and Mideast War.

7. If You Will Have One Hundred Copies of Your Book, How Will You Use It?

I hope I can send one hundred libraries to let more people read it.

8. As an Author of This Book, What Makes You Decide to Promote the Book in the Philippines?

I always try to spread the book to the whole world. I publish this book for three times, and I spent much money to advertise for it. But it’s no effects. Several months ago, someone calls me for advertising this book in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, so I come to the Philippines.

I know people accept the concept, book author and artist, sometimes may need a long time. Some artist may have a poor life, but after his death for decades years, he just is accepted by the world. I don’t mind being such an artist. If I die in the street poorly, I don’t mind, neither. I will never give up for my dream.

I’m so lucky to meet all of you with this chance. The Philippines accept me first, I like the Philippines and thank you so much.