8. Street vagabonds become the CCP’s target for living organ harvesting

In the 1980s, many mentally ill and homeless people were on the streets. With the reform and opening up, those homeless people disappeared. In 2017, I traveled to various cities across China and saw no homeless people.

From the probability point of view, there is a certain proportion of mental illness and homeless people, and there will always be some reasons that make people become mentally ill and homeless people, including congenital causes or acquired reasons.

The general understanding is that the government has a set of methods for dealing with mentally ill and homeless people, and puts them in centralized shelters and management to prevent them from causing harm to society.

However, the video of Luo Xiang, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, gave another explanation. that is, the Chinese government imprisoned these people and gave them sufficient food. The purpose is to regularly draw their blood and sell them for money. When paired with patients needing organ transplants, their human organs will be harvested and sold.

According to Luo Xiang, a person who harvests one kidney or cornea will not die. Or if two kidneys or other organs are removed, the person will inevitably die, which constitutes the crime of homicide.


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