6. Wang Lijun invented drugs that protect organs after prisoners were executed by lethal injection and used for organ harvesting

When the CCP removes organs alive, it doesn't use anesthetics at first. Every time a blood vessel is cut, people instinctively have a terrible convulsion, which hinders the "smooth" progress of organ harvesting. They prefer that the living people be harvested calmly as if they were dead. For this reason, Wang Lijun, the public security bureau chief of the CCP, has made unremitting research work and made great achievements.

Wang Lijun's main job is to capture Falun Gong practitioners for human experiments. he was Specializing in how to kill people; how to persecute Falun Gong; how to harvest human organs alive to sell money; how to attack the political opponents of the CCP; and safeguard the evil rule of the Communist Party of China.

Wang Lijun killed thousands of Falun Gong practitioners to do live experiments. He not only invented the brain death machine but also applied for an international patent. At the same time, he invented a drug primarily used for living organ removal, which protects human organs after prisoners are executed by lethal injection so that it can be used for organ transplantation. The CCP widely uses the technique to perform lethal injections and harvest organs from executed prisoners.

On June 15, 2006, USA Today, one of the newspapers with the largest circulation in the United States, published a report entitled "China Made a Special car for Lethal Injection." The article stated that China uses lethal injection cars "to harvest and trade the organs of executed prisoners more conveniently, completely, and effectively."

Amnesty International said, "The use of lethal injections allows for faster and more efficient organ harvesting than executions by shooting."

Wang Lijun's official resume shows that: Wang Lijun conducted the "Experimental Study on Organ Recipient Transplantation After Drug Injection" for the first time in China. To put it bluntly, this research should be called: "Experimental research on how Falun Gong practitioners' organs can still be transplanted to patients who need organ transplants after injection of death penalty drugs."

After the injection of the death penalty drug, the deceased's organs are unsuitable for transplantation because of drug residues. Wang Lijun invented a "new formula of organ protection solution." After the death penalty drug is injected, the protection solution is poured into the organ, and the liver and kidney can be used for organ transplantation again.

Because the death penalty drug is not highly toxic but can make people unconscious and stop breathing and heartbeat after a specific dose is used. After CCP uses the protective solution invented by Wang Lijun can react with drugs, it will lose its medicinal properties, and organs can be transplanted again.

According to Wang Lijun's speech, to invent this "Wang Lijun's brand-new formula organ protection solution," he removed the human organs of thousands of Falun Gong "condemned prisoners."

According to the survey, only about 1,700 people are executed on death row in China every year, and the number of organ transplants reaches tens of thousands yearly. The "brain death machine" invented by Wang Lijun and the "Wang Lijun brand-new formula organ protection solution" for injection death is death technologies specially developed for organ removal.

Wang Lijun's invention has provided keyl technical support for the CCP's large-scale live organ harvesting, organ trade, persecution of Falun Gong, Uyghurs, people kidnapped for their organs, Tibetans, and Christians.