4. The CCP kidnapped Wuhan college students and young people to harvest organs alive

Wuhan is a very evil place. It is not only the birthplace of the Wuhan virus, which caused more than 6 million deaths worldwide. But also the birthplace of Chinese organ transplantation. Because both organ transplantation and virus belong to the medical system of the CCP, behind them is the same demon organization, Jiang Zemin Group, which has controlled China for 23 years, and its power is still enormous now.

Since the media exposed the mysterious disappearance of more than 30 Wuhan college students in 2017, the number has climbed to hundreds in recent years. On average, one college student or social youth is missing every three months. According to a list of missing young people in Wuhan provided by parents, the number in recent years is 372, but the document indicates that only "half of them are counted." Therefore, the number of missing young people is estimated to have doubled.

According to The Epoch Times, the Wuhan government was involved in kidnapping these young people, harvesting their organs alive, and selling them for organ transplants.

Huang Jiefu, the former vice-minister of health, said in an exclusive interview: "Wuhan is the birthplace of organ transplantation in China. Wuhan people dare to think and do, and I have always been full of confidence in the development of Wuhan! "

The CCP's live harvesting targets include Falun Gong practitioners, Uighurs in Xinjiang, and university students in Wuhan, as well as protesters in Hong Kong, dissidents in mainland China, and Tibetans and Christians accused by the international organization (ETAC).

1) Typical cases

Luo Hao, a native of Jiujiang, Jiangxi, was born in July 1994, 1.83 meters tall, as a student in Changsha, Hunan. On September 10, 2015, he went to Wuhan University to meet classmates and disappeared in Wuhan Hongshan Square.

Luo Hao's father told reporters that there are more than 70 cameras near Hongshan Square, which is very prosperous, and the roads lead in all directions. But the Criminal Police officer of the Wuchang Sub-bureau said it was a state secret, and Luo Hao's father was not allowed to see it. Only they could check it, and they didn't find his son on the system.

"The child has been missing for several years, and the police just refused to file a case. So we went to the police station to report the case, and the police officer blocked all the phone numbers of our relatives."

Luo Hao is the only child in the family. Over the past few years, Mr. Luo has been looking for children while working part-time. However, someone told him that an evil organization in Wuhan harvested and sold organs, and they may have kidnapped Luo's children.

"Every year, there are some cases of missing young people. The organization is very powerful, and They have activities everywhere. But, inside them, Many missing young people were college students. Nearly 40 college students were missing that year, which continues to happen yearly. How is it possible that so many young people suddenly disappeared?"

2) the Chinese government concealed the truth and arrested the reporter who spoke out for the missing college students

According to the rights protection network and other reports, Wang Tao, an online media reporter who first disclosed the news of the mysterious disappearance of more than 30 young Chinese people in Wuhan, on September 28, 2017, the Wuhan police imposed administrative detention on Wang Tao. Fortunately,  a month later,  Wang Tao was released and returned home.

Yang Zili, a former researcher at Beijing Chuanzhixing Institute of Social Economics, investigated the missing college students in Wuhan in September 2017, helping parents build a WeChat group and contacting lawyers and reporters to investigate the matter. Unfortunately, he was quickly arrested by Wuhan police across provinces and expelled from the company.

3) Author Comments

Unsurprisingly, human trafficking is an ancient industry in China. There are many human trafficking cases from ancient times to the present, with different purposes. The purpose of abducting and selling women is to buy a wife, marry and have children for people in poverty-stricken areas who have no money to marry a wife.

Usually, Some people abduct and sell children for adoption by infertile families. But some bad guys repurchase the children, hurt and maim them, then let them beg on the streets and use these children as a tool to make blood money.

The abnormality of the Wuhan disappearance case lies in the attitude of the local government towards such cases. Just like Li Ying, a chained woman, involved Yu Guangzhou, a member of the Central Committee of the CCP, so Li Ying's case was suppressed and concealed by every possible means.

The Wuhan government also fully concealed and suppressed the missing college students in Wuhan. Usually, it was good for the country and the people to find missing persons together. So why did the police in Wuhan arrest Wang Tao and Yang Zili, journalists looking for children? Why not catch the bad guys?

This question shows an elementary truth because the Wuhan government manipulates these kidnapping cases, the bad guys, and bad things behind the scenes.

Under the current surveillance technology in China, no one has any privacy. The CCP has spent vast sums of money on building the world's most advanced surveillance system, the Skynet system, and everyone's mobile phone is a surveillance device. So if the CCP wants, they can spy on anyone and anything.

Hundreds of young people suddenly disappeared in public places, and the police did not file a case. So what did the Wuhan government want to hide? Kidnapping women can be used to sell them as wives and even used for prostitution; Kidnapping children can be sold to families who cannot have children; But what is kidnapping young and male solid college students for? There is only one explanation: to harvest their organs, and sell them for money.

Then why target college students? It's pretty simple. Because after college students enter the school, the school will give them a physical examination first, and the physical examination report contains detailed biological characteristics and other information about all college students.

Moreover, according to online articles, some of the CCP’s medical examination centers are also involved in selling living organs, and they provide biological samples and databases of medical examiners to the kidnappers of living organ harvesting.

Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party has a database of biological samples for all college students and medical examination centers. After the CCP gets the buyer's order for organ transplantation, they will compare them in the database. If they find people with matching biological characteristics, they will kidnap and kill these people to harvest their organs and sell them for money.

The CCP takes great pains to harvest the organs of college students and young people. It provides one-stop services: physical examination, the establishment of a database, search for buyers, biological comparison, kidnapping, harvesting organs, transplant operation, collection of money, and crematorium burning, the Public Security Bureau refused to file a case, arrested rights activists, and Patriots sing hymns.

Wuhan is the home of the medical system of Jiang Zemin's faction. It is not only the birthplace of organ transplants but also the birthplace of the Wuhan virus. After the organ transplant business became bigger and bigger, when the organ supply of Falun Gong and Xinjiang Uyghur was insufficient, they "used" the organ of college students and young people in Wuhan.

The disappearance of Wuhan university students is ironclad proof of the CCP's genocide and live harvesting, stealing, and selling of human organs.

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