3. Anwar Totti Bughda accused the CCP of harvesting organs alive from Uighurs in Xinjiang

East Turkistan in China has always wanted independence, and it is regarded as the enemy of the country by the Chinese government. A few years ago, Islamic terrorist activities prevailed worldwide, and there were several terrorist attacks in China. News reports that East Turkistan members joined terrorist groups in Syria and participated in the war against Assad. The CCP immediately took this as a reason to carry out the so-called re-education of Xinjiang Uygur people. Put millions of Uighurs in re-education camps. According to Enver Tohti Bughda's allegations, the Chinese Communist Party persecutes and harvests organs alive from Uighurs in the name of re-education.

Anwar Totti is the British representative of the World Uyghur Congress and a former oncologist at the Xinjiang Urumqi Railway Central Hospital. He is now in exile in the U.K  because he exposed that the CCP conducted nuclear tests in Xinjiang to pollute the environment and personally participated in a live organ harvesting of executed prisoners.

1) The CCP sampled for blood tests for all Uyghurs and established a database for organ transplantation

Anwar said: "This physical examination is to prepare data for the CCP's organ bank. After the CCP has a vast organ bank and data,  as long as a buyer comes, they check the buyer's blood type and input it into the computer. They will know which county, rural area, and person in Xinjiang match him. Then this person will be taken away by the police and said that he is an extremist, then he will disappear, and you will never see him. "

2) The CCP detains Xinjiang Uyghurs to provide "halal" human organ donors for the wealthy in the Middle East

Uyghurs all believe in Islam, and in the international organ transplant market, due to religious beliefs, if the rich in Islam want to transplant organs, they must find Muslims as organ transplant donors. Otherwise, it will conflict with their beliefs.

The Chinese government is holding Uighurs in Xinjiang on a large scale to meet the unique requirements of Islamic rich people for organ transplant donors.

Anwar disclosed: "Arabs have purchased a large number of "Halal organs" from Muslims in Xinjiang in recent years," "Arabs register and pay in their own country, and the embassy in Beijing handles the specific operation, transfers the money, and the transplant operation will be completed in Urumqi."

Anwar also disclosed that the CCP transferred some people from Xinjiang to China's coastal provinces for detention. However, they are all treated as so-called "terrorists" under the direct management of Beijing's central government, and the local prison police have no right to intervene.

In the documentary "Kill to Live" by a Korean reporter, the reporter learned from an interview that in addition to South Koreans, more and more people from the Middle East are now collectively going to China for organ transplant tourism, which is more expensive than other countries and Chinese. In China, there are three price levels for organ transplantation according to different regions: Middle Eastern people are the most expensive, other foreigners are second, and Chinese people are the cheapest. There are more patients in the Middle East than South Korea, and the Middle East embassy directly settles the operation fee.

The Muslim countries in the Middle East are the largest customers and primary source of income for organ transplantation in China. Because of their unique requirements, they must transplant Muslim human organs, so the price is the most expensive. Nevertheless, the high cost has not stopped the enthusiasm of Middle Eastern Muslims for organ transplants in China. Their number is greater than that of South Korea.

3) To harvest a large number of human organs alive, the CCP has set up a fast track  for organ transplantation at the airport

Anwar Totti showed a photo in an interview, claiming that the CCP has opened a fast track for transporting special passengers and human organs at an airport in Xinjiang. It is hard evidence that the CCP is anti-human.

"I find it creepy! But, how much traffic must an airport have to build such a dedicated passage if it's true? How many innocent people are killed for their organs every day? The cheapest thing in mainland China is human life, and those people's lives are cheaper than their organs because the CCP doesn't respect human rights."

4) The CCP stole children's organs.

Anwar said that in the 1990s in Urumqi, there were rumors that some people were stealing organs, and farmers took their children to check if there were any missing organs. He checked over 100 children, and 3 had scars on their bodies. The ultrasound examination showed that their kidneys were stolen.

5) The CCP arrested Uyghur men and sent CCP surveillance personnel to sleep in the same bed with Uyghur women and have sex.

Anwar said: "The insult of the CCP to Uighurs has entered their families, and this insult is profound. The CCP sent a male official to the families of Uighurs locked up in concentration camps and slept in the same bed as their wives. she dare not resist. This hatred has reached the personal level. "

"The Chinese Communist Party has also forced male Han officials to live in Uyghur families, while Uyghur men are detained in shelters and women are kept at home. The male officials sent have the right to live and kill, go into Uyghur homes to observe their daily words and deeds, and Write reports. What would happen when a woman and a man sleep in the same bed? Women can't resist, the power of life and death is in the hands of this man, and Uyghur women are afraid of being sent to a shelter. Isn't this all about raping the victim?"

Allah asks Muslims worldwide to unite, but after the Chinese Communist Party provided halal human organ transplant services to Muslim rich and influential people in Mideast. As a result, Muslims in Xinjiang were abandoned by Islamic countries worldwide. All Muslim countries are keeping silent about the live organ harvesting of Uighurs.

Usually, the suppression of  East Turkistan terrorists requires central government funding, which involves a lot of money. So the CCP harvested the organs of their political opponents to make money, and they turned this expensive business into a lucrative business.

We must admit that Jiang Zemin, a top student who graduated from a famous university, has a brilliant brain, which has made the suppression of Falun Gong, East Turkistan, and Hong Kong protesters into a business. Moreover, in the official propaganda of the CCP, this is called "sustainable development," a terrorist business of sustainable development.

In addition to earning money from those monopoly industries, the CCP's red family is also unsatisfied. They also want to make blood money from organ harvesting and stealing organs, which is beyond the normal range. That is the sin of the CCP.

The CCP needs to repay every blood money, This is called karma