2. Briton Neil Heywood was murdered for knowing too many of Bo Xilai's secrets about organ harvesting.

Neil Heywood, an Englishman, was found dead in a hotel on November 15, 2011. According to the investigation and Gu Kailai's confession, Gu Kailai killed Neil Heywood with poison together with Zhang Xiaojun on November 13.
Chinese official report: After examination, the defendant Gu Kailai and his son Bo Guagua had conflicts with British citizen Neil Heywood because of their business. Gu Kailai thought that Neil Heywood threatened Bo Guagua's safety, so he poisoned and killed Neil Heywood together with the defendant Zhang Xiaojun.

Testimonies from Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai show that Neil Heywood demanded Bo Guagua keep his promise, required 10% of the intermediary fee for the mysterious business of 14 million pounds, and threatened Bo Guagua by mail. That's why Gu Kailai killed Neil Heywood.

After the case was announced, I thought it was a very bizarre case in China. Usually, the Chinese government is very flattering to foreigners. Because their embezzled property has been transferred abroad, they are afraid of confiscation of property. But, to give a stunning example, there are news reports that the Chinese government has equipped every African male student who comes to China to study with a beautiful Chinese classmate. Who is used as a sex partner for African students to learn languages and have sex

Africa is the poorest region in the world, and the CCP wants to please those countries. Unexpectedly, CCP humiliated his country by doing such a shameless and disgusting thing. I can't think of any benefits the CCP can get from this kind of behavior. It may be helpful to vote for China at the United Nations.

Chinese dignitaries such as Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai killed a British aristocrat, businessman, and friend with their own hands. According to Chinese practice, even if a senior official wants to kill people, he will not do it himself but tell his subordinates to do it. Gu Kailai is the wife of a senior official and a professional lawyer. It is said that Bo Xilai wanted to be the general secretary of China, and Gu Kailai also wanted to be the first lady of China. She killed Neil Heywood with her hands, which only shows that Neil Heywood is an essential person and must be killed with her own hands. Even others can't believe it.

Neil Heywood's mother made a wise statement to the media after the incident. She said that Neil Heywood was killed because he was involved in the royal conflict in China

According to the investigation, Gu Kailai had discussed with Wang Lijun, the public security bureau chief, and her husband Bo Xilai, the party secretary, before killing Neil Heywood. They planned the murder together. Neil Heywood knows too much about the big scandals and evidence of Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai and threatens to expose them to the whole world.

It will destroy Bo Xilai, Gu Kailai, and Bo Guagua. The big secret is that Neil Heywood was deeply involved in the Bo Xilai family's business of harvesting human organs alive and murdering Falun Gong to sell corpses. And Neil Heywood is the middleman of Bo Xilai's organ trading in foreign markets. Neil Heywood introduced Bo Xilai's family to foreign buyers who needed organ transplants and collected a 10% commission.

Neil Heywood has the customer information, the most detailed and direct evidence. And he also threatened to expose the secret of Bo Xilai's family harvesting organs alive, murdering Falun Gong, and reselling corpses, so Bo Xilai's family must kill Neil Heywood, no matter what method. Only dead people will not reveal their secrets. So Neil Heywood must die.

That is the real reason why Gu Kailai's family killed Neil Heywood.
Wang Lijun is Bo Xilai's most trusted man. If it weren't for Wang Lijun's sudden betrayal, no one would have known that Gu Kailai had killed Nil Heywood. So why did Wang Lijun suddenly betray the Bo Xilai family? That is what Neil Heywood's mother called China's Palace struggle

Japanese media reported that the disciplinary committee of the CCP, led by Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, began investigating Bo Xilai in the summer of 2011. And several contacts with Heywood made Bo Xilai feel in crisis and ordered his wife to kill him.

According to media reports, at that time, the disciplinary committee investigated the cases of live organ harvesting in China, examined Bo Xilai's family, and talked with Wang Lijun. Wang Lijun knew that Bo Xilai was guilty and was under pressure to abandon Bo Xilai's family as a tainted witnesses. So after Gu Kailai murdered Neil Heywood, he kept Neil Heywood's body samples and blood samples, and conversation recordings with Gu Kailai. It Becomes hard evidence for Gu Kailai's conviction in the future.

What happened later, as you can see, after Gu Kailai killed Neil Heywood, Wang Lijun reported it to Bo Xilai, and Bo Xilai slapped him. Wang Lijun felt dangerous, so he fled to the American consulate in Chengdu. And Wang handed over the evidence of Bo Xilai's living organ harvest and coup plot to the United States. So he became a direct witness against Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai.

Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao investigated Bo Xilai and the whole country's live organ harvesting through the disciplinary committee. And they Mastered the hard evidence. And there are news reports that Wen Jiabao and Zhou Yongkang had a fierce conflict over the live organ removal at the Politburo meeting.

Although Wen Jiabao has a strong will to uphold justice for Falun Gong, he has done nothing. The CCP is a gang organization. The gang group demands that its members defend the interests of the CCP, not fairness and justice. The CCP will fall immediately once the incident of harvesting organs is exposed. They will lose the legitimacy to govern. Therefore, people with conscience in the CCP system can only choose to associate with the devil instead of upholding justice.

Hu Jintao asked the disciplinary committee to investigate Bo Xilai not to seek justice but to gain more power in the political struggle.
Not only Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao but all the so-called political movements of the Communist Party of China and arresting corrupt officials are aimed at cracking down on political opponents and winning greater power and interests for themselves. In particular, both people and God hate Xi Jinping.

What we need to do is to expose all the evils in the world. Only by acknowledging the problem can it be solved.