According to Chinese culture and the Behavior of the Chinese Communist Party, the evidence provided in my book " Century Sentence" can overthrow the CCP 10,000 times. China's cultural and moral system ascended the CCP to the throne and gained political power. According to the evidence provided in my book, the CCP is a stupid, evil, cruel ruler, and the cup of their sins was full. CCP has committed unforgivable crimes against the Chinese people and the people of the world, so the people of the world have the right to overthrow them and send the CCP to hell.

Traditional Chinese culture is God's law for Chinese people. According to Chinese culture, if all readers think the CCP is guilty and needs to be overthrown after reading my book, the CCP can be convicted and destroyed immediately. Everyone is a juror, and everyone is a judge. My book can play this role, eliminating the CCP without using force. Just use media and words.

The news said that the biggest enemy of the United States is the Chinese Communist Party, which is correct. The CCP is not only the enemy of the United States but also the enemy of the whole world and the Chinese people. But overthrowing the CCP seems complicated. Because the CCP also has a strong military and nuclear weapons. In the Chinese art of war, the best warriors use wisdom to reduce the enemy's forces without force.

Because the Chinese Communist regime is built on lies and deceit, they use lies to deceive the Chinese to support their rule. And my book completely exposes all the lies of the CCP, such as creating Wuhan viruses, harvesting organs alive, and launching P2P financial fraud. My book can make Chinese people understand that the CCP is the biggest enemy of the Chinese people and  Provoking internal forces in China to oppose the CCP's rule. Then we can make China a genuinely democratic China model; Eliminate the CCP based on ensuring economic development; Establish a "China Model" in China that eliminates the CCP; establish an enduring and trusting cooperative partnership with other countries in the world.

The evil rule of the CCP is wholly based on hatred of western democratic systems. My book can keep the Chinese model, but it is fully integrated into the west of the democratic system. Establish a perfect social system in China.


I would like to have a public debate with CCP officials or anyone else about my accusation of organ harvesting, financial fraud, and creating the Wuhan virus.

I hope to use the evidence in this book to sue the Chinese Communist Party in the International Court of Justice, the US Congress, the European Parliament, the British Parliament, the Australian Parliament, etc., for organ harvesting, financial fraud, and virus creation. We must identify the CCP as an illegal anti-human cult and a terrorist organization. We should confiscate all CCP assets overseas and punish those who support the CCP on social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, etc. They are terrorists and anti-humans and need to have their assets confiscated and deported.

The confiscated assets should be set up as a fund to compensate victims of the Wuhan virus, Falun Gong practitioners, Xinjiang Uyghurs, and victims of P2P financial fraud. Therefore, I suggest that half of the overseas assets of the CCP should be used to compensate the victims of the Wuhan virus in your country. And the other half should be used to compensate the Chinese victims of live organ harvesting and P2P financial fraud and others persecuted by the CCP.

I think I am the greatest patriot of China because I love the Chinese nation. So I have to prove to the world that the Chinese people are a good, peace-loving nation that hopes to co-exist with people worldwide. We never participated in creating the virus, and we must fight to the end all forces endangering human security.

For the Chinese nation's fundamental interests and all humanity's fundamental interests, I must thoroughly expose all the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party. I hope people all over the world can support me.