About the book

This book exposed that the Chinese Communist Party created the Wuhan virus and spread it worldwide. CCP Made Antidote Before Wuhan Virus Outbreak, and the CCP used the virus to gain benefits. Since Deng Xiaoping, the CCP has made long-term preparations for biological warfare. They want to use the virus to retake Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The CCP has been harvesting organs alive for nearly 30 years, and the victims include Falun Gong, Xinjiang Uighurs, kidnapped college students, and young people. Using samples provided by physical examination centers, they kidnapped and killed civilians to harvest organs alive for trading. In addition, they were using halal organ transplants to bribe Middle Eastern countries.
Since 2013, Xi Jinping has launched a large-scale P2P financial fraud in China; there are tens of millions of victims. In addition, Xi used the funds of P2P financial fraud to invest in the Belt and Road Initiative. Finally, to cover up his financial fraud, Xi Jinping maliciously let all P2P companies go bankrupt. The author of this book is one of the victims.
The internet and robots have destroyed the theory of capitalism. Therefore, I suggest that 50% of GDP should be paid to workers to restore the theoretical foundation of capitalism.
From a scientific point of view, it is logical to say that aliens control human beings through Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Satanism. Because human beings crucified Jesus, God sent Reptilians to manage human beings in evil and cruel ways. At the same time, they gave human beings technology and culture to help human development.
If human beings can improve their souls: love each other, help each other, be fair and just, and be full of wisdom. Then, you can get rid of Reptilians' cruel and barbaric rule and enter heaven.
This book can help human beings upgrade their souls. Meet the above requirements.