To redeem mankind, all my life has gone through hardships

When I was very young, a voice in my head said to me that I needed to report what I saw to God, and God would give me revelation.

I have been observing human society since I was a child and my brain has been thinking about what happens in human society. It never stopped for a moment. I have always felt that my thoughts are different from others, and my thoughts are usually correct. Sometimes when I saw some news and felt inspired by God, then I wrote them down.

All my articles are about exposing human evils and finding a way out for mankind. so the ideas expressed in my articles are different from the mainstream or politically correct, and even more different from those of the CCP.
The CCP frantically censors speech in order to maintain its evil rule. My articles can't be spread on the Internet, and my books can't be published in China. My website was blocked by the CCP, and Chinese people can't see my website.

So I didn't talk about my book to anyone in China, otherwise, I would have gone to jail. All the People who dare to express their ideas in China have been sent to prisons and psychiatric hospitals by the CCP.

I have no friends in China, so I left my family, divorced my ex-wife I loved, and lived alone without children.

In order to spread God's wisdom, I sold my house in Shanghai and published the book Century Sentence. With that money, I got evidence of large-scale financial fraud by the CCP, which is one of the three major crimes the CCP commits against the people.

In 2020, I believe that the CCP created the Wuhan virus, and I want to expose the CCP. Frankly speaking, from then until now, I have been very anxious and felt fearful almost every day. Everything I do needs to fight with myself.

In May 2020, I sent some emails to the US Congress and The Epoch Times. A week later, two CCP agents caught me and interrogated me. I was so scared that I deleted all my computer data and was ready to be taken to jail or even killed by them.
I answered their questions calmly, and I was a delivery guy at that time, maybe my overalls fooled them. Make them believe that I am harmless to the CCP.

When I left China to go through customs on October 8, 2020, the officials strictly questioned why I went abroad. I looked calm, but I was so scared that I almost fainted.

After I came abroad, I lived in fear every day. I felt as if every policeman would catch me and send me to the CCP in exchange for a bounty. I know there are CCP agents working in every social media company around the world. So I was afraid to leave the information on the Internet at first. Because I know the CCP can find me right away by IP address. including now.

I did not contact anyone in China, In order to avoid the CCP agents bringing them trouble. I might starve to death on the streets of a foreign country, but I would never contact my parents for help.
Even though my father didn't support me in exposing the CCP and had a fight with me on the last phone call. But I will always love them.

I put myself in a desperate situation to spread the truth. The agents of the CCP found me on the Internet and asked me, "Is there any American secret service that gave me money to hurt my motherland China, betray my motherland, and oppose the CCP?"

I can swear by God, I have no contact with any organization or anyone.  I have never been funded by anyone. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so desperate today, hoping someone can help me.

On December 15, 2020, I emailed Stephen Kevin Bannon, Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood, Sidney Katherine Powell, Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani, and others in the Trump administration, giving them evidence that the CCP created the Wuhan Virus.
In the news the following days, I saw that the Trump administration and the US military changed their minds on the CCP. Treat the CCP as an enemy.

I fought with myself for a few days before sending the email. I am afraid that the CCP will find me based on the IP address of these emails. But I did it in the end.

In March 2021, I sent a large number of emails to governments, media, and universities all over the world, giving them evidence to expose the virus created by the CCP. Countries around the world changed their mind toward the CCP after this incident. They treat the Chinese Communist Party as the enemy of the whole world. I also fought myself before sending these emails. I made the whole world hate the Chinese government. I was treason. All Chinese people will hate me, My family will hate me too.

After I went abroad, I called my father one day, who is a member of the CCP. He didn't allow me to hurt CCP. In the end, I chose to save the world, Safeguard the fairness and justice of the world. God let me do this.

In July 2021, I opened a telegraph channel, and sent a large number of messages with my real name and photos, exposing Wuhan viruses, living organ harvesting, and financial fraud.

I fought with myself for weeks. Because mass emailing is a secret communication, on Telegram it is a direct battle with the CCP, it is different.
The CCP sent a lot of agents on social media to approach me, hoping to get my information and arrest me.

From January to April 2022, I published a lot of videos on Facebook and YouTube to expose the CCP’s virus-making, living organ harvesting, and financial fraud.

There was a big difference between video promotion and text promotion. I fought with myself for several days. finally, I think it will give people more credibility, and the propaganda war with the CCP will be more effective. So I overcame my fear and chose to uphold the truth of God and fight against the CCP.


I want to tell you that I have the same human body as you, and I also have fears, hesitations, and desires. But I finally got over them and chose to do the right thing and uphold fairness and justice. Human beings should believe in God and not be tempted by the devil.

Maybe in the eyes of the CCP, I am a madman. I do all this because God wants me to redeem humanity.

Out of justice, out of conscience, out of hatred for evil, and based on facts, I believe that the CCP has done evil and anti-human things. I think the CCP is guilty of creating the Wuhan virus to hurt other countries. Those countries and people hurt by the Wuhan virus are innocent.

All my life I have been fighting for the fairness and justice of mankind, and all my life I have been seeking truth for mankind. I can also die for the fairness, justice, and truth of mankind.
God loves human beings, God knows that many people in this world are very kind and innocent.
Due to the weakened power of the Bible, the Quran, and the Buddhist scriptures, no matter how hard the believers obey the law of God, no matter how hard you work, you will fail and will suffer disasters.
Many people have been persecuted, abused, and treated unfairly. So God sent me to help mankind, eradicate evil and demons, and re-establish new social rules.

I am using all my life to spread the truth of the Wuhan virus to human beings.
Guo Wengui was proved to be a CCP agent. He knows a lot of evil things about the CCP, but he never mentioned evidence of living organ harvesting or financial fraud. He exposed the CCP to creating the Wuhan virus, but his purpose is to confuse mankind and let you fall into a bigger trap, not to help mankind.
On the contrary, I am truly helping mankind, exposing the evils of the CCP, helping mankind see the truth clearly, and giving mankind wisdom.

Some words will never be spoken to mankind if I don't say. Some things will never be done for mankind if I don't do. Although the Cabal can understand the truth in this book, they will never let humanity understand it because they need to rule over humanity.

Just like what I do today, even if I am not recognized by anyone, even if I will die, I will persist in doing it, and I have no regrets.
I hope all of you can stand up and fight the devil for fairness, justice, truth, and God.

Maybe I will die of poverty, or be killed by the CCP, but I am spreading the truth, fighting against the devil, defending fairness and justice, and protecting Americans, British people, French people, Germans, and all people in the world.
The CCP thought that I am stupid, I am crazy, I betray my motherland, I am a traitor, and I should be damned. But God can testify for me that I am working for God. Everything I do is worthy of my conscience. Even if I die because of this, I am honorable. I did the right thing with no regrets.


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