7. Xi Jinping's government uses high technology to "maintain stability" for human rights defenders

When the victims were dissatisfied with the results of the government's handling and began to defend their rights, the Xi Jinping government used the power of the whole country to maintain stability.

1) In my diary, I recorded how the Xi Jinping government used high-tech means to monitor and suppress human rights defenders.

In one of our WeChat groups, some people commit suicide due to despair almost every month.

 During a rights defense process, a person in our group hit the door of the Supreme People's Procuratorate with his head and died. Then, after a few hours, the news disappeared from the entire network, and everything looked like nothing had happened.

2) As soon as some netizens bought a train ticket to Beijing, the police rushed to their home to maintain stability. Because of the real-name system for train tickets.

3) Our group decided to go on a date the next day. We were surrounded and arrested by dozens of police immediately after we arrived because all Chinese groups were monitored by the secret police.

4) Victims across the country plan to send several representatives to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau to submit appeal materials. Unfortunately, they were all arrested when they were eating at a restaurant in Shanghai.

 All mobile phones in China have positioning functions, and there are countless cameras in China. So the police know exactly what the victim is doing and where.

5) the police arrested some human rights activists in a hotel in Beijing at night. It is illegal for human rights activists to go to Beijing.

6) In 2018, a victim and I went to Beijing to learn about the case. A friend in Beijing told me that there were police searching backpacks in the street in Beijing, and you will immediately be arrested as soon as they find petitioning materials.


China is a high-tech, all-around surveillance society, so the Xi Jinping government is very clear about what the fraudsters did and where our money went. Instead of recovering stolen money, they use high technology to suppress human rights activists. It shows that Xi Jinping, the CCP, and the fraudsters are conspiracies in committing crimes. Xi Jinping and the CCP are setting traps to defraud the people. It is the essence of all P2P collapse disasters.

Xi Jinping and the CCP hope that no one in China and the world will know about their crimes against the people. So what I want to do most is to expose the crimes of Xi Jinping and the CCP in the world wild.