6. The reason for the capital catenary ruptures of Li Keqiang’s faction P2P companies was because Xi Jinping maliciously shut them down

Although more than 80% of P2P companies are all scams under various names, there are still a small number of P2P companies operating according to Li Keqiang's original vision. They raised money from ordinary people and lent it to small and micro enterprises and private enterprises. Most of these companies are operating normally.

Regarding P2P companies, I think Li Keqiang's inclusive finance idea is correct and logical. In order to let private capital serve small and micro enterprises and private enterprises. So my friends and I lent money to some P2P companies that help small and micro-businesses. For ease of understanding, we temporarily call such companies "P2P companies of Li Keqiang's faction." Such companies account for about 10% of the total. And I invested 120,000 US dollars in a P2P company of Li Keqiang's faction. So I am very clear about the capital operation of these companies and Xi Jinping's persecution of us.

After the capital catenary rupture of the P2P company we lent, we, the lenders, sent representatives to verify and investigate the borrowing behavior of those companies. After investigation, those private companies that borrowed money from us are actual and well-run companies.

However, in 2018, Xi Jinping tried to cover up the fact that he invested all the money in the Belt and Road to lose money. Xi Jinping wants to bring down all P2P companies operating normally and issued a very absurd order. He does not allow any P2P companies to ask for debts from borrowing companies. And Xi Jinping detained employees of P2P companies who asked for debts from borrowing companies. Xi also ordered the court not to support P2P companies asking for debts from borrowing companies. Under Xi Jinping's push, no company will repay its debts. As a result, normal P2P companies cannot operate.

The reason given by Xi Jinping's government at that time was: Anyone who lends money to others and then comes to ask for debts is an evil underworld behavior, and CCP wants to eradicate the ”evil“.

Since Xi Jinping did not allow P2P bosses to ask for debts, we, the victims, took the information of those borrowing companies, and we went to ask for debts ourselves. With our efforts, we only got a little bit of debt back, making it seem like we, the victims, still have a little hope.

At the beginning of 2019, the Xi Jinping government not only prohibited the boss of P2P companies from asking for debts but also prohibited lenders from asking for debts from borrowing enterprises. Not even allowed to make phone calls. It has dashed our victims' last hope of getting their money back through normal means.

The only purpose of Xi Jinping's government is to break the capital chain of all P2P companies.

In this way, the victims of us who normally lend to enterprises have exactly the same outcome as those victims of Ponzi scheme scammers, collect money and escape fraud, and the Belt and Road fraud.

Xi Jinping did this to make it impossible for outsiders to distinguish between a normal P2P and a fraudulent P2P. So Xi Jinping will say to his political opponents, "Look at your normal lending P2P. The capital chain is broken, so don't blame me for the Belt and Road scams and Ponzi schemes. We have no difference."

In this way, Xi Jinping's use of the Belt and Road Initiative as an excuse to defraud the people will no longer be investigated within the CCP, and Xi Jinping can continue to live his dream of being an emperor and let the people bear their losses.

The actions of Xi Jinping and the CCP are extremely shameless and evil. They are national scum and the public enemy of humanity. The CCP is a monster that eats the flesh and drinks the blood of the people. The purpose of my leaving China is to expose all the evils of the Chinese Communist Party. Get justice for the P2P refugees who the CCP persecutes in China.