5. The P2P fraud of Xi Jinping’s faction is characterized by the “Belt and Road Initiative”

The characteristic of Xi Jinping's faction of P2P fraud is that the Belt and Road Initiative is used as an excuse to raise funds. The second characteristic is that he uses the SASAC to come forward to raise funds, and even the SASAC sends a letter of guarantee to the lender. The SASAC guarantees the safety of customer funds.

As an ordinary person, can you not believe in the great, glorious, and correct Communist Party? Can you not believe in the Belt and Road Initiative? Can you not trust Xi Jinping? And SASAC also stamped you with a red seal. Xi Jinping's P2P fraud is using the country's credit and the Great Hall of the People to defraud the working people. That is the most significant difference compared to Jiang Zemin's faction's P2P fraud.

But in fact, there is no essential difference between investment in the Belt and Road Initiative and the Ponzi scheme of the Jiang Zemin faction.

The Belt and Road Initiative investments are all of the poorest and most backward countries in the world. These investments have absolutely no economic value for China, and these investments will not even be able to pay for themselves in the next few decades or forever. Only the political and military values of Xi Jinping's ambitions are realized.

How to define a Ponzi scheme from a financial point of view? The essential condition is whether the project you mentioned is theoretically and practically possible to cover the interest you give to customers. If the investment project only has the money spent, not the money received. And you have to pay customers high interest, which is a Ponzi scheme. And the Belt and Road Initiative completely conforms to this rule, only money is invested, but no money comes in.

What did Xi Jinping do with the money he absorbed from the common people at high-interest rates in the name of the Belt and Road initiative?

1) Bribery of foreign officials

Money bribed to foreign officials is impossible to get back. So it's not profitable.

2) Build military bases

To become the world's emperor and demonstrate national prestige, Xi Jinping used the Belt and Road Initiative as an excuse to establish military bases overseas. However, military bases are for military purposes and have no economic benefits. Only investment has no return. Therefore, it is impossible to return the depositor's principal and high interest.

3) Build railways, highways, and infrastructure in the poorest countries.

Railways, highways, and ports are long-term investments, and there is no return in the short term. At the same time, it involves many ethnic conflicts, government changes, and other issues.

If the government changes, the new government says the predecessor was corrupt and refuses to recognize the contract signed with the CCP, and all investment will be wasted.

So far, many projects along the Belt and Road have gone wrong. Even if it is built, the road is built in the poorest place in the world, there are not many cars running on the road, and Chinese investors will not be able to recover the principal and interest.

Therefore, the Belt and Road Initiative must be a Ponzi scheme for the Chinese people who raise funds. There is absolutely no possibility for Xi Jinping to return the principal and interest of depositors through the profits of the project itself.

After the capital catenary rupture of the Belt and Road P2P company, to avoid debts, Xi Jinping announced that the P2P company that financed the Belt and Road was illegally raising funds. As we have seen, there is no difference between the Belt and Road Initiative and Jiang Zemin's faction regarding P2P capital chain breakage. The result is the same for depositors. First, the police came forward to shut down the P2P company and then caught the scapegoat, and the company executives came to take the blame. Then the court sentenced them to several years in prison according to the procedure, and all the money did not have to be repaid. However, Xi Jinping seemed to have no responsibility and continued to be emperor.

I say this with solid evidence because I am a victim of Xi Jinping's Belt and Road P2P fraud and have conducted detailed investigations. So I have the right to say that.

Shanlin Finance is a typical P2P fraud company of Xi Jinping's faction. I invested 50,000 yuan in Shanlin Finance, because Shanlin released P2P wealth management products in the Great Hall of the People. The boss Zhou Boyun followed Xi Jinping to visit the Belt and Road, and they put The guarantee letter from the SASAC was the focus of publicity, so I wanted to know what would happen to them, so I only deposited 50,000 yuan.

After Shanlin Financial company went bankrupt maliciously, I was an activist for rights protection. Among the representatives in the country who have signed contracts with lawyers, I am the chief representative. I personally investigated for half a year and visited Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, and Shanghai, talked to many victims, and attended two court sessions. There is a lot of evidence.

Zhou Boyun's marriage to the Financial officer of the SASAC is a conspiracy to defraud us.

The boss of Shanlin Finance is Zhou Boyun. He divorced his first wife from the very beginning of the company, and his two grown sons live with his first wife. Then he married Gao Qiong, a former SASAC financial officer 30 years younger than him, as his new wife and gave birth to a son. Gao Qiong is an extremely ordinary-looking girl with nothing attractive at all. Zhou Boyun abandoned his original wife and married Gao Qiong for the only reason: Gao Qiong was a special agent of the CCP and SASAC to Shanlin to manage finances.

Zhou Boyun and Gao Qiong are two spies sent to Shanlin by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. They have different divisions of labor. Zhou Boyun's role is bagman and scapegoat. He does everything, signs his name on every contract, and takes responsibility for everything. According to the needs of the CCP, Zhou Boyun will go to jail and take the blame, but he is not in charge of any money.

In addition, Zhou Boyun established more than 100 shell companies for the purpose of money laundering. Gao Qiong's job is to control the transfer of all the funds that Zhou Boyun deceived. Gao Qiong transferred the money from one company to another. After several transfers, others could not find the source of the funds. In the end, it all went into the account of the SASAC, and all the money went into the pockets of these people: SASAC, the red family, the CCP's red demons, the red dignitaries, etc.

One proof that Gao Qiong is a CCP agent is that all the executives were arrested after the Malicious bankruptcy of Shanlin company. Still, Gao Qiong, the chief financial officer, was at large from the beginning to the end, and it seemed that the whole case had nothing to do with her. And even though Zhou Boyun was arrested, Gao Qiong continued to transfer Shanlin's funds. So are the CCP's public security organs stupid, or are they treating our victims as fools?

This kind of behavior is a very sophisticated and long-planned conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Party to defraud us of our money.

Shanlin fabricated the "Zhongyao Huajian" project before malicious bankruptcy, which means that this is a conspiracy of the CCP.

Shanlin went bankrupt maliciously in April 2018. Suspiciously, in September 2017, Shanlin boss Zhou Baiyun launched a project called "Zhongyao Huajian." it is a fictional project which lies to us said that they raise funds for infrastructure in Guizhou. Then they began to collect many deposits from our victims and raised 11.5 billion funds in half a year. In fact, they didn't make any investment.

Then Shanlin Company declared malicious bankruptcy in April 2018. and we victims lost a total of 20 billion yuan. Infuriatingly,  the false projects without any investment in the past six months accounted for more than half of the total amount we were deceived.

Obviously, CCP knows that the scam can't continue, defrauding the last sum of money and then declaring bankruptcy. The police and the court told the victim that all the money disappeared like air, and the victim was no longer allowed to trace the money. If the victims are not satisfied, they "maintain stability," and we victims need to bear the losses by ourselves.

Under China's Skynet system, face recognition system, and national monitoring, there is nothing that the CCP does not know. In the six months, 11.5 billion large funds have been transferred. The police said that there was no trace, and the court asked us to bear our own losses. The CCP thought we were all fools.

According to our investigation through relationships and lawyer, Shanlin claimed to invest in the Belt and Road Initiative. At the same time, Shanlin's money has been put into the account of SASAC from beginning to end. And Gao Qiong is the finance staff of SASAC.

I think Gao Qiong and Zhou Boyun are high-level professional spies. At the same time, senior CCP officials touted Shanlin, the Chinese women's volleyball team spoke for Shanlin, and Shanlin published fraudulent investment projects in the Great Hall of the People. So the Chinese Communist Party has used any means to plunder people's money.

This is obviously a criminal fraud conspiracy with the strict organizational division of labor. The CCP uses the whole country's power, such as Xi Jinping, the SASAC, the media, senior officials, the Great Hall of the People, the public security system, the courts, movie stars, women's volleyball teams, fraudsters, secret agents, etc. Through a one-stop service, the purpose is to rob money, plunder the people's wealth, eat our flesh, and drink our blood. It is a top-level design scam.

When Xi Jinping stood on the stage and spoke in gorgeous clothes, did the whole Chinese people know that most of the money he invested in the Belt and Road Initiative was obtained by defrauding Chinese P2P victims? Those victims are mostly older people who have worked hard all their lives. They are our family, parents, grandpa, and grandma. The CCP deceived their life savings.

Xi Jinping defrauded all this money with lofty lies and used it to bribe corrupt officials of other countries and interfere in their internal affairs. Used it to realize the so-called "Chinese emperor's dream" of Xi Jinping's wishful thinking. When the whole world understood the real purpose of Xi Jinping and the CCP, they began concerted efforts to sanction China.

The foreign officials whom he bribed also completely abandoned friendship. The Chinese have lost everything, and China's P2P victims have lost everything.

Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party are traitors, national scum, and devils.