4. The P2P fraud method of Jiang Zemin's faction is the Ponzi scheme

All the powerful families in China participated in the feast of P2P fraud in China. Behind 6,000 P2P companies, the red dignitary families looted and robbed money for different purposes and in various forms.

According to my observation, P2P fraud by Chinese red dignitaries' families can be divided into three categories: Jiang Zemin faction, Xi Jinping faction, and Li Keqiang faction. I say this just for the convenience of explanation. I divide them into several factions according to their characteristics, which does not mean there is any covenant or faction between them.

The characteristic of Jiang Zemin's faction is the Ponzi scheme, a one-stop gang fraud designed from the beginning.

Although they scam money through nationwide branches, unfortunately, the investigation and trial of the case are still carried out in the three places mentioned above. which should be handled by officials from Jiang Zemin's faction.

From the very beginning, they have designed how to fabricate fake projects, recruit salespeople, express support from officials, publicize financial innovations, find celebrities to endorse advertisements, attract customers' money at high interest, transfer funds, how to escape, who takes the blame, the police How to seal up, how to judge, how to "maintain stability", settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. This was all pre-designed and controlled by people from Jiang Zemin's faction.

A lawyer in Shanghai told me that he took a case and was entrusted by the parents of three college students as a defense lawyer. 3 college students were recruited into P2P companies just after graduating. Not long after entering the company, the boss said that the company wanted to develop and asked the three of them to be the company's executives, chairman, general manager, and chief financial officer. A few days after they took office, the boss fled with the money, the police arrested the three college students, and the judge sentenced them to jail for illegal fundraising. The victim lost all the money. The police and judges finished their job, Then everything was over, It looks like nothing happened.

You don't think this case is absurd. All the 6000 P2P cases in China are handled according to this standard. In all cases, all the money disappeared. The people who go to prison are all taking the blame for others. Usually, the boss of such cases is sentenced to 5 years in jail, and everything is over. None of the victims got any money back. After the judicial process, the so-called "criminals" have been put in jail, and where the money goes is always a state secret. No one is allowed to ask, and no one is allowed to track down.

The lawyer made it clear to me that during the seizure if there was money in the bank account, the money would be pocketed by the police and the behind-the-scenes boss. The money that was transferred abroad was nowhere to be found.
The red dignitaries of the CCP like to play P2P so much because this is the modern version of the communist revolution by plundering the rich and persecuting the people.

In the territory of Jiang Zemin's faction, fraudsters, public security, procuratorate, and courts are all little monsters sent by the red demons of the CCP. They have designed the P2P scam at the top level to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the people in a one-stop service. So it is useless for the victim to sue wherever he goes.


The most obvious example is Wang Qian.

Wang Qian is a passionate advocate of the CCP, the first beauty lady among P2P victims to commit suicide because of unfair treatment. She is also a young mother who has a young baby.

Wang Qian, like me before, was a passionate advocate of the CCP. She didn't forget to mention "In the Name of the People" in her suicide note. (This is a brainwashing TV series about the CCP's anti-corruption theme.)  I think this TV series is indeed very touching. But the reality is the exact opposite of the plot of the TV show.

Therefore, Wang Qian was deceived to death by "In the Name of the People." Because after watching "In the Name of the People," her blood boiled, and she shouted aloud, "Long Live the Chinese Communist Party, Long Live Xi Jinping." But what is the reality? The reality is that after the P2P company defrauded Wang Qian, she didn't even have a place to speak and complain. Let's take a look at the original text of Wang Qian's suicide note: "Where is "In the Name of the People"? Before the "rights defense" began, the police station locked you as the object of "stability maintenance." CCP restricted me from going to Shanghai to ask P2P bosses for money, in order to drive us away, the number of police is more than the number of "rights defenders"…

The main duty of the CCP police is not to uphold justice, to help victims fight against fraudsters, and to recover money from fraudsters and return them to the people. The main job of the CCP police is to “maintain stability,” which is to suppress victims and maintain the CCP’s evil rule.

So Wang Qian made a fatal mistake. She mistakenly thought that the CCP still had the slightest conscience but did not expect that the CCP was a complete devil and an enemy of the people. As a result, Wang Qian hung himself from a tree. So, if you are passionate advocates of the CCP, you need to understand that Wang Qian is your role model. The result of helping the CCP is hanging yourself from a tree.

The red dignitaries of the CCP who live in Beijing are the worst monsters, and it was the little monsters they sent drove Wang Qian to death.

Why did Jiang Zemin's faction conduct large-scale P2P fraud in his jurisdiction? Because it can kill two birds with one stone. Jiang Zemin's faction not only got a lot of windfalls but also attacked its political opponents.

Jiang Zemin's faction took the money, but this responsibility was not Jiang Zemin's. Li Keqiang proposed P2P financial reform. But, of course, you, Li Keqiang, were to blame when something went wrong. This is the internal power struggle of the CCP. While red dignitaries' families are trying to make money, they also have to fight for power. So the CCP is the enemy of the Chinese people. With the existence of the Communist Party, there will be no peace in China.