8. University of Tokyo professor tweeted that a virus leak occurred in China last October

Osawa Shengping, the former associate professor at the University of Tokyo in Japan, recently tweeted:

"Since October last year, it has been well known among the faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo that the virus leaked by Chinese research institutions has caused virus harm to the surrounding people, but it has issued an internal ban and was instructed not to disseminate information. If the University of Tokyo is not afraid of China, the outcome will be different, which is a pity."

The so-called "new coronavirus prevention" exercise suddenly conducted in Wuhan on September 18th, 2019, was very suspicious.

The Chinese government tried its best to cover up the truth of the plague in Wuhan as if they had known the real source of the virus for a long time. That's why they always lie and conceal the truth.

The world-famous saying is, It takes one hundred lies to cover up one lie, which is true.

Suppose this virus is a naturally occurring virus. Then, no matter how negligent and bureaucratic the Chinese government is initially, it should let virus experts worldwide go to Wuhan to investigate the virus, find the source of the virus, and find a solution.

Up to now, the Chinese government is afraid to let the World Health Organization go to Wuhan to investigate the source of the virus and even more afraid to let American experts go to Wuhan to examine the source of the virus.

The Chinese government tried its best to cover up the virus. The Chinese government was terrified that scientists from other countries would go to Wuhan to investigate the truth, which only showed that they knew that the virus leaked from their virus laboratory. They don't want the world to know that the Chinese government is engaged in anti-human viruses and biological weapons and has leaked the virus.

The tweet of Osawa Shengping has proved this.

According to American intelligence agencies, the abnormal phenomenon of searching for "cough" and "diarrhea" appeared in Wuhan in the summer of 2019. As a result, the parking volume of Wuhan Hospital began to increase rapidly in August 2019 and reached its peak in December 2019.

The CCP also framed the Wuhan Military Games as the origin of the Wuhan virus, indicating that the Wuhan virus began to spread before October 2019.