6. Why did the CCP create and release the Wuhan virus? Because of SARS

Recently, many Western media have reported on the book "The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons" written by Xu Dezhong.

According to Australian news and entertainment website News.com.au, the paper titled 'The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,' predicted that the next World War would be fought with biological weapons and labeled SARS coronaviruses as a "new era of genetic weapons" that can be "artificially manipulated into an emerging human­disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never seen before."

I think the author of this review looked at the problem one-sidedly or did not understand the author's intentions for the entire book.

I have read this book, and I think the logic and writing intention of this book is like this:

Because SARS is not a virus produced in nature, but a biological weapon deliberately manufactured and released by other countries (China implies that it is the United States). Some virus powers have launched a virus war against the world, so China needs to respond accordingly to deal with this situation.

Both the focus of Xu Dezhong's book and the book's title emphasize that SARS is not a virus of natural origin but a biological weapon. And Xu Dezhong profoundly suspects that the H7N9 avian flu is also a biological weapon released by developed countries.

In 2003, China was a very backward country. It had just experienced turbulence and did not possess the technology to manufacture biological weapons. On the contrary, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany have very advanced biotechnology.

Because biological weapons have attacked China and many other countries globally, no one in the international community has investigated the origin of SARS, just like nothing happened. Xu Dezhong believes that China needs to develop biological weapons and accept the challenges of World War III.

According to the "13579 Plan" exposed by Guo Wengui, Xi Jinping signed an order in 2017 to create the Wuhan virus.

Because according to Xu Dezhong's view of this book, virus weapons cannot be traced to the source, just as SARS has not been able to find the head of the virus。 No one even raised this question at all. For example, the 2001 American anthrax attack in the United States did not find the perpetrators until seven years later.

Therefore, since the Wuhan virus outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese government has not admitted that China has made the Wuhan virus or that the Wuhan virus was leaked from the laboratory and has not cooperated with the investigation of the international community.

Because the CCP, Xi Jinping, Chi Haotian, and Xu Dezhong believe that the international community can't find evidence. The international community has not found direct evidence so far.

In China, Xu Dezhong and Shi Zhengli represent scientists who study viruses. Chi Haotian is the military representative who implements the virus plan. Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping were the decision-makers and those who gave orders to the Wuhan virus.

And according to reports, China has been cultivating China's brightest talents as virus researchers since the era of Deng Xiaoping. And the Chinese government attaches more importance to virus weapons than other weapons research. Because they believe that no matter how hard China works, China can't surpass the United States and Russia in terms of conventional weapons and nuclear weapons. Therefore, they work hard on virus weapons to reach the United States in this regard.

Now that the Wuhan virus has caused a significant disaster globally, we should condemn and punish China and Xi Jinping.

But these things need to be clarified:

1) Other countries (China suspects the United States) first developed and released SARS and avian flu. Then Xi Jinping and the Chinese government responded appropriately, so the Wuhan virus was created. So we can't just blame Xi Jinping and the CCP but not blame the United States, SARS, and bird flu. It is unfair to China.

2) Wuhan Virus Laboratory is a project funded by Anthony Stephen Fauci, the head of the US government's Department of Health. Fauci knew all that happened in the Wuhan Virus Laboratory. So the CCP, the US government, Xi Jinping, and Fauci are complicit. They need to be liquidated together.

Why does Fauci support the CCP in creating the Wuhan virus?

This is related to the "Fairmont Hotel Meeting" held in San Francisco, USA, on September 27, 1995.

The meeting was attended by celebrities in the world, including Bill Gates.

The resolution of the meeting was: "Because the development of science and technology has made mankind a superfluous thing and a social burden, the elites on the earth decided to eliminate 80% of the population on the earth." It turns out that those so-called elites refer to Freemasonry, Illuminati, and Satanism.

Freemasonry controls the deep states of the United States. So Trump said that to drain the Washington swamp is to clear the control of the US government by Freemasonry.

Fauci is a member of the Deep State, so he needs to complete the population reduction plan proposed by the Freemasonry, so he and Deep State support the CCP in creating the Wuhan virus.

It is not a conspiracy theory. It was confirmed in Chi Haotian's secret conversation. In his secret speech, Chi Haotian said that Deng Xiaoping wanted to develop biological weapons because of the resolution of the "Fairmont Hotel Meeting."

Because Deng Xiaoping believed that imperialism (Freemasonry) wanted to wipe out 80% of the earth's population and that China could not compete with the United States in terms of nuclear and conventional weapons, they needed to develop biological weapons.

Judging from the Wuhan virus disaster, the entire human race, whether Chinese or Western, is embracing the devil and betraying God. People can do anything evil for power and money and hate each other.

Humans need to learn how to live together, prosper together, help each other, and love each other. Otherwise, this kind of disaster will never stop, and human beings are self-destructing.