7. The relationship between Deng Xiaoping and Wuhan virus

A few days ago, the media exposed "THE LONGER TELEGRAM--Toward a new American China strategy" of The Atlantic Council

The content suggests that the US government should "replace Xi Jinping as the best way to solve China's problems."

Aspeech by Chi Haotian

I think this can solve the problem temporarily, but we cannot solve the problem completely.

Because according to a secret speech by Chi Haotian, the former Chinese Minister of Defense, in 2005: "War is not far from us. It is the midwife of the Chinese century."

China made the virus and used it to attack the United States and worldwide. It was Deng Xiaoping's strategy and decision. The Chinese military secretly performed research and development tasks. Xi Jinping and Jiang Zemin are just executors of Deng Xiaoping's policies.

As a Chinese, everyone knows Deng Xiaoping's position in China.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, Deng Xiaoping's authority was the highest, Even more respected than Mao Zedong's.

Because Mao Zedong made big, obvious mistakes, Deng Xiaoping did not, and Deng Xiaoping's international reputation was also very high. As a result, Deng Xiaoping was always the most popular to go anywhere globally, especially in the United States.

Therefore, in China, Deng Xiaoping's decision cannot be easily overturned by the Chinese government. Therefore, especially issues related to the fundamental interests of the CCP will not be questioned and overturned.

If people worldwide don't know where the Wuhan virus came from? You will never get rid of the Wuhan virus. There will be Wuhan No. 2 virus and Wuhan No. 3 virus . . . Wuhan No. n virus will appear all over the world in the future.

Because this virus was Deng Xiaoping's business, it was the strategy and decision-making of Deng Xiaoping, who was the highest authority of the Chinese Communist Party and an old friend of the American people.

According to Chi Haotian's report, "When Comrade Deng Xiaoping was still alive, the central government decided that China would not develop an aircraft carrier battle group, but focuses on a powerful weapon to destroy the enemy's population."

The Chinese all understand what this means. Chi Haotian could not say bluntly: "Deng Xiaoping ordered the development of viruses to poison the world."

The CCP needs to describe the devil as an angel and use euphemisms to express this meaning.

Reading through the full text of Chi Haotian's speech, he meant: "The highest order issued by Deng Xiaoping to develop viruses and attack the United States and any enemy, and the Chinese military implemented this plan."

BPlan 13579

According to Guo Wengui's revelation, Xi Jinping signed the top-secret document "Plan 13579" drafted by Chi Haotian.

1: The main content is to implement from 2017 to create one virus weapon,

3: Release the virus within three years to destroy the population and economy of the United States and all over the world,

5: This virus weapon will continue to work for five years,

7: Paralyzed the armies and economies of the seven main hostile countries and plunged them into chaos,

9: The CCP produced a vaccine within nine months and used the vaccine and antidote to conquer the world

And the CCP has implemented this plan. All the disasters that our world has experienced today are written in this evil plan.

The "13579 Plan" was drafted by Chi Haotian, the former Chinese Minister of Defense, and it further proved that Xi Jinping and Chi Haotian were implementing Deng Xiaoping's strategy and intentions.