4. From the very beginning I suspected that the Wuhan virus was the CCP’s biological and chemical weapons

When I first saw the Chinese government's performance against the virus, I thought they had a grand conspiracy.

Because the Wuhan virus comes from nature or a biological and chemical weapon made by the CCP, the behavior of the Chinese government is different.

Just like the behavior and physical characteristics of men and women are different.


If this virus comes from nature

Because Xi Jinping held a Politburo meeting on January 25, Xi Jinping asked China to use Chinese medicine to treat all Wuhan virus patients nationwide. In March, the Chinese government disbanded the shelter hospital, announcing that the epidemic was basically eliminated.

In fact, according to my personal experience, the new cases in Shanghai, China's largest city, have been imported virus carriers since March. There are no new cases in Shanghai local.

All the communities in Shanghai have lifted martial law. As a result, people can gradually move in and out of living communities freely, and people are not obliged to wear masks when they walk on the street.

Facts have proved that the traditional Chinese medicine Qingfei Paidu Decoction is indeed an antidote. It can get rid of the virus in a week for mild patients.

If Xi Jinping and the CCP are good people, not the devil, this virus comes from nature. When China has an antidote and the world falls into the disaster of the virus. Then, according to the logic of good people and traditional Chinese culture, China should help other countries.

This can promote traditional Chinese culture because traditional Chinese medicine is also a traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, the purpose of the CCP opening Confucius Institutes worldwide is to expand traditional Chinese culture.

China should help other countries and gain bargaining chips in trade negotiations. If Xi Jinping helps the United States overcome the Wuhan virus disaster, Trump will not embarrass China on trade issues.

This is the logic of good people.


If the virus is a biological weapon made by the CCP.

All the performance is the current performance of the CCP.

They are holding viruses and Chinese medicine as weapons to conquer the world. Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me perish.

1) Moreover China had a history of using the Black Death as a biological and chemical weapon to conquer Europe and Asia.

When the Mongolian army attacked Kaffa in 1346, they used stone-throwers to throw the bodies of the Black Death patients into Kaffa. Soon the city was captured by the black death.

"Normal people dead one by one, and the death toll soon exceeded that of the living. The government used wooden poles to push the corpses that had nowhere to be buried into the sea nearby, and the port was soon abandoned."

Some people brought the Black Death bacteria to other places in Europe. This is the European Black Death plague in history. The death toll reached 25 million (nearly half of the total population of Europe at that time). This was one of the plagues with the highest number of deaths in human history

2) Moreover, in Chinese martial arts novels, sometimes poison is used to dominate the martial arts world, which is a frequent plot.

Therefore, Chinese traditional culture and history have genes for using viruses to dominate the world. Although this is not politically correct in China, Chinese history and culture are that "the winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit." This is a regular thing.

3) Because usually, those who make and use poisons must prepare an antidote for themselves; otherwise, the virus will harm them.

And the Chinese government fits this feature. They have an antidote, and the Chinese government prepared it before the Wuhan virus broke out or before the Chinese government released it.

Xi Jinping has primary school education. He is not a doctor, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, or a biologist. So how did he know to use traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate the Wuhan virus in Wuhan?

And this antidote was very effective, and no mistakes occurred. This shows that Xi Jinping knew that this Chinese medicine was an antidote before the virus broke out.

And Xi Jinping used the antidote to blackmail other countries as a weapon and tool to conquer other nations. This is even more proof that the Chinese Communist Party has produced le virus.

This is in line with the logic and characteristics of the CCP who created this virus.

4) It can be seen from Chi Haotian's speech that the CCP has planned to use the virus to conquer the United States and become the world's hegemon since Deng Xiaoping.

In the Xi Jinping era, this plan was specifically implemented. Xi Jinping was ready to conquer the United States within 15 years, so he created the Wuhan virus and launched a biological war.

The above are just logical judgments. I believe intelligent people should be able to understand.

Coupled with Yan Limeng's academic revelations, my judgment has been confirmed from a theoretical perspective. This virus is the CCP's biochemical weapon, and Xi Jinping wants to use it to conquer the world.